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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 2 avril 2002
LKH has done it again! She has introduced us to new characters that bring out more of Anitas personality and we see Anita thrown into a "mothering" role which is new to her. For most of the book, Anita finds herself acting as lupa to the werewolf pack since Richard is away. They are no longer dating but she is still lupa until she is replaced by Richard. She is also needed as protector of the wereleopards since she killed thier leader in another book. Anita is having to learn to deal with her personal life with Jean-Claude, the Master Vamp of the city and her boyfriend, and the question and comments that friends are making about the pair.
In the middle of everything, Jean-Claude's home is overrun with council members from the Vampire Council which "governs" vamps worldwide. They think Jean-Claude is a threat to the council since he was able to kill one of the more powerful council members (from an earler book). Anita tries to help and finally wises up towards them and starts to turn the members "games" against them. How does she do it?!
In this book we learn more about certain were animals that we have been seeing in other books. It makes those characters more loveable and/or likeable.
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le 25 février 2002
"Burnt Offerings" is the seventh book in Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, and it is just too much fun to miss! Hamilton takes her readers on a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride that will captivate readers from the very first page. This book is immensely entertaining - filled with heart-pounding action and suspense and highly erotic romance. Not for the faint of heart, readers will find this book to be a truly satisfying read.
The book begins as Anita, tough-as-nails necromancer and animator, agrees to help the police find a psychic firestarter. She is also policing the local werewolf pack, acting as their lupa, despite her split with Richard, the pack's alpha. In addition to this, Anita suddenly finds herself as the protector/leader of the local wereleopard pack (Anita killed their alpha, Gabriel, in an earlier novel).
Then Anita's boyfriend Jean-Claude, the city of St. Louis' super-sexy Master Vampire, has his home invaded by the immensely powerful and frightening Vampire Council, the ruling body for all vampires. Anita and Jean-Claude confront them together, and must defend themselves against wild accusations claiming that Jean-Claude is a threat to the hierarchy, planning to set-up his own rival council. They also must explain how they were powerful enough to destroy a Council member some months ago.

The Council members present, the Traveler, who inhabits the bodies of those around him, and Padma, Master of Beasts, and their many violent and twisted associates have been torturing and raping Jean-Claude's people. Tensions run high as Jean-Claude and Anita barter for the safe return of all their people and from that point on, the action and violence escalates.
Anita and Jean-Claude aren't exactly sure what the Council wants from them, but they aren't too sure they'll get out of this alive. Richard arrives to assist them, though he is hurt and angry with Anita and the world in general. But these three must find a way to get along, because the only way that they are going to keep from getting killed is if they work together!
Anita's relationship with Jean-Claude is highly passionate and actually very touching. Jean-Claude accepts all of Anita, the light side of her nature as well as the dark, and his devotion to her is really lovely. Anita and Jean-Claude's scenes together are full of passion and sensual delights for the readers.
Hamilton does an amazing job of portraying all of the characters, monster or human, as rich and real individuals. Half the time, the monsters show more compassion than the humans, and Anita begins to wonder who the REAL monsters are. The character development is a strength in this book, as we learn more about not just Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard, but also the new and interesting secondary characters.
Reading these Anita Blake books is pure pleasure for me! For a few hours I get to join a wild and wonderful world of shape-shifters and vampires, and pretend for a little while that I am a part of it. Hamilton so skilfully portrays her deep and vivid characters, that it is easy to forget that they aren't actually real people. So buy this book today, I guarantee you won't regret it!
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le 6 décembre 2001
HOLY COW!! Talk about x-rated.
I thought the last two were incredible, this one rocked me off my feet! The 7th is by far her best to date. No more introductions, no more allusions, she just gets to the story. Hamilton doesn't even let you recover; she hits you again and again with non-stop, heart-stopping action. I could not put it down; it occupied every chance I had to read and then some.
It begins right off into the action and you don't know what to expect. While it does move rather quickly, it keeps you on your feet and wanting more. The way that LKH is able to intricately incorporate such themes and stories into one book is incredible, amazing. Be careful, so much happens at once that you might get overwhelmed: be calm, breathe deeply and read responsibly.
Well, well, well. Who would have thought-Anita and Jean-Claude, together, forever? Woa, talk about hot and heavy. Anita gets a little frisky...and freaky. She's getting so much stronger and tougher but it's cool. Hamilton gets down and dirty, no more mister nice guy. The series starts out sooo PG-13, but Burnt Offerings should be given a triple X rating. Oh, yeah. It's that good. Buffy who? Read on...
It's about sex, sex, sex, and more sex. Even though half the people are naked or half-naked or, um, other things, it isn't done in a gratuitous or obscene manner, it just is. Her characters are so real and vivid, you imagine what they look like, she gives that free range of motion.
It's playful, sexy, sweet. She's so far deep in the rabbit whole that she's not sure if she's become or becoming like one of the monsters. She is not only involved with the werewolves but now a lot more with the wereleopards. That's only part of the book.
What starts out to be a pyrokinetic burning down buildings, spirals towards the arrival of the Vampire Council and some freaky perverted things. Plus, they but one or two objective: one, to kill Jean-Claude. Why? You'll have to read it.
After THD, Richard and Anita are somewhat estranged, in other words, Richard is majorly pissed at Anita for sleeping and dating the Master of the City, otherwise known as the wonderful Jean-Claude.
Although I didn't like Richard in the beginning, he's starting to grow on me, no pun intended. (...) Your half laughing and half gripping the book so hard because you can't wait what happens next. They still have really strong feelings for each other and they nearly jump each other's bones in front of people...wereanimals mostly. Modest, chaste and shy Anita do that? Hell yes!
It's got everything for everyone, a bit too much for people who can't handle it, but it's a series that just gets better and better. Granted, LKH gets graphic and very descriptive, but be open-minded. Don't read so much in pattern but what the story is telling you; jeez, some people just can't enjoy a great story/ series w/o analyzing every aspect of it. Just read it with out prejudice and certain expectations and trust me, you'll love the series as much as I do.
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le 31 juillet 2001
Anita Blake's life never gets any simpler. Now that she's decided to date only Jean-Claude, the Master of the City, her ex-boyfriend, alpha werewolf Richard, becomes impossible to deal with. This is understandable, but when Anita interferes in lycanthrope politics to help protect several were-leopards, Richard comes into town in a serious bad mood. Having slain Raina, the werewolf queen in the previous volume, Anita seems to have acquired a supernatural connection with the pack, and is not about to back down. But Richard's absence has hurt the pack and there is much to be undone.
While Anita's relationship with Jean-Claude is going well, dating a vampire is never a simple proposition. When a romantic dinner is interrupted by several vampires from Jean-Claude's past, Anita suspects that things are about to get complicated. One of the vampires is Asher, once a close companion of Jean-Claude and now one of his direst enemies. Asher was horribly scarred at the hands of the church and blames Jean-Claude for both his deformities and the death of his human servant.
But Asher is not the worst threat. Several members of the European vampire council have come to St. Louis to demand an explanation for the death of another member of the council at Anita's hands (Mr. Oliver from "Circus of the Damned"). These two are your worst nightmares come true. The Traveler, who occupies the bodies of other vampires as his way of getting around, and Padma, the Master of Beasts, who can control any lycanthrope. Both of these two are far more powerful than Jean-Claude. And far, far nastier. The master of St. Louis is facing the challenge of his unlife, with only Anita and a very reluctant Richard to aid him.
"Burnt Offerings" is vintage Hamilton. With Anita's relationships with Jean-Claude and Richard settled for the present, Hamilton is free to concentrate on her typically complex plot. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of action there. But there's plenty of time for all of the regulars, from Jean-Claude to Irving the werewolf reporter to become more defined as characters. In addition, we are treated to a group of monsters horrific and perverse enough to satisfy the most spoiled of tastes. Prepare yourself for a classic sexy/scary vampire tale. You won't be disappointed.
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le 21 février 2001
I'm reading these books in order, and what I really like about them is that they are in no way formulaic. Each instalment differs from the previous ones in an interesting way, and the structure changes rapidly. I don't want to spoil it, but this one has a different final scene from the usual, which usually has Anita outgunning or outsmarting insurmountable odds. There is an element of that here, but there is also a lot more subtlety. Just as we have learned a lot as we go through this series, so does Anita.
There is very little of Richard, the werewolf non-boyfriend in this instalment - it's all about Anita, Jean-Claude, and the vampires. We learn a lot more about the vampire hierarchy and history, and as always, there is an interesting new monster to learn about. In particular, you get to meet the world's most powerful and senior vampires, with all their nasty kinks. Even more than in the real world, you don't get to be number one vampire by being a nice guy!
My one criticism of this book is that it winds up a number of plot lines very rapidly at the end. I suspect that this was done to keep the book the same length as the previous ones. The author has said that she writes a lot more, and then cuts it down. She does it well, so you don't feel cheated, but I am a greedy person, and would love to have had more. If the Harry Potter books can keep on getting longer, as there is more to write about, then why can't the Anita Blakes?
You probably shouldn't start the series with this book - I'm sure you could if you put your mind to it, but you would feel like you were missing out on something. Do yourself a favour - the books are cheap, you can start from the beginning, and enjoy the full experience. The only problem is, the books are very hard to put down, and you may find yourself neglecting other parts of your life, as you keep on reading "just one more chapter".
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le 21 septembre 2000
If you aren't currently an Anitaficionado, best to start with the first book (_Guilty Pleasures_). Not required, but recommended.
Over the series, we have seen Anita's values shift somewhat. By this book, she has begun to question her basic truths--particularly, her definition of who are the monsters and who are the humans. Specifically, she is increasingly aware that not only may the line between monster and human be blurry--but she may by now be on the wrong side of it, and weirder still, she isn't 100% sure that's such an awful thing.
It is interesting to watch Anita continue to come into her own power, while continuing to give short shrift to monsters who behave monstrously--and get by with it, for the most part. With her romantic triangle about 80% resolved for the moment, we get an interesting view of the vampires' council and some more depth on shapeshifters.
Thus far Hamilton always has something new and interesting for us, and _Burnt Offerings_ lives up to the standard. Recommended in strong terms as a great vampire story or as fiction that goes much deeper than hack-and-slash.
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le 16 octobre 1999
I find this book to be extremely intricate and so very divine--much like Jean-Claude. *Smiles* It is the most facinating book yet, for once, I can find nothing wrong with it. It does not have limits, it follows the previous lines in the story, but it goes beyond. It is wild, if you tells the reader, no SHOWS the reader, what Jean-Claude's little friend Asher is like--almost an evil image of Jean-Claude. It ties so many things together and explains it to where if the reader thinks, they understand. If they do not have imagination, then they do not. It is not hard to understand, you merely need to be open-minded. I love this book, and couldn't put it down for days! Even now, I look back to it for little things here and there. Quotes or thoughts, concepts or what not, Anita Blake's got it all--pace, flair, and style. This is such a good book...such an enticingly beautiful one. If you loved the books before, this is THE ONE TO BUY! If you could understand any of the books before, then you shall surely love this one. I know there are many critics out there, but I think that perhaps they were just not very open-minded...because I've read this one over and over, and I still love it, every little speck of it.
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le 17 juillet 1999
I've read all the books in this series and I couldn't put ANY of them down. I read Burnt Offerings (can't underline) in just two school nights! It was my most favorite because it had even more characters than the previous ones. Each creature was developed to capture the reader; grip him/her and pull them into a whole other realm of pleasure and fantastic possibilities. Never was there a book that swallowed me into a whole new dimension as this did. Jean Claude is enrapturing. He's everything a vampire was meant to be! Richard is enchanting. He's the man of many a fantasy. Anita is the key to everyone who ever wanted to stand up for themself or for someone else. She and Hamilton are my newfound heroines. Hamilton seems to be able to take all I've ever been interested in (read my mind) and write about each creature with great depth. I found every one of her books absolutely enthralling!! She's an asset to the entire writing profession. She is inspiring and entrancing. All of my friends want to snatch my books away and I just tell them to go buy their own copies (because I can't go without rereading the entire series later-I know they'll try to keep them). Burnt Offerings is my favorite (that's saying a lot). Blue Moon was absolutely awesome. For the first time with any book, I have absolutely NO criticisms for the sequels written after the first! I have got to get on my knees and plead for Hamilton to write more...She's the best author I've ever encountered after years of excessive reading! One could say that she's the one I've been searching for. I recommend this to anyone who loves adventure, loves romance, has an excellent sense of dark/witty humor, loves myth/gore, and loves realistic sci. fi./fantasy type I know if you love gory movies with actual plot you will love Laurell K. Hamilton's entire series. If you're not the "series-type reader," I recommend Burnt Offerings as your number one choice...But, good luck trying to force yourself not to buy the rest of the series-That'll be a chore!
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le 22 octobre 1998
I can never get enough! In BURNT OFFERINGS, we finally get a better taste of the feared vampire council. We get to know some of its members quite intimately. Talk about sadistic! We also get to meet Ashen, once a beloved friend of Jean-Claude's, now a bitter enemy. We are introduced to members of the parn, the local wereleopard pack once led by Gabriel(now dead thanks to Anita). Of course, we get to see some of our favorites "monsters" in action such as Jason, Stephen(he finally stands up for himself)and Rafael. The triumvirate comes to play once again. What a fantastic scene that leads to! Richard is still trying to cope with his beast and with his jealousy over Jean-Claude and Anita's relationship. Too bad!!! I love the developing relationship between Jean-Claude and Anita. They are so great together! Anita is still attracted to Richard, yes, but she's sticking to her decision. It's hard for her, but she's admitted to herself that giving up Jean-Claude isn't a matter of choice anymore. Their intimacy is so vividly described that I felt goosebumps all over. I could imagine their foreplay, their anticipation. Wwooooww!!! They are so hot together! I can't wait to read Hamilton's next book, BLUE MOON.
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le 17 juin 1998
Although the beginning of the book (like most of the preceding novel)jumps around like a Dungeons and Dragons adventure -- something worse awaits beyond every corner -- by the time Anita finally gets rid of that split-side dress things get back to normal for an action-packed Anita Blake novel. From the relationship point of view there's still hope for Richard, although it seems like the final settlement will be a menage a trois. But the most important point is that the real Anita returns with this book in temperament. Whereas before she was building to shooting anyone for the most minor of reasons, now she's controlling herself better; her trigger finger isn't nearly so itchy. The bad news is that her powers are too strong and need to be tempered by her triumvirate in future stories. But the fun, the gore, the titillation -- and Larry, the Executioner-in-training -- are all back. Hopefully future books will concentrate on the world of Anita and inhuman rights as well as the Blake family. With this book, I'm determined to keep on reading future installments of the series.
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