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4,8 sur 5 étoiles
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le 17 juin 2004
I think alot of Americans are turning to Britian for comedy these days. Between the advent of "reality tv"(If you'd like to call that load of bollocks reality) and censorship at an all time high, England's hysterical BBC has become a haven for SMART and INTELLIGENT Americans in search of witty and yet sometimes raunchy humor. Coupling has become my all-new favourite since ABFAB. So well written and performed by all concerned. Brilliant
(Jeff's most commonly used word)jokes and the most unreal sex farces you'll ever see!! All 3 seasons are so very worthy indeed!
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le 16 mai 2004
Coupling Series One was everything you could want in a comedy show. It was funny, explicit, and you actually cared about the charcters. Coupling:Series 2 is no exception. It's just as funny,just as explicit and the added bonus of more episodes.
With over nine episodes, you definately get your money's worth on this DVD. The episodes are all funny and all have a great quirk.
Last season ended with Susan walking out on Jack. At the beginning of this series(British for season) Susan and Jack are back together and Jeff has a bit of a crush on a woman he has seen on the bus. The only problem is he has only seen her leg. When he finally does meet her, he make sthe mistake of telling her he only has one leg. Of course this leads to a halarious outcome and truly shows what Coupling is capable of. The rest of the episodes are funny and involve similar situations which truly make everyday relationships funny.
I HIGHLY recommend Coupling Season in addition to Series one because it's funny and original.
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le 16 mars 2004
If you're looking for a DVD that simply continues the first series of Coupling, sorry, this isn't it. This moves the story forward, creating more complications for the story arc, deepening the characters, telling us more about who these people are and where they come from. We find out more about Sally's insecurity, Jeff's libido, Steve and Susan's relationship, and more.
The DVD of the first series of Coupling was so short you could watch it all in one sitting. This isn't the case with the second series, which ran to nine episodes and doesn't even fit on one disk. You have to pace yourself with this one. But it's worth it, because each episode teaches us something new about our beloved characters and also gives us plenty of laughs.
The first two episodes, "The Man with Two Legs" and "My Dinner in Hell," really feel incomplete, like transitional episodes from the previous series. But beginning with the third and fourth episodes, a two-parter called "Her Best Friend's Bottom" and "The Melty Man Cometh," things get low-down, dirty, and more sophisticated. Episodes like "Naked" and "Jane and the Truth Snake," in which we learn a great deal about all six characters, and the structurally complex "End of the Line," are worth watching over and over.
One benefit to this DVD is that it contains commentary from writer Steven Moffett and various stars and production personnel. This allows us insight into the creation of this sophisticated comedy. This feature was lacking from the previous series DVD, and it's something I missed.
It's easy to see why the American version of this series failed. Like Monty Python and Doctor Who, it's such a quintessentially British show that Americanizing it could only ruin it. But after watching that Yankee turkey, now you can come over and watch this fine British songbird. I promise you, you won't regret it.
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le 27 janvier 2004
One day my wife talked to me about a new series she discovered in BBC America and said that since I liked Friends so much I should watch it. I was not very prone to do it, but you know how it is...I complied :). I started watching an episode of Coupling that was already started, after ten minutes I did not understand very well what was going on and decided the series was not worth my time.
A couple of months later my wife rented the first season of Coupling in DVD and this time I sat with her to watch it from the start. I could not stop laughing! Of course I ordered the second season too and plan to do the same with the following ones.
The basic setting of the series is similar to the one of Friends; three males and three females that have clearly defined personalities and get involved in funny situations. Coupling has a more prominent sex element present. In the particular case of the men, I can draw a clear parallel with Friends, but it is not so easy in the case of the women (I would relate Jane in Coupling with Phoebe in Friends, but that's it).
I think Jeff is the most interesting character the series has, he is almost always living in a "different world" and if you have watched the first season then you know about the Jeffisms; like the naked giggles. In the second season there are some new Jeffisms, like prickles, blurts and head laugh. There are also a few phrases by Jeff that struck me as particularly funny, like "When a woman wears a skirt you know there is a VAA...a Visual Access Angle", or "There was a detectable NAT...Nose Avoidance Tilting".
The writers of the series do a great job in manipulating the differences between men and women, often showing the same situation from both sides emphasizing the contrasts. The dialogues are witty and usually several topics are connected in a very short space of time creating hilarious threads.
You cannot afford to miss this!
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le 3 janvier 2004
I'll spare you the "this is so much better than what NBC did tripe." The stars above should tell you that.
The second season of Coupling tries to break the mold of the first season, by throwing Steve and Susan into situations of greater gravity, and showing the strength of their affection, by letting Jeff step out of his mad scientist role of Season 1 and interact more with women (and even one day successfully!), and by beginning the slow orbit of Patrick and Sally that is culiminated beautifully (and hilariously) in Series 3. Jane careens about as before, though.
Ultimately, this makes the series less funny, if more meaningful. I truly enjoyed getting to hear Jeff's theory du jour, something that is thinned out here. While Jeff remains hilariously neurotic, he was the main comic engine on the show, and I feel slightly deprived in this change. Additionally, the pain Sally and Patrick begin to go through resulting from several abortive attempts at a relationship, also takes away from the pure comedy, but does add emotional weight, which the series bears well. This is especially made by Kate Isitt's blossoming portrayal of Sally, previously a one-note neurotic, now more fascinating emotional force.
Steven Moffat remains a master at writing, especially in writing dialogue that is taken to mean very different things by the conversing characters, and at creating foot-, ankle-, and leg-swallowing monologues. This keeps the shows highly enjoyable, even at their most deliriously improbable moments.
Ultimately this is a fine comedic presentation, though lacking the sparkle of Series 1, or the emotional complexity and burning hilarity of Series 3. The DVD itself is a good transfer, very clean images, good sound (let's face it, Dolby 5.1 won't add much, anyway). The menus are more of the same from Series 1, and the special features are improved in quanitity over the first, but the commentary is lackluster.
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le 12 novembre 2003
This is the original British show that NBC attempted to remake.
Coupling focuses on how the relationship between Steve and Susan develope, and it is based on how Steven Moffat (writer) and Sue Vertue (producer) got together. Their friends and ex-partners are also around to provide somewhat insane (but partially true) insights into relationships.
With season two, Coupling begins to take more risks with its humor. More risque and bold. First season seems a little tame compared to this DVD. The third season goes even further than this one. Season 2 has 9 episodes.
{Amazon deleted my episode details. Sorry, I guess they didn't like my summaries.)
The commentaries are good. Steven Moffat is the only one in all of the commentaries. Sue Vertue, Ben Miles, Kate Isitt, Sarah Alexander, and Gina Bellman are among the ones who can be heard in some of the commentaries. They discuss some of the background for some of the scenes as well as aspects of the production. Not the usual dull experts talking.
There are short interviews with Beryl Vertue (Sue's mom), Steven Moffat, and Jack Davenport.
I'm not sure of the reason for the color of the DVD case - bright green. Season one's case is blue. The cases do stand out. I like the bright colors, but I was trying to find a pattern or clue about the color choices.
Within the extras, there are hints at a 4th season of Coupling being written. Steven could be joking though.
I would recommend this DVD highly to anyone who may enjoy British comedies and isn't offended by sexual topics.
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le 8 novembre 2003
Naughtier than friends, brighter than seinfeld, this new comedy will become one of the few good legacies of sitcom in history. I think the reason I like it so much is because I've never been so surprised and so completely fond of the how clever and intense the comedy is. Each scene is perfectly crafted and does not have any dead weight, unlike alot of u.s. comedies. Also just when you think you've hit the high joke point of an episode they come back with another one to trump it and it keeps intensifying until it just has you rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter by the end of the episode.
The way they work in the real relationship between steve and susan is also done so that it isn't a 2nd thought or a gimmick.
Each character is very likeable and each contributes a wonderful share to the atmosphere. I think it's insulting for NBC to try and recast and remake a u.s. version, and that is why they failed. The BBC original is good enough to be the biggest t.v. hit the u.s. has had in a lonnnnnggg time.
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le 5 novembre 2003
I picked this up the day it was released. Yes, you can watch "Coupling" on BBC America, but these DVD's are worth it, because they still edit some content for time. With Season 2, you get the following 9 episodes:
THE MAN WITH TWO LEGS: Jeff finally works up the nerve to approach a girl on the tube whose leg he's been gawking at each day. Will he blow it with another one of his bumbling lines?
MY DINNER IN HELL: Steve bumps into a television presenter he's always fantasized about, and Jane has a fool-proof hairbrained scheme that she swears will help she and Sally meet her.
HER BEST FRIENDS BOTTOM: Steve makes a surprise visit at Susan's apartment, thinking it is she in the shower. It's Sally, and the entire episode revolves around that fact that Steve saw her bottom.
THE MELTY MAN COMETH: Will Patrick and Sally finally come together? If Patrick doesn't stop "failing" then perhaps they can!
JANE AND THE TRUTH SNAKE: In possibly one of the funniest episodes ever, Jane loses her job as traffic reporter. Never fear! She has a career plan up her sleeve that involves children's entertainment and a sock puppet. That's all I'll say.
GOTCHA: One year after their first date, a wedding invite is sent to Steven and Susan. Steve, of course, panics into thinking Susan will now pe expecting a proposal herself.
DRESSED: The meaning of Jane's invite to a dinner date is misunderstood, and she shows up naked under her coat. When she arrives to a flat full of guests, she has to do some quick thinking (rather a lot for Jane, really!).
NAKED: Jeff's 30th birthday is coming, and his workmates have planned a surprise celebration for him. Again, invites are misunderstood and Jeff ends up stripping down naked in front of his workmates...and his parents!
THE END OF THE LINE: Steve and Susan both assume aliases to swap phone numbers with other people in a bar, but the hilarity ensues when they realize it's with each other!
Extras include more interviews with the cast and executive producer. What they really need is some outtakes, because I have a feeling they'd be hilarious! Worth every penny.
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le 29 octobre 2003
This 2nd-season package is a step up from the first, as this one has nine, as opposed to six, episodes, plus these have the added bonus of commentaries. (Both season sets are essential viewing though.) I noticed from watching this second-season disk set that the show was actually filmed and is presented in wide-screen, a nice treat for DVD owners, and something you don't see very often in the TV show world. I find the hefty $35 retail price a bit difficult to swallow, but fortunately is discounting it to $25, a bit more reasonable. I first started watching this on PBS back in the Spring 2003, and found myself laughing out loud through most of the show. Casting is as key to the chemistry of this show, as it is to Will & Grace and Seinfeld; the NBC Americanized version is PATHETIC, and I cannot even stomach watching it. (The writing has noticable changes as well, diminishing the comedy. For example, in the first episode of the original BBC series one of the male characters says everytime he tries to break up with Jane, she tricks him into continuing with the relationship. Last time he tried, Jane then told him she was wearing stockings. "In the three years we've been going out, she's never worn stockings before." Then adds, "And I begged!" In the Americanized NBC version he says more vulgarly that she wasn't wearing panties; more crude, and much less funny.) The guys all discuss things that ring true, but are so taboo that they've never been uttered before on the screen. Plus, there's no repulsive sentimentalism and lame attempts at drama that makes Friends so dreadfully awful. This original BBC series is laugh-out-loud funny and shouldn't be missed.
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le 27 septembre 2003
Coupling is comic genius. Despite the risque subject matter of practically every episode, the excellent script and brilliant acting and especially timing of the cast is superb. Ther isn't too much TV comedy that can withstand numerous viewings, but even after remembering most of the lines of every episode of Coupling, it still just cracks me up. Jack Davenport's (Pirates of the Caribbean and The Talented Mr Ripley) comic timing is incredible as Steve and Richard Coyle (Jeff) is..., well his character defies categorization, but Jeff is a unique and hilarious character because of Richard's remarkable abilities.
I watched the NBC pilot this week, and just cringed. It is the same story as the original BBC episode, with all of the humor sucked out, and with far, far less talented actors. The actor portraying Jeff is so badly cast, he destroys every line he is left with in the butchered script.
Consider taking some classic Monty Python sketches, editing them for an "American Audience" and having the lines delivered by a completely different set of actors who didn't understand the humor in the first place and you have the NBC version of Coupling.
Buy the Season 1 DVD to get acquainted with the characters and you will be hooked. I Cannot wait to get my 2nd season DVD. The 3rd season is airing intermittently on BBC America, and a 4th is still at the script stage. I can't wait.
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