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Dynamite Entertainment presents "VAMPIRELLA ARCHIVES VOL.1 HC" [Hardcover], Back in the day we had James Warren (publisher), Bill Parente (editor), Frank Frazetta (cover), Neal Adams, Ernie Colon, Reed Crandall, Billy Graham, Mike Royer, Tom Sutton, Tony Tallarico (appearing artists), Nicoli Cuti, Forrest J. Ackerman, Don Glut (appearing writers) - those are just some of the personnel from the first issue of Vampirella.

Warren Publishing ran into a bad period in the late 60s. Badly in need of a hit, Jim Warren struck gold in 1969, with the advent of their most popular character, VAMPIRELLA. Warren had an idea of a woman character in mind, with sketches on my notebook met with Frank Frazetta, Forry Ackerman, and Trina Robbins in my office and enough energy left for a game winning home run. Chose Forry as my writer, his first love was science fiction, we both had seen BARBARELLA and loved it ... Warren carefully outlined what he wanted done, a modern day setting but something mystique of vampires, Transylvania and something legendary - and VAMPIRELLA was born.

The formula was horror and sex! Good American sex, there it is a sexy babe on the first cover...standing there with a modern setting, Sexy, but not naked or bare breasted, her colors were bright red for excitement and pitch black for mystery ... along with great writing and outstanding illustrations, Warren had another winner.

Reading the advertisement in the Warren issues of 'CREEPY' and 'EERIE' and the coming of captivating comics about fantastic females - "Look Out! She's waiting inside this first collector's edition ... for you!!" Illustrated tales to bewitch & bedevil you.

On the inside cover as she stands before you with a red backdrop - "Hi, there! Welcome to the coolest girl-meets-ghoul mag on the market. My name's VAMPIRELLA! I'm the newest thing in comic magazines! And if you take me home with you, YOU can call me...VAMPI (that's if I don't call you first). I've put out the call to all the Creepiest Eeriest artists in the country (and you know what country:TRANSYLVANIA... And it'll be a BLOODY pity if anyone in the whole wide world doesn't get the word about this way-out mag of fantastic females! My AMAZING ADVENTURES explode here exclusively every issue and in addition you get half a dozen other sock-it-to-you SHOCKERS for gals and guys who're wise to the best in BEWITCHING COMICS! What more do you want - BLOOD? You got it!...COME WITH ME....

Special footnote: -- As mentioned by several other reviewers. There are seven issues instead of five, the quality seems good enough.
The reproductions are at most adequate, the artwork and stories are not up to the later issues, its gets better, trust me. The Frazetta cover of our favorite heroine is still a classic. Now that Dynamite has tested the waters, it's show time for the additional issues in chronicle order, please.
In closing - Vampirella initially appeared in Warren Publishing's black-and-white horror-comics magazine Vampirella #1 (Sept. 1969), running to issue #112 (March 1983). Highly recommend - this first volume is a WINNER!!

Total Page: 232 Pages ~ Dynamite Entertainment #ISBN-13: 978-1606901755 ~ (January 4, 2011)
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le 14 janvier 2011
A very thick volume of the first seven Vampirella issues from the Warren Era.
Vampirella was not developed at first when they started churning out her comic, this is not the superb 70's era Gonzales/Rudy Nebres versions at all. The costume and her powers are changing as is her character (she readily "dines" on people in her first comic). Vampirella magazine in the first ten or so issues has her playing a minor part, only when the fantastic Jose Gonzales started drawing her did she really come to life actually Gonzales copied (and even improved on) the style that was the first true Vampirella story in my view. in the meantime she is a vampire-"bunny" and the other stories concentrate on shapely females so this was meant to attract 12 year old boys obviously. That said there is some excellent artwork here with some excellent covers by Bode and Frazetta and a few others. The ads are scarce, not a prominent as the Dark Horse Archives, and the binding and pages aren't quite up to the Dark Horse standards and as I said, this is 1969 so it would be not until 1971 that things would start to mature in content. And of course her origin story was done in several different versions. She is iconic and ever popular but her recent incarnations and cheapo movie appearance don't do her justice. These archives do more than that, they show that the character is thoughtful, sexy, wistful and can be extremely violent if need be, in other words she is the perfect heroine for our or any time.
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