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le 29 mars 2011
"No one on the investment scene in Canada today is pursuing these vitally important issues with the same vigor and experience as Al and Mark Rosen. In the process they are doing the Canadian investing public a significant service. Investors, analysts and all other users of financial statements should do themselves a service and read $windler$. Whether they agree with the authors on each issue or not, their perspectives on financial statements, securities regulation and investing in Canada are almost certain to undergo some significant changes." Rossa O'Reilly, CFA in The Analyst, March 2011
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le 20 novembre 2015
There is undoubted expertise in forensic accountancy; however, there is considerable duplication and triplication of statements and important points. The book would have been better with greater depth and breadth - and a stronger editor. Overall, this book is fine for someone with little prior knowledge of business, capital markets and accountancy but may leave unsatisfied anyone with more than little prior knowledge. The book does not do justice to the sterling reputation of the authors.
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