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4,6 sur 5 étoiles523
4,6 sur 5 étoiles
Format: Video GameModifier
Prix:4,99 $+ 4,99 $ expédition
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le 27 août 2015
The game arrived in a timely fashion, and in magnificent condition. The only thing I have an issue with is that it was a part of the trilogy set, and not the original game from back in 2001. That's just me being picky. Order this game!
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le 21 janvier 2015
all greats thanks
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le 9 octobre 2014
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le 1 janvier 2014
This game was the best game of all time and was the first game of open world freedom and there is lots of missions to do or you can do whatever you want in the game which you never thought before you can do just don't do it in real life. I got this game because the game for tablets/phones and iPad the controls aren't that good compared to the system game. But when I got the game it didn't say Greatest hits on it - it was just the original game itself which I don't mind at all. I'm glad I purchased this game to have fun in it and enjoy the music in the game as well as to annoy the cops in the game.
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le 4 novembre 2007
I used to play this game on my PS2 all the time. Sumtimes my friends would come over and watch me play, and even come over and play the game themselves!
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le 13 juillet 2004
This is the classic Sony Playstation 2 video game. No other game is as much fun to pick up and play. Although I took some time off, I finally finished all the missions.
In this game, you play an ex-con who acts as a criminal free agent around the three-part town called Liberty City. As you work for rival crime bosses and gang leaders, you earn money by completing each mission.
The entertainment of the game is its sheer amount of freedom. If you are not ready to try to complete each mission, you are free to roam around the city at will, stealing cars, collecting hidden packages, even making money as a cab driver, firefighter, or "vigilante cop."
Although the graphics could be a little better and I hate the aiming system for some of the weapons, the game is ultimate fun. There is a reason that this game is so popular, despite its main criticism.
GTA3 has been derided continuously for its mature rating and questionable moral code. In the video game, your character increases his health by hiring prostitutes, and can get away with killing cops and innocent civilians. Because of this, GTA3 is NOT for kids to play. I'm always surprised to find too many young kids playing this game.
All that being said, GTA3 is not as horrible as it may sound. All of the characters you are required to kill are criminals (there is a one dirty cop or two) and lawless thugs. Crimes against innocent civilians could get you arrested. I don't think the game gives any impression that crime pays.
I strongly recommend GTA3 (as well as GTA: Vice City). It's a fun game, and has many side-missions and games which can keep you entertained for a LONG time.
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le 11 juillet 2004
This game was revolutionary and broke ground that no video game had ever even tried. The missions are fun and challenging. There is unprecedented freedom to do whatever you want. Even the town is cool enough to want to explore. You get an ora, an ambiance that did not exist in video games before. One of the Greatest video games of all time by far.
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le 9 juillet 2004
This game was really spectactular. -I've have succesfully
completed all the mission's.. -It took me a decade.. -Ever
since this game came out. -I've first spotted it when a
friend loned me it. -Then my parents bought it.
So I loved the graphic's; -the violence..! -The cinema
looks realistic.. -The camera angles are great for the
movie mission's..! -I don't care about crusing around for
the city. -I've care about the dang pesky mission's..?
becuase two me; -driving around.. -Shooting at people
is kind of boring.. -Don't you think..! -Give the mission's
credit for making your joinment a breeze..
Rockstar games made this for you two play the missions
and then enjoy killing a lot of people and throwing
grenades or bombs; -blowing up the city.. -Something
like that.. -But the only thing that really suck's
about the game.. -Rockstar can't let you even blow up
the city's; -building's.. -That wooed of been a blast..?
All right.. -May be in the next game..! -The game is
not that fun then going around and killing a lot of
people and getting the coppers two bug you on your
gamming journey.. -I really had fun with this game..?
even; -this game was meant two be for the; -"Godfather.."
and; -Goodfella's.. -Fanatic's..! -But I love it
becuase you get two get into a car and drive around..?
Which was the easiet dang part of the game..? -The
game begins when your girl shoots you in the gutter
for dead.. -Then hull off two prison..! -Then an
explosion leaves several dead.. -Which leads two
believe the cartel was behind this lates new
incident.. -Even the newsreporter makes a lot of
sense.. -Then it's off two a guy name.. -Luigi.
You go downtown two get change..! -Then you are on
your way with some black guy.. -Ho will give you your
boss.. -A Mafia gangster..! -Ho works at his pub in
Chinatown.. -So he give's you these mission's..! -Such
as taking his girl for a ride and bring's her back
from the clinic..! -So on.. -I even thought picking
up those whose's where so easy..?
I finally have the code's two not let the time two
interfere with my gaming. -The timming seem so dang
annoying.. -This game came out in the late 90's..!
but it took me so long two finally beat it..? -Much
like the next one did..! -I really enjoyed the
Vice City..! -I'll get my review on that one sometime..?
Their..! -I did not spoil threw the hole mission story's.
just two make sure that I am not that type of guy
ho will ruin everything for you..?
So I hope this review help you..? -Also; -I enjoy
the gore of the game.. -That's why I wanted two play it..!
the graphic's look's really better..! -I've never really
gotta chance two play; -Grand Theft Auto 1, -or; -II..
Sorry if I didin't.. -But I still play this; -over and
over for my downtime..!
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le 2 juillet 2004
You may hear people making a big deal about the violence and language in this game. It is true that this game shouldnt be in the hands of a 12 year old. I think that the rating system is more like guidlines. If your a parent who lets your teenager watch some R and even some of the PG-13 rated movies they are getting a lot worse than this game has in it. This game is also not Ultraviolent, If you want and ultriviolent game go play Rockstar's Manhunt. There are a lot more games out there that are worse than GTA III as far as violence goes. In my opinion this is a great game, but if you are easily offended by some foul language and some violence this is not the game for you.
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le 28 juin 2004
This IS whithout a doubt the best (not to mention most addictive) game I have ever played. It's just a downright, Carjacking Romp. If you haven't played this game yet, you MUST play this before you play it's sequel GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS.
To be honest, I thought this game would be a terible game, Infact, I was avoiding buying this game. Man have I missed A LOT! Honestly, I's not that bad, to all of you "uptight" mom's. Ofcourse the premise of the game is to steal cars, but it's still very tame for it's mature rating.
Alright, first of all, the ability to just jump grab any car you want and just jump right in, is AWESOME, I mean it really doesn't matter, as long as it has wheels and doors, you can drive it. From Station Wagons to Stallions and Ambulances to Firetrucks.
When you're in a Firetruck or a Policecar can do these vigilante missions where you foil crooks, put out fires and rescue the injured.
In this game there are 3 islands you can travel and roam in, irst of all there's Portland which is pretty much the same as New York. You get you're street reputation in Portland.
Alright this game has it all, the violence, the story and even the hot chicks. And something that is really different is that the game is just enjoyable all the way through and you look forward to your next mission and you're always suprised and amazed by the bizarrely fun missions you have. From running away from the Triads is a Souped up Mafia car, to crrying a dead body to a car crusher, it's just all out F..U..N!
The story evolves very well, and goes up as you would expect it, you start out as a lowly guy and work for Luigi, a pimp (to certain rights) and then, as your reputation gets better, and word starts to spread on your feats, you get contacted by Joey, Toni Cipnelli and Diablo himself. Wow, I want to play this game even more now that i'm writing a review about it.
Oh, and the game has pretty much infinate replay value becasue of (1) it's length (by the time you beat it and star over again you won't remember most of the missions) and (2)Ther's just so much to do in between missions. From beating innocent civilians to "'Jackin' some sweet wheels" you can make a day out of it.(Honestly).
Graphics: 15/10 Great, really crisp and really responsive, from busting up a car to shooting looks real alright!
Gameplay: 15/10 TONS of Fun, yet still simple. Of course it would deserve a 20, if you could crouch and commit drive by's.
Fun: 25/10 This is THE best game EVER (well so far) you get to run around and kill hookers and civilians, and get to steal doesn't get much better than this.
Difficulty: 10/10 can be a real "toughy at times", especially when you're trying to take down an armored car, while tons of cops swarm around's a real nail biter.
Overall:65/40 what is there to say, just look at the total. haha.
Alright first of all, Buy this game, then play it and the first time you get bored of the game (about 12-18 months after you get it, research Grand theft auto San Andreas, it looks awesome.
This is esential to any teen's PS2 game library. It's really a lot of fun to play, no matter who you are. I mean anyone with a PS2 should and must own this game. Even the most "Uptown" people will find beating innocent civilians a lot of fun.
Buy it. Play it. Enjoy it.
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