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RÉVISEUR DU TOP 500le 5 décembre 2007
Just because Iron Maiden were mostly succesfull with Bruce Dickinson as their signer and that the albums were huge hits and all,it doesn't neccesarily mean that the previous signer Paul Di'Anno didn't do great albums with Maiden.In 1979-1980 the New Wave Of Brittish Heavy Metal exploded and Maiden were amongst the best of them and one of the surviving ones.Actually the two albums he did with the band "Iron Maiden" and "Killers" in 1980 and 1981 respectively can be considered as very good albums and influential ones as well,this first album especially.This album is actually a "chef d'oeuvre"(yeah a big word or two never hurts anybody)of the heavy metal genre.Well actually this album is showing their Punk-Rock roots and Di'Anno did have a pretty good voice for the genre of music they played at the time and has a special that i have grown to appreciate and its too bad that the band didn't make any other albums with him,even if i consider the Bruce era to be my favourite and the best.The songs on this one are classics of metal and are still great today,like the praised "Phantom Of The Opera" and the excellent "Prowler" that have a very classic sound and a good appeal with most Maiden fans.

Iron Maiden have been around since 1975(Christmas day,heheh)and all i have to say is why?Why didn't they release an album sooner but anyway the songs on here are some of the ones they had been playing since the debut of their careers and became some of their early hits."Prowler" was in fact on the band's 3 demo songs on their first LP,"Soundhouse Tapes" issued in 1978,and Iron Maiden caught attention from their beggenings as they sold five thousand copies in weeks.The lineup on this first album is the lineup of Steve Harris on bass,Paul Di'Anno as vocalist,Dennis Stratton as guitarist,Dave Murray on guitar and drummer Clive Burr.What's impressive is that the album reached # 4 in the UK charts in its first week of release!This album may not be considered as their best but this was a very influential album back then and it was the seed that would help generate many bands and most notably the "Trash-Metal" genre.

The songs on this one are very Punk-Rock inspired as i saud but with an element of metal in it that makes it a true Iron Maiden album.The songs are very good and my personnal favourite and it shouldn't be a surprise is the much praised "Phantom Of The Opera",its an amzing piece of metal with terrific guitar playing and great vocals by Di'Anno,this is the masterpiece od the Di'Anno era and its worth hearing as this is one of Maiden's best songs ever.Prowler is a song from earlier days and has a nice wah-wah guitar intro and a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head.Transylvania is a solid instrumental song but not much more,its good tought.Running Free is one of the famous songs of the album and with good reasons,as this is a great song with solid lyrics and a great guitar riff and a solid song overral,one of the best on the album.Remember tommorrow is nearly an instrummental and shows each musician's capacities and the guitar solos and the riffs are amazing!It has great harmonies going from a slow part to fast one and from fast to slow.Strange World is a ballad,yes a heavy band doing a ballad and there is nothing wrong with it if its as good as this,very good track.Charlotte The Harlotte And Iron Maiden are both very good songs tought the album's finnisher may seem weaker overral.And last,the unreleased song "Sanctuary"(i don't know if it really is an unreleased song)is excellent with a great rebelion feeling that can be felt while listening to it and its one of the best tracks on the album!

This album is very good and is actually a solid album but its also must i say,the most underrated.Its full of classics and any fans should get this as every fans from every band in the world should get the opportunity to hear the debut and the basic idea of the band,if not just to compare how good they've comed.If you don't like Maiden with Bruce you might like this more as it sounds like classic Punk Rock but a metal and more harmonic touch in it and with with very solid lyrics."Iron Maiden" is a great album well deserving of a place in any metal fans's musical library.Its a great album but not a great one to start with,at least in my opinion if you are starting then as your first move get a Bruce era album as with those you are sure of liking them.If you are an older fan and have listened to most of the Bruce stuff then this is recommended.
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le 12 avril 2002
This is my first Maiden enhanced CD. Unbelievable extras!! The multimedia studio did a top notch job. The menu system and layout are extremely well done and the graphics are everything you'd expect from a Maiden production. Derek Riggs would be proud!

I particularly enjoyed the video clips, though the resolution was a little low. Phantom has always been a personal favorite.

I also really appreciated that they included everything you need to view the multimedia portion of the disk, right on the disk. I only have dial-up access so it's painful when you have to wait a while to see something because the download takes forever.

Otherwise all the audio trimmings you'd expect from the original Iron Maiden album.

My only complaint, and thus the 4 stars instead of 5, is my old Sony Discman refuses to recognize this as an audio CD. So I can't listen to it outside of my computer. I haven't experimented further with that yet to see if it's the disk or my player, but I would guess it's my player. It's only 7 years old...
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This is the first Iron Maiden record. Martin Birch would not start producing until the next one and Bruce Dickinson would not join until the one after that. This album with Paul Di'Anno on vocals has a few of Maidens signature songs on it like Iron Maiden and Running Free. But the album is strong over all. One of the great debut Metal records of all time. The production is good but the guitars are much thinner sounding then the Birch albums. Di'Anno's vocals do not have the rang that Dickinson's have but he still sounds great. His vocal style made these songs and even Dickinson has not messed with the vocal arrangements even now over twenty years later he still sings them like Di'Anno.
This is one of the few Band's where you can start at the beginning and you won't be waiting to get to the later records. A classic all round!
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le 8 août 2003
[Before you start reading this review, I want to apologize for making it so long. I had a lot to say, and there was no short way to do it.]
In 1979, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal took England by storm. Hundreds of hard-rocking bands emerged overnight, and every one of them was excellent. Unfortunately, very few of these bands found success in their music, and an even smaller number of them found success outside their native United Kingdom. Iron Maiden is a rare example of one of the genre's bands that achieved worldwide success.
Through the course of the mid and late seventies, Iron Maiden had a number of line-up changes. They had recorded a demo collection and several tracks for compilations. Finally, come 1980 and the band was ready to release it's first full-length LP. With vocalist Paul Di'Anno, guitarists Dave Murray and Dennis Strattion, drummer Clive Burr, and bassist Steve Harris, the band served up an awesome punk-metal hybrid record. Though this obviously wasn't the sound that would bring the band its later success, it was still nothing short of excellent (though many Dickinson loyalists may disagree. In 1998 and again in 2002, the band's entire CD catalogue was rereleased as part of a remaster series. Read on for track-by-track comments and grades, as well as my comments on the remaster series.
Prowler - An excellent all-out punk-metal rocker about a sexual predator. Excellent early song. 4.5/5
Remember Tomorrow - Weird hybrid track featuring slow and melodic verses with a hard rocking chorus. An underrated song that never got the proper credit. 4.5/5
Running Free - The most overrated song on the album. It's a good track, but just pales in comparison to the album's other tracks. 3/5
Phantom Of The Opera - The album's best track by far. It's an epic rocker that exceeds seven minutes in length. You'd have to be a fool not to love the guitar in this song. 5/5
Transylvania - Instrumental. Not their best track of this type, but still excellent nonetheless. 3.75/5
Strange World - A very weird (but very enjoyable) Maiden track. This sounds more like gloomy new wave than metal, but it shows us something: Iron Maiden doesn't have to be heavy to be cool. 4/5
Charlotte The Harlot - Another severely underrated track. Here Di'Anno sings the tale of a \/\/hore who has thrown her life away. How can you not love this song? 4.5/5
Iron Maiden - The track that bares the band's name. As you've probably guessed, it's excellent. And Di'Anno's version puts Dickinson's numerous versions to shame (sorry Bruce, but no one does Di'Anno's songs like him!) 4/5
Sanctuary - A rocker. Not as heavy as the other tracks on the album, but still excellent. 3.5/5
Now for my comments on the remasters series - as a die-hard Maiden fan, I AM SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED. Sure, the sound quality is improved over the original CD issues and there is some cool enhanced CD footage (all the remasters before the X Factor have this), but this reissue is lacking the most important thing a remaster needs: BONUS TRACKS. We get one bonus cut (Sanctuary), but that just isn't enough. The total play time is about 45:00, and you can fit 80:00 on a CD. There were a plethora of rare tracks from this era that have never before been issued by the band (except for in the restrictively expensive box set. These rarities include demos, compilation tracks, B-Sides, interviews, BBC session tracks, and others.) To put it simply, if you already own the original issue of this album on CD, it's really not necessary to get the new remaster.
Iron Maiden's debut album was the start of something great. They hadn't yet found the sound that would bring them worldwide success, but their sound was still nothing short of excellent. If you're new to Maiden, take my advice and start with The Number Of The Beast, and stick to buying the albums with Dickinson on vocals. Even though this is a great album, I recommend the Di'Anno and Bayley albums to true fans only, as they don't really capture the band in its prime. Put simply, this is a great album, it's just not a great album to start with.
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le 16 janvier 2016
Maybe the best album of the band.
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le 4 novembre 2015
Great debut album.
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le 21 septembre 2015
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