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on September 23, 2011
I've been waiting for this re-release for a very VERY long time now, and began reading it with high expectations. These expectations were met. I couldn't help but reminisce of the TV show that i loved as a little girl.

For those who don't know, this is the original story that Naoko Takeuchi wrote in the early 90s that was the basis of the popular show. This manga had already been translated to English in the past, but supposedly the translation was poor (or so I've heard, haven't been able to get my hands on a copy), and is quite rare and expensive today. This re-release edited many of these errors, and is now easily accessible to Sailor Moon fans :D (woot!)

The artwork is simply beautiful, the story line is quirky and fun. I like how the original names were kept for the characters (for instance, Sailor Moon is Usagi. NOT Serena or Bunny). The story really draws you in, similarly to how the TV show did for a whole generation of young girls (and secretly, boys as well). This first volume compiles the stories of how the first 4 sailor scouts join the team (Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter), as well as Sailor Moon's growing intrigue of Tuxedo Mask (of whom I'm reliving a school-girl crush on, haha).

In terms of criticism, i only have the teeny-tiniest things to report. For instance, the scenes tend to be a little jumpy, but this is so common in manga that it was almost expected. Also, there still seems to be some issues with translation here and there. Some expressions were poorly translated and didn't make much sense, although these cases are so minor that they're hardly worth mentioning. Again, very common in manga, so I won't let this affect my rating of 5-stars for this volume ;D

I can't wait now for the release of Volume 2. In the meantime, i got myself a copy of Sailor V (vol.1), which was actually written BEFORE Sailor Moon.

All-in-all, I Highly recommend this AWESOME manga.
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on October 28, 2011
I grew up watching Sailor Moon and in the past few years have been revisiting my old friend. The series is so much more mature than the original English cut was, and has a lot to offer the more 'grown up' audience while still maintaining all of its original charm. For fans of the anime, the manga is a definite read, as this was the way Naoko Takeuchi originally wrote the story. Besides, there are some pretty major differences between the two as the series goes on, so the manga reads fresh even if you know every episode by heart. If you've already read the full manga (like me!) this book is a still a great buy; the cover art is beautiful, as are the first few colour pages that open the story. The translations are new and look pretty accurate, with original jokes left as are and translation notes added at the back to account for cultural & language differences.

A perfect buy for any Sailor Moon fan!
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on October 22, 2012
(5/5) Set in Tokyo, Japan, the book is about the "Sailor Scouts". They are guardians who protect people against a group who are trying to find the Legendary Silver Crystal, which apparently has a lot of power. We aren't given much information about the Sailor Scouts or the evil group except that they are both looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal and the Sailor Scouts are supposed to find and protect the "Moon Princess" as well. I'm positive more will be revealed in the next volume.

(5/5) Usagi Tsukino helps a strange cat with a crescent moon symbol on its forehead. Unexpectedly, the cat finds her later and tells her that she is a Sailor Scout, Sailor Moon, and her duty is to gather the other Sailor Scouts, and find the Legendary Moon Crystal and the Moon Princess, who they much protect. The chapters in the volumes mostly involve Usagi finding the rest of the Sailor Scouts and their fight against a group who are also trying to find the crystal. I grew up with the Sailor Moon anime and although I kind of remembered it, I thought I forgot it for the most part. However, as I read through the manga, each episode started to come back to me.

(5/5) I love the artwork! I love the old style and how every page is detailed and you can see a lot of effort was put into it. Plus I like the new covers of this renewed edition because each volume focuses on one of the Sailor Scout and I prefer when manga focus each cover on an individual character:

Main Character:
(4/5) Usagi is a cry-baby, on the slow side, and loves to eat and laze around (that's something we have in common). But she's kind and means well and in the end charming in her own way. I believe she'll grow more mature as the series progresses, she's already starting to cry less and relying on her own power. The anime I believe exaggerated many of Usagi's traits and sometimes she was just downright irritating, it's safe to say that Usagi was not annoying in the manga.

(4/5) The other characters were pretty good too:

Tuxedo Mask:
The mysterious masked stranger that helped Usagi a number of times and also seems to be looking for the crystal. He's drawn to Usagi and Usagi to him. Something that is yet to be revealed is drawing them to one another and I'm curious to find out what it is (although I know, but still, I don't remember the anime really well and I'm excited for the revelation).

The cat that guides Usagi and the other Sailor Scouts. Like Tuxedo Mask, there is much we don't know about her.

A genius and the first Sailor Scout Usagi finds. She was my least favourite character and was kind of boring.

I really like Rei but I was confused with how the author portrayed her. In the first chapter she's introduced as a quiet and reserved girl but in later chapters you see she's more fiery and has a bit of a temper (I like the later Rei better). It just didn't feel like the same person to me but either way I like the later Rei better.

She's very tall and physically strong and although she appears to be a tomboy she has a girly heart (which I liked better because it was less stereotypical).

(5/5) Well, if Sailor Moon isn't original, I don't know what it is. It popularized and added more depth to the Magical Girl genre and it introduced people in North America to anime and manga.

Other Comments:
This new edition remains more faithful to the Japanese edition. It keeps the Japanese names, right-to-left reading, has new covers, coloured pages and a more accurate translation.

(28/30) If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, then you need to get these new editions. If you're like me and feel nostalgic about the series from your childhood, then you should also get this and if you're new to the series this manga is the perfect place to start! The idea of the Sailor Scouts, the plot and the art are what I've always loved the most about Sailor Moon!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 26, 2013
Sailor Moon, a childhood favourite of mine, brings back so many memories. In Canada, not all the Sailor Moon episodes were translated into English because of a license dispute that could not be renewed. I ended up watching all the episodes in Japanese with English subtitles to find out what happened in my favourite childhood manga.

Watching this show brought back so many warm childhood memories. When the manga series in English came out again with better translations, I knew that I had to have it. So I ordered this manga and read it. It was really refreshing to read. The story never gets old. The artwork is so beautiful.

I highly recommend the manga to any Sailor Moon fan. It is a must for the collection!
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on August 31, 2012
Sailor Moon is an awesome manga/anime series. I've watched all of the anime series and I still loved reading the manga. There are differences in the story for sure and it's just an amazing read for any manga fan. Especially those who love magical girls. Sailor Moon is a classic and always will be. The cover art is beautiful and I will be collecting all the volumes of this wonderful series.
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on January 29, 2012
I loved Sailor Moon as a child and i still do i love the fact that so many acts are in one book i am looking foward to
sll the arc and acts being released.
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on August 25, 2015
My kid is happy. The Japanese reading from back to front was a fun challenge my daughter enjoyed.
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