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le 13 août 2001
THIS DISC IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE PREMIUM IMPORT PRICE! It's definitely my favorite MC Solaar disc & one of my best rap CDs, period. It doesn't matter if you don't speak a word of French (I remember a little from 2 semesters in high-school), the sounds and rythm are so intricate and energetic that they more than make up for the jokes and whatever meaning you fail to pick up from the cognates, tone, and musical context.
Also, consider picking up Planet Rap, before it goes out of print. And Tour De La Question is a good 2-disc (live) sampling of many of Solaar's hits. I find his other later releases less compelling than this one.
BTW, if it helps, I should note that I find this disc somewhat reminiscent of good 80's rap.
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