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le 5 novembre 2003
This is probably not as funny as it once was, unfortunately, at least to a younger generation. And frankly, considering all that has come to past in rock and roll, it seems a little tame, even a little on the lame side in places. Or perhaps I have grown too jaded. Since Rob Reiner dreamed up this "pseudo-rockumentary" (after affixing some gold paint strategically on the USS Coral Seas baseball cap he wears--one of the many sight gags in the movie) the satirical assault on rock culture as been done and done again, perhaps a time or two too many.
The music itself is, shall we say, derivative with the Stones, some early Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and others having some distant unavoidable influence, while the unwashed antics of the stars both on stage and off have become cliches of the biz. Worse yet, satirizing the documentary mode itself has been done to death.
Alas, can we have back those moments of splendor in the grass (Wordsworth) or when we first leaned back in the movie theater, the smell of rancid popcorn butter in our nose, and sticky soda corn syrup on the soles of our shoes, and got blasted away by Spinal Tap? No, Virginia, you can't go home again, sad to say.
Might as well jump (Van Halen, 1984).
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le 16 février 2002
I'm disappointed that Christopher Guest, being the brilliant director that he is, has only made 3 major movies in his long career. This one, Waiting for Guffman, and Best in Show. Owning both of the latter movies, i decided to rent the one that started it all. And while it was funny, and was a brilliant directoral debut and a groundbreaking movie for the new genre in 1984, this one doenst measure up to his other movies. Its a cult classic, and i can see why. Its that certain type of humor that some think is hilarious, and some just dont get. There small chuckles throughout the movie, like when they are describing their anti-femenist album cover, and some great moments where i almost laughed until i cried- like when they had the 18 INCH stone display on the stage, and when they were in those bubble things and one of the guitarists couldnt get out. Im laughing out loud just thinking about it now. But do yourself a favor and rent this- even if you dont like it, just to say that you have seen it. Its less than 90 minutes long, so even if you dont like it its not too overbearing.
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le 2 février 2001
This Is Spinal Tap pokes fun at documentary films with what faux director Marty DiBergi calls a rockumentary. While MTV took this title and actually had rockumentaries, VH1's wildly successful Behind The Music series is a take off (albeit a serious one) of Tap's concept. Michael McKean, Christopher Guest & Harry Shearer star as a fictional English heavy metal band Spinal Tap. The film follows them around on their concert tour and the hoopla surrounding the release of their album Smell The Glove. The three stars are hysterical. They conduct themselves with a mock seriousness and that better than everyone attitude that stars often assume. The concert sequences are great as the Tap's songs are great spoofs of the metal genre with titles like "Stonehedge" & "Big Bottoms". The movie is woefully short, so the extra footage is a welcome addition. Tony Hendra is brilliant as the band's put upon manager and a young Fran Drescher shows up as a record label executive while Dana Carvey and Billy Crystal have a small bit as mime waiters.
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le 11 novembre 2000
I always compared Spinal Tap to a fine wine....the longer you let it age, the better it will taste. Watching this DVD proves my rather silly comparison. This film is so funny, and with the addition of over an hour of footage, this Spinal Tap DVD provides an overwhelming amount of laughter. I find this film funnier now then when I first saw it over 10 years ago. Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner aka "Meathead") is back with his rockumentary classic in the digital medium. The graphic design on the package and disc itself is's black. I'm sure the members of Spinal Tap approved this color since you can't get any more black then this. The inner pamphlet contains updates on the members of Spinal Tap, including a "Drummer Necrology" of all the drummers that died throughout the years. A funny little read, but I always seem to want more from an inner pamphlet! I popped in the DVD and immediately started to laugh. As the main menu started to load, the band started talking about the menu. You really have to listen to it to understand, but if you are slow at deciding what you are going to choose, the band members have plenty to say to ammuse you while you decide. Anyway, the choices you have are "Scene Selections", which has a very impressive graphical design. Scenes are numbered and each one has a picture and description. You have a choice of French or Spanish subtitles while listening to the band chatter brainlessly about what a subtitle is! Your final choice from the main menu is "Special Features." You can watch the film with audio commentary by the band which is really funny because the bands IQ seems to have decreased throughout the years! You also have a recent interview with Marty DiBergi, and you can watch over 1 hour of rare outtakes which are hysterical! You can click "Vintage Material" and watch the 'Flower People' press conference and the 'Joe Franklin Show' with the band. You will find yourself laughing again and again! You have the choice of watching 4 music videos including "Gimme Some Money", "Flower People", "Hell Hole", and "Big Bottom". You have a button titled "Promotional Materials" where you can watch the theatrical trailer, 3 TV spots and a few other funny trailers and commercials. The final button titled "Commercials" has all 3 "Rock & Rolls" spots....all silly, all funny. So I started to watch the film and a smile came to my face as Marty DiBergi introduces us to his film. The new digital transfer is fairly clean. Dirt and grain is noticeable sometimes during the film, but for this feature you really can't complain. The picture is sharp and surpasses any previous release. The colors, especially during the concert footage are also a noticeable improvement over any previous release. This DVD transfer is the best version of Spinal Tap you will find. The picture is far from poor and will be pleasing to most viewers. There is no choice of audio formats on this DVD, but the sound was fairly clean. It sounds great on 2 speaker set-ups and of course sounds better on surround sound set-ups. The production track is dated, but overall pleasing for this type of film. The dated production track will not at all affect the overall experience of the film. It still sounded acceptably clean. The music track sounds like it has been improved, sounding much cleaner then the production track, and opening up in ambiance and atmosphere a great deal during concert scenes. In conclusion, if you are a fan of this film, the music, the craziness and silliness, then this release of "This is Spinal Tap" is a MUST HAVE DVD. The menu design and navigation are excellent, and the technical aspects of the disc are quite pleasing. "This is Spinal Tap" is a very funny and entertaining film. Turn your receiver up to 11 and enjoy this DVD!
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le 2 octobre 2000
An aging, fading British rock group is touring America, and on hand to document the occasion is a filmmaker who has been blown away by their sound since the first time he heard them; and the result is offered up here for the perusal of all, in "This Is Spinal Tap," without question the best feature length parody of a rock band ever made, directed by Rob Reiner. When the band returns to the U.S. to promote their latest album, "Smell The Glove," director Marty DiBergi (Reiner) accompanies them on tour, conducting interviews and taping performances, in an effort to get it all down for posterity. And get it all he does; the highs and lows, the drama and pathos, the words, wisdom and witticisms of this legendary rock group. It's all here, and we owe it all to a man of incredible intuition, imagination and foresight, Marty DiBergi. But, with all seriousness aside, folks... When this film was released in 1984, it was fresh and new, cutting edge satire that seemed almost outrageous and scathingly intemperate; and to some extent, it still does today. The difference now, however, is that the times have caught up to and surpassed the parody of the movie. By anyone's standards, much of this film now seems quite tame, though the subject of the satire remains every bit as relevant today as it did then. The interviews, conducted and delivered with such dry humor and subtle wit, readily withstand the test of time and are as funny now as ever; but the songs, especially the lyrics, pale now somewhat in the wake of such acts as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Monster Magnet, System Of A Down, Coal Chamber, Pantera and Alice In Chains (just to mention a few), all of whom in reality have gone far beyond the parameters set by Spinal Tap. And with today's accessibility to such a wide variety of groups and music via MTV, MTVX, VH-1 and all the other myriad cable connections, it's simply taken the "sting" out of the impact of the film. Like science fiction that has become science fact, our culture and society has contextually changed it's frame of reference, which of course must change the way we perceive a film like "Spinal Tap." What can never change is the quality of the overall movie, the precision of the satire, and the caliber of the performances and direction. With genuine sincerity, Reiner/DiBergi delivers a truly believable "Rockumentary." His pace and timing are impeccable, and his eye for detail is thorough (though much of it will be lost on today's generation). The performances are first rate all around: Michael McKean, totally credible as David St. Hubbins (lead guitar, vocals), possibly the best character he's ever done; Christopher Guest as Nigel Tufnel (lead guitar, vocals); Harry Shearer as Derek Smalls (bass, vocals); and, of course Reiner, who"is" DeBergi. Also turning in notable performances are Bruno Kirby (Tommy Pischedda), R.J. Parnell (Mick Shrimpton, drummer), David Kaff (Viv Savage, keyboards, vocals), Tony Hendra (Ian Faith), Fran Drescher (Bobbi Flekman), and Patrick Macnee (Sir Denis Eaton-Hogg). Though it may have lost some of it's edge due to changing times, "This Is Spinal Tap" will forever remain a milestone in cinematic history. The songs may be dated but the humor is timeless; this is top-notch satire, and the parody set the standard in the rock genre for those who followed, like Weird Al Yankovic. The appeal of this film is going to vary from generation to generation, and it follows that the level of appreciation is going to vary; but the fact will always remain that this is a unique movie that succinctly captures the spirit and essence of an entire era. And for that, Reiner and Co. get a tip of the hat.
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le 3 décembre 2001
Spinal Tap is a very entertaining movie that pokes fun at the pretensions we've all come to associate with washed up rock stars.
However, this movie also has something to say on a religious level that escapes most people. Did you notice that the band's fortunes really start to decline when they dismiss their manager Ian? In other words...they lose "faith".
Then when they perform at the amusement park amphitheater did you notice the people giving them the "thumbs down". Well, that was the signal in Roman times for the performers(usually gladiators) to be killed. When Ian returns they are resurrected to tour Japan.
I know, I know, people will say I'm reading way to much into a movie that's just meant to provoke a good laugh(which it does). But there's to much symbolism in this movie for it to be dismissed as coincidence.
This is a multi-layered movie that is well worth your time and money.
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le 15 mai 2004
_This is Spinal Tap_ is a very funny, very original comedy that centers on the idea of a fake "rockumentary" of a fading British heavy-metal group. Rob Reiner does a superb job and the film actually feels like a documentary instead of a bunch of sequences designed to entertain. This movie will particularly appeal to musicians (or those that know and love them), though everyone will enjoy the comedy of this waning band being booked second to a puppet show and doing an act with a Stonehenge set, only to have a miniature Stonehenge descend on stage.
Whether it's Nigel explaining to us that his amps go to 11 or, my personal favorite part, when he starts to solo during a show, using a violin to play his guitar, only to stop and retune the violin, this movie will make you laugh time and time again. A must see for all fans of comedy delivered with a serious bent and dead-pan splendor.
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le 11 novembre 2002
Spinal Tap, directed by Rob Reiner, follows a dimwit band on their tour in America. The band has a series of episodes, that do not portray them in a positive light. They are silly, and even admit they are child like. Their popularity has diminished and they need to come up with new ideas to rejuvenate the band. The film follows a young director making a documentary about them.
This DVD has good transfer and sound. The extras are good as well, with a commentary with the band, out takes and more. The film itself is an effective comedy/satire of rock n roll bands from the 60's folk to 80's hair metal. I found the jokes throughout the film set up well, and one joke comes up right after another, with no dull spots, although it is not bust out loud laughing kind of humor. Fans of metal with a sense of humor should enjoy this. 4 stars. Check it out.
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le 17 avril 2004
The guy writing reviews under the name Leonard Snerdley is joking, right? He is sitting at home laughing at all the people who take his reviews seriously....right?
Spinal Tap is totally fictitious. They were invented solely for the purpose of this movie, which may not be one of the milestones of motion picture, but principal actors Harry Shearer (AKA Mr Burns), Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest are certainly very talented comedians, and even play their own instruments.
The story is completely absurd, mocking the excesses of bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and numerous lesser gods. It's pretty funny, too.
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le 27 mars 2003
Hesitate no further, this is a must-have DVD! You get all the info you could want about the Loudest Band, including loads of outtakes you wish could have made the movie. I deduct one star because they didn't include the commentary with the director and actors from the Criterion DVD, which is no longer in print, and very hard to get for the new fan who didn't have the foresight to buy it when it was available. This is one of the funniest movies ever made, with satisfying extras, and needs to be in your collection!
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