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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 5 août 2004
This is the best Iron Maiden album ever. I never manage to listen any Iron Maiden CD with Bruce Dickinson from the beginning until the end - just because all songs sound like each other and none of them remains in the memory - its just a "metal chewing gum"! But this one is a masterpeace - I want to listen to it over and over again, and all tunes are constantly in my head. DiAnno RULES !!!!
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le 8 octobre 2002
This album, i admit is not the best of maiden but it sounds different since it's paul d'ianno who sing (you must admit that he is reaaly good, not as much as bruce but still...), but as being a maiden fan i heard it often and it propose a lot of different style, two instrumental song (wich are real cool), fast drumming guitar flamming song (purgatory), the album self titled song (killers) which is kinda "off-tempo", and finally "murders in the rue morgue" woh!! cool. A must into any maiden fans...
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le 15 novembre 2002
There was life in the undead Eddie long before Bruce Bruce became Maiden's "Air raid siren"! Di Anno's fronted Maiden broke in the UK after playing pub gigs and small shows. Featuring not one but two instrumentals and a host of creepy, hauntingly melodic pieces, Killers is Maiden showing their musicanship to the world as a true rock band. Murders in the Rue Morgue, loosely based on the E.A. Poe story and Killers carefully construct scenes of despair and inner torment without being overly fast and aggressive musically. The band understood that punk was dying if not dead and made the necessary adjustments on this album, but still pay tribute to their roots with "Wrathchild". You get the full range of Maiden's talent without suffering from one member outshining the other. This is one of the most competent Maiden albums you can find, just after breaking with their debut album and before the mega success of Number of the Beast. Evolution and cash flow were necessary and the addition of one of the greatest and most influential vocalists in metal Bruce Bruce (Dickinson) cemented Iron Maiden's place among the best.
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le 8 juillet 2010
This is simply the best Iron Maiden album ever made. From the build up of the brief identifying instrumental intro "The Ides of March", the bass kicks in to the iconic "Wrathchild" and if you are not hooked by that point there is no hope for you. Paul Di'anno's vocals are perfect, the riffing and hooks are completely off the hook and the drumming of Clive Burr is monstrous and lightning quick. The album doesn't contain one second of filler. Steve Harris lays down some of the most insane bass runs ever on this album, which can especially be heard at the beginning of "Innocent Exile", the sixth track on Killers. I think I blacked out to Iron Maiden : Killers more times than Lemmy has played "Ace of Spades", but I digress. The title track "Killers" contains some brutal lyrics of stalking and murder accompanied by some of the tastiest lead solo's featured on the album. "Purgatory" is as polished a power ballad/melodic masterpiece as has ever worn the Iron Maiden name. I am a biased as I was raised on the Di'anno Iron Maiden but I listen to all of their albums. Although Bruce may be a better over all vocalist I truly believe Paul suited the band and left a legacy of some pretty cool stuff. Give this old stuff a chance. Remember the original drummer Clive Burr as well as people tend to forget it wasn't always Nicko behind the kit. Clive and Steve had a special cohesion as a rhythm section back in the day. Listen to it a few times with an open mind, you probably won't agree with me but give it a chance. If I was on a desert island and had to choose only one Iron Maiden album that could accompany me the choice would be simple.
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le 8 mai 2013
I have been a long time Maiden fan and have always wanted own some of their picture disc vinyl albums for quite some time now. While in my teens and going into some of the local record shops where I was living I would see on the rare occasion two to three copies of a limited edition vinyl release when some of their new CD's came out but could never afford to buy them. When I finally saved the money to buy them they always ended up just selling out before I got back to the store. Now this rerelease of 8 LP's to commemorate their UK tour was a great chance for me to get some pictured vinyl and am happy I did. Currently I do not have a functioning record player to play them, but then again I mainly purchased them at this time as part of my Iron Maiden music collection. If you are a fan of Maiden and love the artwork their albums portray then this is the set to buy. The large gatefold album covers and the prints on the picture discs are phenomenal, would even make a great gift for a Maiden fan as well.

One thing I noticed and I am not sure is that this album may not contain all the songs from the Killers release (or at least the rerelease done in the 90s). I could definitely be wrong here but I am still happy with my purchase.
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RÉVISEUR DU TOP 500le 9 décembre 2007
After releasing their first album in 1980,the self-titled "Iron Maiden" guitarist Dennis Stratton quited and the band was left without a guitarist.Adrian Smith was chosen to fill the void and he turned out to be an excellent choice as he would stay with band for nearly 10 years and would eventually come back in 1999.In late November of 1980 Iron Maiden played a few dates in the U.K. to introduce Smith to their fans and then went in the studio soon after to record their sophomore album "Killers".This album would turn out to be the last with then vocalist Paul Di'Anno who would be fired in 1982 for his drug habbits."Killers" continued what they started with "Iron Maiden",they mostly stayed with the same kind of approach that they did with the first album but its somewhat less good and classic.

The theme of the album is definatly murder and the album's cover(wonderfully done by Derek Riggs)and the songs reflect that.You can tell that just by reading some of the song titles,"Killers" the title track and "Murders In The Rue Morgue",other related songs would be "Another Life" and "Innocent Exile".This album is good but it doesn't get much attention and is in many cases skipped and overlooked but anyone who listens to it can say that its a classic heavy metal album.There are some really good songs on this second album like the much loved "Wrathchild",the title track(did Maiden ever do a title track that wasn't good?)and the underrated "Purgatory".It is also to note that Killers has two excellent instrummentals,the album opener "The Ides Of March" and the more epic and technical "Gengis Khan".

Now the songs.The album starts with the instrummental "The Ides Of March" as said above and despite that and the fact that its only 1:46 it fits as the opening track fairly well.Then the famous "Wrathchild" follows up and that song is one of the best on the album and one of Maiden's classics."Muder In The Rue Morgue" has a catchy chorus and great guitar works its one of the great tracks on the album."Another Life" doesn't stand out or anything but its a nice agressive song and some sweet guitar parts troughout all the song and excellnt drumming by Clive Burr.Then comes the second instrumental and their second best one(first being Transylvania from the debut in my opinion)"Gengis Khan" wich has some killer drum work by Clive and its pretty technical stuff,if you like instrumentals you're in for a treat."Innocent Exile" has a slow tempo but the solo in the end is just amazing and its a solid track."Killers" is great and features great vocals from Di'Anno with his scary "killer!behind you!" and other lyrics that can scare anybody who's alone,great song tought!Up 8th is the ballad "Prodigal Son",very good ballad but not much more."Purgatory" is a fast one with Di'Anno doing probably some of his best singing here,it has a catchy chorus and one of my favourites."Twilight Zone" has Di'Anno being very emotionnal and he is "into" the song,hitting the high notes this time,once again some of his best singing great track.The album's closer "Drifter" is good and has some really sweet guitar playing and a nice solo as well.

Overral this a good second album with Paul Di'Anno,who i have to say was excellent on vocals and did some of his best vocals on "Purgatory" and "Twilight Zone".Its not as good as the first album wich is the best of the Di'Anno albums.Some people have a problem with Paul,personally i think he has a great voice even if he is not as good as Bruce Dickinson who would replace him and make history with Maiden on the next album,"The Number Of The Beast"."Killers" is a great metal album but i wouldn't recommend it for a starter.If you like Paul Di'Anno go ahead and buy this along with the first album but if you don't stay with Bruce's albums.4 stars,classic metal.
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le 10 août 2003
[Before you start reading this review, I want to apologize for making it so long. I had a lot to say, and there was no short way to do it.]
Iron Maiden's 1980 debut took the United Kingdom by storm. Though most of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands scattered across the country achieved very little success, Maiden's earth-shattering debut was a premonition of things to come. In 1981, guitarist Dennis Stratton was replaced by the now legendary Adrian Smith. This brought the line-up to Paul Di'Anno on vocals (this was his last studio album with the band), Steve Harris on bass (he's the band's chief songwriter as well), Clive Burr on drums, and Adrian Smith and Dave Murray on guitars. This is Killers, the band's second studio album. Read on for track-by-track comments, as well as my comments on this remaster series.
Ides of March - This opening instrmental is probably the band's weakest song of the variety, but as an album opener, it works very well.
Wrathchild - Many Maiden fans dub this relentless hard rock assault one of the two best songs to feature Paul Di'Anno's vocals. Who can blame them?
Murders in the Rue Morgue - This tune's a bit more on the melodic rock side, but it's still nothing short of excellent. One of the band's most underrated songs.
Another Life - The lyrics here are a bit redundant, but it's still a pretty good song. Don't skip it - it's not worth doing.
Genghis Khan - IRON MAIDEN'S BEST INSTRUMENTAL EVER! Listen to it, and you'll see why.
Innocent Exile - This one's about a man who was accused of a crime he didn't committ. It's not a bad song, but probably is the weakest one on here.
Killers - The title track is another fast and furious rock assault on your senses you'd have to be stupid not to love! Did the band ever have a bad title track? Well, maybe No Prayer For The Dying, but we'll get to that in a later review...
Prodigal Son - A ballad? Yup. And a damn good one too! Another one of the band's most underrated songs, this one must be heard to be believed.
Purgatory - Another melodic rocker. The lyrics themselves aren't the strength here, but rather how they're delivered. Di'Anno is in top shape here.
Drifters - A good closing track. It's no masterpiece, but it certainly gets the job done.
Twilight Zone - THIS IS NOT THE GOLDEN EARRING SONG. Though this track doesn't really stand out for much, hearing Di'Anno hit the high notes is priceless!
Now for my comments on the remasters series - as a die-hard Maiden fan, I AM SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED. Sure, the sound quality is improved over the original CD issues and there is some cool enhanced CD footage (all the remasters before the X Factor have this), but this reissue is lacking the most important thing a remaster needs: BONUS TRACKS. We get one bonus cut (Sanctuary), but that just isn't enough. The total play time is about 45:00, and you can fit 80:00 on a CD. There were a plethora of rare tracks from this era that have never before been issued by the band (except for in the restrictively expensive box set. These rarities include demos, compilation tracks, B-Sides, interviews, BBC session tracks, and others.) To put it simply, if you already own the original issue of this album on CD, it's really not necessary to get the new remaster.
Iron Maiden's sophomore album is a great album. However, take my advice. If you're new to Maiden, start with The Number Of The Beast, and stick to buying the albums with Dickinson on vocals. Even though this is a great album, I recommend the Di'Anno and Bayley albums to true fans only, as they don't really capture the band in its prime. Put simply, this is a great album, it's just not a great album to start with.
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le 21 février 2013
Any Iron Maiden fan needs these original D.Riggs works of art...Any Iron Maiden fan needs these original D.Riggs works of art...
now only wish they'd re-realease the old tour books from back in the day...
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le 22 novembre 2012
The art work on the thick vinyl looks great if u are a Maiden fan or u collect picture vinyl it's a must have just don't listen to it very noisy lots of crackling.
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le 3 octobre 2013
I've loved this album ever since I first heard it more than 20 years ago. The music is excellent the only problem is getting the cd-rom content working.
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