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le 26 décembre 2003
In Pine Forest, the residents believe the tales of ghosts that run amuck, all except Erin Greenway. This new librarian doesn't believe in the ghosts or the tales that the native's of Pine Forest believe.
Erin has been in Pine Forest for four weeks, settling in and adjusting to her new life and job. The last thing on her mind really, is a man. Especially when a woman is attacked in the park, Erin is wary of strangers. But when Lachlan Tavish shows up on her doorstep, fangs bared, all of the common sense that she possesses goes flying out the window and her libido takes over. Even though Erin is immensely attracted to Lachlan, she senses secrets beneath the surface with Lachlan that she doesn't completely trust him. Lachlan claims to be tracking down an ancient vampire, but Erin can't help but wonder what prey Lachlan is really seeking...this vampire or her!
What evil is lurking in Pine Forest? Who is Lachlan Tavish? Will Erin realize that danger is on her doorstep, in more ways than one, before it is too late?
Sensual, riveting, exciting and explosive is Denise A. Agnew's first book in the Deep is the Night Series, DARK FIRE. Erin and Lachlan are profound characters who draw readers deep into the story, make us crave their lust and sensuality and we hate to see their story end. A combustible couple who arouse our senses and each others, who are perfect for each other. DARK FIRE literally sent chills down my spine when reading it. The creaks and moans, the movements of the mansion where Erin works in, had me jumping, looking over my shoulder and straining to hear every sound. This is the first story I have read by Denise A. Agnew and after reading it, I have already added her to my auto-buy list. The prologue itself, draws readers in before it is even over. The words are hypnotic and seductive, luring the reader to keep reading.
DARK FIRE is wonderfully written, suspenseful, highly arousing and intriguing. The Deep is the Night Series is off to a fantastic beginning with DARK FIRE. I can't wait for the next tale in this series, to find out what else this talented author has in store for us next.
Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance
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le 13 juin 2004
Erin moves to Pine Forest, taking a job as the town's new librarian. She's told that strange happenings are commonplace since Pine Forest has more supernatural activity than any other town in the country. Erin meets Vampire Hunter Lachlan and is immediately attracted to him.
Lachlan's telepathic ability allows him to communicate with Erin on an emotional level. Their relationship moves fast but is also very deep due to the telepathic connection.
Agnew creates an intensely erotic and suspenseful tale. She weaves a world where vampires have free will and may choose to align themselves with either good or evil. Her attention to detail makes for a rich experience for the reader. You won't be disappointed.
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