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le 17 août 2010
Scott Carter's debut novel Blind Luck is a story about a man whose life changes after a horrific accident occurs at his work, leaving him the only survivor. David Bolden is unsure whether he is lucky or not, believing that the accident happened because it could and he survived because...well, he's not sure why he survived. Then along comes Thorrin, a powerful and wealthy character determined to exploit what he sees as Bolden's obvious luck.

This is a well paced story, with the edge-of-your-seat nail biting thrills that many gamblers have experienced when testing their luck and leaving things to chance. Carter's easy writing style and comfortable characterization makes Blind Luck even more difficult to put down. David Bolden is one of the most relatable, likable, and real characters I've read in a very long while. He's one of those characters you like so much, you don't want the story to end. Quite simply, it's easy for the reader (male or female) to put themselves in Bolden's shoes, and to understand his motivations and his actions.

I was impressed with Carter's comfortable and clean writing style, no purple prose here. I'd definitely recommend picking up Blind Luck. It's worth the read and I can't wait to see more from this author.
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le 14 février 2010
I've been looking forward to reading this book for quite some time. Based on what I've read from Scott Carter in the past, you can expect great characters matched with an intriguing plot. After all, who doesn't wonder if things like fate or luck play a role in determining our lives? What the main character, Dave, goes through in this novel is sure to cause readers to reflect and wonder about what turns their own lives might take.

So far I've only read brief excerpts of the book but based on Carter's script and screen writing credentials I have high hopes and expectations that I don't doubt will be met. Hopefully this is just the first of many novels from this great Canadian talent!
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