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le 7 janvier 2004
Gold Rush is one of Charlie Chaplin's legendary films about the Tramp who seeks fortune and a better life in Klondike, Alaska, during the gold rush. In his quest for fortune he encounters several questionable characters which often lead to comic situations. Underneath the comedy there is a serious undertone of struggle for happiness and prosperity where the Tramp becomes easy prey as he helps those in need. However, through his kindness he ends up being hurt in several ways. Throughout the film, Chaplin conveys his messages with comedy that makes it easier to look at the hardships the Tramp encounters, and through this comedy he teaches the audience valuable morals. Overall, Gold Rush offers a brilliant cinematic experience that offers something for everybody.
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le 25 août 2013
To view this film today..i am speakin gof the 1925 comparison to the inferior 1942 rerelease and edited/rerelease is to see mr chaplin at the height of his creative powers. A great film and what some critics dislike in his earlier films..the pathos..the lower class origins..politicizing of the hero..these elements are not so much an issue romance..the hunt for TREASURE..and what that treasure is and entails redeems this work..the original which premiered in L.A. became one of the highest grossing silent films, 7M plus..a big success and the premier saw many studio and stars of 1925..few of these would make the transition to sound films..almost none..charlie managed to hang on and the talking charlie was quite different..and the silent film is almost a different medium in all ways.the acting, and so is one of the great silent films!!
The tramp or little man..the insignificiant..was a popular literary figure in london, not popular with readers outsid eof england, but the Dickens character and other practitioners of this character, the uneducated bumpkin, charlie gives an interpretation of a type of this character whoose warmth humor and value has some source some way of moralizing this character..and we must peep through the drama to find it inthe Gold Rush. Like todays lottery ticket..som eplaces you could win hundreds of millions, and they are a part of modern culture the search for unlimited wealth to have it all and purchase and surround ourselves with all the trappings of is the low class hero..on aa search for gold. He battles with big Jim...that too is a literary type..and all the get hearts desire the heart of the film is the romantic life and the woman featured throughout the film..women through all walks of if the gold rush was shot to film women in the various guises we see them in contemporary life..and what the people around them want to make of them and what they make of themselves..the scenes in the bar,,prostitute like figures..fighting for some worth..and dignity..and the four or five figures in the snow..snow balls tossed at charlie..classic scenes the scenes in the snow,,and as trhe women come interior like inside..and charlie throughout shows some ability to show relationship and emotions..among a group setting..touching and swiftly moving..the tale moves quickly from one scene to another..the women appealing and desirable and not overly sensualized to bring other elements to the we have christmas/new years is the big feast not suits the romantic nature of the year and new beginnings love well new riches..the new year theme or a new person brought on by love being fulfilled..GREAT EXPECTATIONS realized..and i congratulate mr chaplin for filming women and ladies sphisticated and desirable in large numbers and able in various settings to put these fantasy figures across to the viewer..but solitude,,the elements..snow..perils of exterior scenes..can only be relieved by a ms GEORGIA..or ms UNIVERSE..the lower class dream of love as in a Dickens novel and the life of this the gold rush at the end..a parting kiss as the 1925 film shows..a long passionate kiss setting the hero off..INTIMACY as the prime reward in life many comic eating..and good spewcial effectsof the home..greatly filmed for its time..the intimate life as a new as an antidote to solitude and despair..comedic moves so swiftly and venturesomely that we are on a ride and a ride all will enjoy..SOUND..1942 rerelease was reedited for sound audiences..the ending chopped and the hero is not seen as a fulfilled person..with a long lasting kiss..the war/personal despair and relations changes the tone..and 11 minutes are dropped..and the over narration seems clumsy and didactic..lecture like as the words are dropped from the screen..but watch both versions and Chaplin preferred later version..and destroyed or tried to 1925..and good it has been preserved..charlie at his best!! one of the great silent films..
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le 17 juillet 2003
"The Gold Rush" has been delighting audiences for almost 80 years -- it's one of the flat-out funniest films made in the silent era or any other. This is the movie Chaplin wanted to be remembered for.
Like other films in the Chaplin Collection (at least so far) the "Gold Rush" enjoys across-the-board improvements in video and audio, including digital transfers from Chaplin family elements and Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes. Imaginative bonus features inform and entertain without wearing out their welcome.
But this is Chaplin and so there is controversy. Image and Fox Home Entertainment felt the wrath of the faithful a few years back when they released Chaplin's audience-friendly 1942 sound version of the film, ignoring the classic all-silent film.
MK2 and Warner didn't dare blow off the original, but their "Gold Rush" package relegates the 96-minute silent to disc 2, as an extra. The 1942 version gets the star treatment, taking up all of disc 1. It runs 69 minutes, as transformed by Chaplin when he recut the film, added narration and recorded an orchestral score.
The 1942 edition will be more accessible to mainstream audiences, but it's a shame that most viewers will bypass the original, probably the grandest silent-movie entertainment of them all. (A new piano track by Neil Brand adds even more zest to the silent.)
The Chaplin Collection's 1942 film looks great, with most of the wear digitally scrubbed out., but some videophiles will stay with Fox's 2001 release, which retains a bit more contrast and detail with the tradeoff of wear. The Warner silent sports a decent restoration job, from Kevin Brownlow and David Gill, but its images tend to be flat and inconsistent, with wear throughout. Warner's two versions are presented full-screen (1.33:1, as Chaplin intended), lacking a bit of picture information found on Fox's widow-boxed film, which runs 72-minutes. And the Warner silent employs some subtly different takes than the updated film.
A half-hour MK2 TV documentary retells the tale of the production, which started in the Sierra Nevada before retreating to an elaborate set in L.A., where 100 barrels of flour stood in for mountain snow. The docu points out that Chaplin's humor frequently revolved around hunger, the curse of his childhood. "The Gold Rush's" comic tale of starving prospectors was based, in part, on the real-life horrors of the Donner party. The DVD includes rare outtakes of Big Jim the miner chasing his hallucinatory chicken (Chaplin) through the woods.
The Chaplin Collection's next releases, due in early 2004, include "The Kid," "City Lights," "Monsieur Verdoux" and "The Circus." All but "Verdoux" are double-disc sets.
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le 15 juillet 2003
The Gold Rush is a silent Charlie Chaplin film from 1925. The version that I watched on this DVD was a reissue of the film where Chaplin himself adds narration to the film. Not having seen the unaltered original, I can't make any comparisons to that. However, for the film that I saw the narration mostly helps the story. The acting is done well enough that you would know exactly what is happening without any narration (the mark of a good silent film), but the narration does not take anything away from the film and it does not run through every scene. According to what I've read, the silent version is almost 30 minutes longer, but the 69 minute length of the film I saw was just right for The Gold Rush. The new DVD in the Chaplin Collection includes both versions.
The story is that the Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) is a prospector heading to the Yukon Territory during the Gold Rush. He meets up with two other prospectors and during a storm they get stuck in one cabin. Here The Tramp cooks his own shoe and he and another man eat the shoe. The hunger scenes are actually quite funny. Later on in the film we see Chaplin do the little dance with dinner rolls that is later revisited in the film Benny and Joon. This is absolutely classic. The Tramp also falls for a dance hall girl (Georgia Hale) and throughout the film there is a definite air of loneliness.
This is a fun movie and there is something intriguing about watching classic Chaplin films. Even 80 years later, it is easy to see why Charlie Chaplin was one of the masters of early film and why he is still considered a comic genius. To top it all off, Chaplin usually wrote, directed, and starred in all of his movies. You can't get much better than that.
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le 22 juillet 2003
The real news here isn't the second video release of Chaplin's 1942 talkie reissue of the 1925 film, with narration in his plummy later voice detracting from much of the fun. What's significant here is on Disc 2-- the first video release of a definitive version of the original silent classic, which has been restored by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill from Chaplin family material and is about 14 minutes longer and noticeably better quality than the best previous version, the Killiam print which had seen assorted releases on tape and laserdisc. The Chaplin family had previously refused to release that version, believing that the 1942 version represented Chaplin's final thoughts on the film, when what it in fact represented was Chaplin's best idea of how to make an old silent film seem relevant to Casablanca-era audiences. Now it's the '42 version which seems old fashioned, while the '25 one is timeless as ever. Be sure you get this new Warner/MK2 version.
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le 3 septembre 2003
Amazons "average customers review" of 4 stars is an average for 3 DIFFERENT editions of this great, GREAT film:
1) A very poor, Public Domain reprint of the 1925 edition from Digital Disc Entertainment; got around 2 stars.
2) A fine reprint of the 1942 edition from Image. All complaints about this DVD were about the missing of the 1925 edition.
3) This ultimate edition from Warner and MK2. Disc 1 include the 1942 edition, disc 2 include the 1925 edition and a lot of extra material. Both versions are restored and of surprisingly high quality!
This edition surely deserve FIVE STARS. Please DON'T include the ratings for other editions!
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le 28 octobre 2003
To be honest, I've never really been a fan of Chaplin. Too much pathos, too mush sentiment, too clever by half.I've always fallen on the Laurel and Hardy side of the fence as we much prefer to watch "Fresh fish! HONK!" to a tramp eating his shoes. However, The Gold Rush I can make an exception for. The sentiment is there but the gags work well and the impression for once is that this is a comedy and not a tragedy with the odd falling over scene. There's no doubting it's technical brilliance either and its originality and innovation, which don't matter much to us without the laughs, but there's plenty of those as well so, in it goes.
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le 15 juillet 2003
This 2003 release of The Gold Rush, part of "The Chaplin Collection," is a wonderful package and a good deal besides! The original 1925 version is here, beautifully restored and scored. The "newer" 1942 version is on the other disc, likewise wonderfully restored (both are so clean they look like they were filmed last week). The extra materials are well done and well chosen. Chaplin fan, film historian, comedy fan, all-of-the-above, you gotta have this.
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Of all the silent films available today, this is the most watchable: it is a timeless film.If you have never seen a silent film, you won't be disappointed in viewing this "Little Tramp" classic. Chaplin's famous "dancing dinner rolls" stands out in my mind as one of the most clever and charming scenes ever filmed.The film still evokes emotion even today.One of the greatest films ever made.
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le 12 juillet 1999
If you are a Chaplin fan already, this is a classic Chaplin movie. It will keep you laughing out loud and rolling in the isles. If you aren't familiar with Chaplin, this movie has something for everyone; physical humor, romance, good vs. evil. You can't go wrong.
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