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le 6 juin 2001
Of all the books I own, this slim volume has been the most formative in my life. Laid on my pillow one crucial night, its wisdom provided both beacon and lifeline.
Later, I distilled its seven chapters into a computer-generated poster for my bulletin board. Within that poster's oval border rotate the "laws" and my paraphrasing of their essence. For example: "Pure Potentiality"--Take time to be silent. Commune with nature. Practice non-judgment. "Detachment"--Allow yourself and others to be as they are. Don't force solutions. Accept uncertainty as the path to freedom. Remain open to an infinity of choices. And so on.
These are but sample touchstones. The guidebook itself is the precious gem. For full understanding, read and re-read the charismatic words of Dr. Deepak Chopra, who, better than anyone, has popularized and made accessible to the Western mind the timeless wisdom of India.
All of Deepak's writings are worth your time, attention, and money. But if you must buy only ONE Chopra book, let it be this one.
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le 24 mars 2000
As I read the customer reviews about "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", I find it fascinating that the reviews are almost without exception one of two types; "Five stars--very positive--this book changed my life" or "One star--this new-age drivel makes me sick, please do not give your money to this man who is only using feel-good rhetoric to liberate the gullible from their money" There are not many reactions that are in the middle.
I think extreme opposing reactions are typical to great works. And I do think that this is a great work.
The reason that I think it is so good is because the author is inspired to write what he does. This is a man who , from what I can tell, has been a seeker all his life. Ever the seeker, his path has led him to become an inspired teacher. To paraphrase Einstein--"Great minds have always had violent opposition by mediocre minds" But, I digress.
The important point that I want to express here is that it DOES NOT MATTER if what Mr. Chopra says is true or not. What is important is that it inspires real, positive change in peoples lives. The inspiration and the change are what are real. The details are irrelevant.
I have read this book many times because the words awaken something in my soul that has always been there.
If you believe what Mr. Chopra says then that is all that matters. If you think it is bunk, then that is all that matters as well. The power of ones belief is EVERYTHING. It can change lives, conquer countries, kill millions, or deliver someone from the depths of hell to the gates of heaven. It can also do absolutely nothing--depending on the believer and what is believed.
If you belive that Deepak Chopra is just another smart con-man who is playing to peoples emotions to get to thier money, then the power of your belief is what will win. It doesn't matter how many times you read the book. Nothing is more powerful than what you believe.
If on the other hand, you are a person who believes they can be inspired, and have no obstructing beliefs to begin with (also called an open mind) then the chances are good that this book will touch you in a deep way.
As with anything in life, it is entirely up to what you believe.
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le 12 juillet 2004
...myself included.
I first read this book about 4 or 5 years ago when I began my journey towards discovering my Higher Self. This book is a great read no matter what religion (if any) you belong to. Honestly, the fundamental laws that lead to success in the game of life along all lines--health, wealth, peace of mind, love/relationships and true expression--are very simple but few of us are lucky to happen upon them. Then, for those who do, applying these laws consistently is something that even fewer of us do.
My favorite nugget of wisdom from this book is the follow:
"That which doesn't multiply through giving is neither worth giving nor receiving." (pg. 30)
I try to keep this insightful idea in mind when I consider not only finanacial and material concerns but my relationships and interactions with people as well.
I have read 3 of the author's books and this one is thus far my favorite.
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le 22 janvier 2004
This book is a great, concise yet somehow also elaborate, description of seven amazing ideas that if absorbed and used can certainly change your life. I loved this book so much that I read it several times. It is priceless and worth owning. I also recommend a book that has additional similarly concise and powerful information, a slightly different perspectice, and some really great how-to exercises. The book, is Effortless Wellbeing, by Evan Finer. It includes mental and physical practices, as well as ideas help you be authentically well. The two books together would be a great combination. Highly recommended!!
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le 23 novembre 2003
I completely enjoyed this program. Deepak Chopra did a fantastic job instructing on the concepts and laws of drawing abundance to you. The program was able to hold my intrest and provoke a great deal of thought. This was the start of my exploration of the spiritual nature that we all have. I purchased it because I wanted to learn tricks to have better luck and make more money, what I got was far beyond what I ever expected in terms of enlightenment. I did find more abundance and I also found a new thankfulness for the fantastic things I have in my life. You may say that it helped me draw more of the good stuff into my life but also allowed me to see my wealth that I had never seen before. I am grateful for having gotten this information and hope you find the joy and wealth in you're life as a benifit from this program. Small investment with a big return.
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le 15 septembre 2003
It was by pure accident that I bought this book. Some friends and I had traveled to another city to celebrate another friend's birthday and ended up staying overnight at her house. Well, as I was up earlier than the others because we'd stayed up late visiting, I decided to go for a little walk so I wouldn't disturb them and what did I find but a neighbor having a rummage sale. I am a sucker for books and couldn't help but pick up some and this was one of them. Everyone wants to be successful, right?
There are seven laws: Pure Potentiality, Giving, Karma or Cause and Effect, Least Effort, Intention and Desire, Detachment, Dharma or Purpose in Life. Much of the advice that he gives coincides with the bible. Like not judging, giving, wishing everyone well, etc. I tried a little of it and felt good and I really think that if you apply his instructions in life, it will make a big difference. It isn't always as easy to do as he says because we have a lifetime of living a different lifestyle, but I feel if I am persistent, it will make all the difference. I am just going to have to work out the stress and worry I feel about the direction our country is heading, figure out how to use his laws constructively to help solve the problems. I believe it will be possible. Anyway, for what it is worth I believe if you follow his instructions that you will succeed. Very interesting book!
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le 24 février 2003
I was recommended by someone to get this book when at that time i was having extreme diffulties coping, & didn't know my way on this earth ground. I was probably falling on gravel stones, & immovable, & yet comfortable, & ironically didn't want to be all of these, neither. This book is beautifully written, & speaks of universal law that some of us, humans, forgotten, & dispell (presumable due to our discomfort with ourself, & control factor--in such, that as we get older, we become more anxious, more angry, & intolarate). Now i read some of the reviews of this book, & hear the critism made about Chopra, that he probably dosen't act the way he preaches, and that he does other events with famous celebriies, but how are we to place judgement on his inner joy. What essentially this book does is shifts, if practice, & disciplined, ones' perceptions about people & issues around us, & knowing oneself. It is fundumentally understanding & hearing one's intent, as INTENTION PRELUDES WHAT OUR EFFECT WILL BE. If Chopra makes alot of money, good for him, as i think everyone in life should have the full richness of what they want, but i doubt he aim for this goal (as i'm sure it wouldn't have happened). Another universal angle to read is Buddha, & the Course of Miracles. We, humans (ALL OF US) are not God, including Chopra. If he thinks he is, then so be it (sarcasm--ha, ha, ha). Regardless, this book is a great book that gives exercises, & examples & need i say, concise. This book keeps things in focus, & centered. One final thought, to have a central ego as believing everyone's values & goals is the same as yours is totally diminshing this book's central aim, which is one's personal happiness.
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le 18 février 2001
Knowing how to be spiritual is going to be our quest, for our future understanding depends on it. It's going back to our roots so to speak...from where we came...remember? If "Healing Society" by Dr Seung Heun Lee requests a spiritual awakening to accomplish our goal of "playing well together" to accomplish our higher purpose of peace on earth... who better than a wise and compassionate teacher, we know as Deepak Chopra, to tell and show us how to be this? Deepak generously leads us to a beautiful place where all we have to do is "be." Spirit is what we are... and love is who we are... and where we come from and then return to. What more can we desire? Maybe to revisit that perfect state from which we came,perhaps? Maybe everything is possible and simple. Maybe we should return to our innocence. In innocence we are fearless in our thoughts and actions...totally in tune with our inner self. Let's be beautiful spirit shared from our hearts where God lives. Read or reread "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of your Dreams and Deepak will give you the gift of your inner you...your "self"...dare to be beautiful!
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le 6 janvier 2001
This book is based on a very simple idea, one which seems almost like a Copernican inversion. That is, the Universe is intellegent enough to keep a billion trillion stars or more spinning in heavens and a billion trillion cells in every organism on this planet in working harmony. Therefore, its probably intellegent enough to solve your problems. Chopra explains the process of becoming sensitive to this greater intellegence, and allowing it to work through you. He uses seven laws, though these laws seem to be more conventions for division that actual principles. In truth, they really all blend together. The interrelatedness of the different sections leads to a repetitive feeling that can give the impression that you've read a passage before,which may cause you to skip the paragraph and thus miss a new point that has been made. This is only the real drawback to the book. Otherwise, I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend this book to anyone interested in finding deeper solutions to their worries.
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le 30 janvier 2000
The subheading of this book "the Fulfillment of your Dreams" is quite a fascinating concept. This best-selling author, guides the reader down a path of 'success', outlining principles and disciplines bound to help anyone reach a higher spiritual plane. This book shows you how to discover and unleash your 'true' self by breaking away from fear~ based thinking ( seeking approval of our actions/ needing to control /and a need for power are all fear~based methods of thinking). In fact, readers are urged to break away from the 'Pavlov effect' by resisting conditional reflexive responses triggered by circumstances out of one's control. Mr. Chopra goes on to explain that most people spend the majority of their energy connvincing or persuading others of their point of view. He asks the reader to understand that what they are feeling is not someone else's fault, instead one should take responsibility for one's own thoughts and actions.
There was a phrase that caught my attention. It read, "The operational software of your soul is karma, memory & desire". The chapter goes on to explain that everything is energy and information. Your attention to something energizes it, your intention transforms it. Therein lies the key, intent is desire without attachment to a particular outcome. A great quote from the book reads "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift... that is why this moment is called the 'present'." So we must learn to accept the present and intend the future, for the future is created now in the present.
One of the simplest insights to apply in everyday life, is to remember that the easiest way to achieve a goal or get what you want out of life ( whether it is personal or business oriented ) is to help others get what they want. Success is much easier to accomplish when there are myriads of people who want you to succeed, as opposed to when it's just you.
In each of the Seven Spiritual Laws, Mr. Chopra presents a way for people to align their lives with the most compatible way of achieving success in one's life. This title weighs in at a mere 110 pages, but it sure packs a wallop of punch. A knockout punch to be sure. This book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of spirituality and an understanding of how their world operates. In fact, even a basic human cell follows the spiritual laws. This is one of the best investments of time and money you'll ever make, and a treasure you'll come back to again and again.
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