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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 31 mai 2004
I received this DVD as a Christmas present and let me tell you, it is excellent. There are so many videos that Whitney has made over the years as an artist. And when you first view the DVD, there's a short intro made by Whitney herself, as well as a fun and interactive menu of what you want to watch. I enjoyed the interviews of Whitney and Clive Davis. One thing that made me laugh is seeing all of her old videos that she made in the 80's. It's amazing to see how much the style of pop music has changed. To sum up, this DVD is rich with Whitney material that won't put you down at all.
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le 15 décembre 2001
This is a great dvd that fully entertained me. It has 23 videos (the new version that is out there right now has 2 extra videos), some unbelievable live performances, great interviews, behind the scenes footage and other things that I'm probably forgetting. Whitney is a very beautiful woman to look at, she's gorgeous! As for her talent, in my opinion she's the greatest singer of all-time and this dvd proves it.
The highlights of the dvd in my opinion are the amazing "One Moment In Time at the grammy's", the historic "The Star Spangled Banner at Superbowl XXV" and Whitney's great & long interview where she talks about several important moments in her career. There are so many videos on it, you can never be bored. It has also so many great performances like "Why Does It Hurt So Bad on MTV movie awards", her first ever TV performance singing "Home" and I could go on forever!!
IMO, anybody who's a fan of Whitney Houston or anyone who simply is a little bit interested in her should get the dvd. It's full of hours of entertainement. The sound & picture are also great (but of course the sound in a performance like "Home in 1985" doesn't sound as good as for example "My Love is Your Love live in germany 1999" obviously because it's much older, but it still sounds great).
In conclusion, I have no complaints & I think that this is one of the best dvds I own. Everyone should get it & I really hope Whitney releases other music dvds soon!
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le 5 novembre 2000
This DVD is a celebration of Whitney Houston sucess. I must say I like her a lot, though I'm not fanatic for her. The videos are well chosen, especially those form "Bodyguard". Surely, some of her videos are missing in this release --Shoop, Shoop song, It's not right (dance version) etc. The special area is very interesting, showing live performances of Whitney and exclusive interviews. I enjoyed the photo section for the greatest hits CD cover, the interview with Clive Davis and her live performance of "My love is your love"in Germany. If you like Whitney, you must have this DVD!
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le 5 juillet 2003
This is one of the very first DVDs I ever owned. I was truly looking forward to having it when I first saw it; it truly is one of the most comprehensive DVDs out there, featuring almost every video she ever put out, including some live performances and exclusive misc stuff. It's a little bit outdated now as she's released a few more videos after that (starting with "If I Told You That", thru "Fine", "Could I Have This Kiss Forever", "Watchulookinat", "One Of Those Days" and "Try It On My Own") but if you want her best stuff, this is the one to get. It doesn't get much better than this... and you can see the way she's changed as the years have passed. The songs are good and the looks don't dissapoint, if anything, somtimes they can be quite hilarious.
I don't like the photo shoot segment as she looks a bit too "diva-like", toying around in a sort of childish manner, for a woman her age. Don't like the diva pose... but I love the music! Get this!
Ps. They could have included the Thunderpuss dance version of "It's Not Right But It's OK" but I won't hold it against them. Hehe.
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le 7 mars 2003
This DVD chronicles Whitney's career to innocent, pure-voiced ingenue to slick modern superstar with a penchant for being in the tabloids.
It opens up with the excellent "You Give Good Love" and through the songs presented here you can watch Whitney grow up. You can also see her star status rise to new heights as Whitney becomes a movie star with "The Bodyguard". There are definity shifts in her fame and style, and these can be witnessed here. For example, the first shift is felt upon hearing (and seeing) the first few bars of "I'm Your Baby Tonight"... But then the musical risks and independent style she was taking with "I'm Your Baby Tonight" are superseded by her mega success with "The Bodyguard", where she shouts full-blown corporate love songs.
There's a whole lot of slick urbane songs and videos here, Whitney has not always been musically adventurous, but there are interesting songs here and there, nearly all dealing with affairs of the heart and their ensuing complications. We see that her fame has heavily relied on the power of her clear, steely voice.
The best Special Feature is Whitney's first live TV performance of "Home" on The Merv Griffin Show. It shows a side of Whitney rarely seen- nervous, naive, unaware of her future, yet a genuine revelation to those watching- Merv introduces an young unknown and after the performance knows that he has just introduced a superstar...Her voice is in perfect form here, singing an exceptional song in an exceptional performance.
Other great live performances include "Didn't We Almost Have it All", "One Moment in Time" at the Grammys and "Why Does it Hurt So Bad?", the latter a fine performance though Whitney's voice is a bit rough and she sweats profusely. There are other performances included, though they are not career-defining or her best. Missing are many other great live performances e.g. "Saving All My Love For You" from the Grammys, "Greatest Love of All" in New York and many others.
There is also an interview with Whitney and her then-record company honcho, Clive Davis. Plus an extended photo shoot session featuring Clive. Who knew that this DVD also marked the end of her working relationship with Clive. So basically, these are the Clive Years. It chronicles their achievements and illustrates Clive's influence on her music.
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le 13 juin 2001
This DVDis the most complete and enjoyable I own. You get Whitney's classic videos, plus special performances, 2 great interviews and the photosession of the cover (which I didn't particullary like. It was too long and they could save the space for another video or performance).
The videos I like the most are "You give good love", "How will I know", "I wanna dance with sb", "Where do broken hearts go", Exhale", "Run to you", "It's not right but it's ok" and "I learned from the best". The rest of the videos are also great, though, as well as the special performances.
I think the record company could have waited a little longer to release this DVD, in order to include the videos of the new tracks, like "Fine", "If I told you that" and "Could I have this kiss forever", and I really missed "When you believe", but every time I see this DVD I have a good time, and I think it's totally worth the money.
By the way, my copy ..., didn't include the "I learned from the best" single, but that's fine, and I didn't have problems in the end of track 14, which was GREAT
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le 11 novembre 2000
The video is just as good as the CD. Whitney definitely knows how to make great videos. Clive Davis, her producer, struck gold when he found Whitney. I found the videos of her earlier material to be more powerful than just listening to the music. A song like "one moment in time" which Whitney sings live, is beautiful. The 2 other "most touching" songs are "Where do broken hearts go" and "The greatest love of all". Yes, I'm a sucker for sentimental songs. These 2 songs meant a lot to Whitney, I suppose, because she was with her Grand mother in "The greatest love of all". The video shows her reminiscing on the past.
I bought the video just so I could see 2 or 3 songs, but now they're all good. There's something for everybody. There is not any repetition in the style of music she chose for her collection. It's nice that she talks about her experience in making the videos. Mr. Davis speaks about his experiences with Whitney too!
There are quite a few songs that never made it to the video selection, though. I wasn't overwhelmed at the videos of the R&B songs. The music is better. Over the years, Whitney has changed her style of music, even though she kept a lot of the same "early days" keyboard sound as time has passed. Her appearance has changed immensely from her 1st album to her last. The whole atittude thing has a lot to do with it too! By that, I mean by the way she moves her lips with the dignity of a real Diva.
Like the "Diva's live 99" concert, Whitney hasn't failed to impress us with her voice and her energy. "The greatest hits collection" is a great holiday gift. It should be on your "wish list" on the net, or on your "Want it get it" list. The collection will definitely take you down memory lane with Whitney. It's certainly worth the 5 stars. Maybe 5 more too! Get this video.
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le 5 juin 2000
This review is made purely on the basis of the DVD content and bears no reflection on Whitney herself or her great singing voice or the quality of the music within the DVD.
However, it is clear that Arista have rushed out this DVD out with no real understanding of what tracks Whitney's fans rate as their greatest hits. The big question for me, is, where are the videos for Exhale (shoop shoop, Hurt so Bad and Count on Me? To do a diva such as Whitney and her fans true justice, it should have been a 2 disc set, which should have included ALL the videos to ALL her single releases and any unseen videos, which might not have been released in addition to extra footage on this DVD, now that would have kept me and many others happy! The only thing, I can say is that Arista have made a real hash of it, showing no real understanding of her worldwide fan base and also a lack of respect towards a superb diva, who is simply the best (as her record sales would indicate). The only saving grace was that there was none of those horrendous DJ mixes on the DVD, as there is on the Greatest Hits CD!
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le 28 mai 2000
I have to say that this DVD is stunning. It features so many stuff that it's impossible to get bored! Let's see, you have 21 videos, sure some of them are missing (around 5) mostly because they are duets but let's remember, this is a greatest hits, so you can't expect to have everything on it. The advertisment said, all her "classic" videos. The only classic video missing is Exhale (Shoop Shoop) a #1 hit. But like I said, there's 21 videos, it's enough don't you think! Then there's special performances, I think there's 8, not all of them were in full like the song "Impossible" from Cinderella was not put completely, but all these performances are appreciated. The sound in some of the older performances like One Moment In Time from the Grammies, are not as perfect as the new performances, but they are enjoyable. I really enjoyed each and every performance. You can also choose to watch the videos while reading the lyrics. I also enjoyed the photo shoot footage (it was very long!), the interviews, the making of the album. Really, it's perfect. You also get to relive her stunning rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Seriously, this is the best music DVD ever, it is very entertaining and long. I really hope that Whitney releases other dvds in the near future, she must!
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le 25 mai 2000
I really enjoyed this video collection. It's kicked off with all four videos from Whitney's first album: "You Give Good Love", "Saving All My Love For You", "How Will I Know" and "Greatest Love of All" which Whitney calls her favorite video. Whitney calls this video collection "the process of her growth" where "this girl becomes a woman". The next set includes videos from her second album: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "Didn't We Almost Have It All" (my personal favorite video!), "So Emotional" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" which Whitney says she didn't even want to record but finally did after urging from Clive Davis. Good thing she did for it went on to be her 7th #1 single. Next comes a Grammy performance of "One Moment In Time" and her unforgettable performance of "The Star Spangled Banner". From her third album she just includes the videos for "I'm Your Baby Tonight" and "All The Man That I Need". Next comes some soundtrack videos. The only video from The Bodyguard is "I Will Always Love You" and the only video from The Preachers Wife is "Step By Step". No videos from Waiting To Exhale are on here. Finally she ends the collection with all the videos from her final album: "Heartbreak Hotel", "It's Not Right But It's Okay", "My Love Is Your Love" and "I Learned From The Best". All in all, it's money well worth spending to get all of these great videos in one place. Most of these videos hardly ever air on the music video channels anymore so it was great fun to see them again. You get 18 videos on this collection and you'll enjoy every one of them!
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