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le 10 mars 2006
Every once in a while a detective series comes around which produces a bona fide star. The star: Pierce Brosnan-- The series: Remington Steele.
The premise of the series is this: A female detective, Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist, daughter of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) after studying and apprenticing in her chosen field, opens her own detective agency, only to find that no one takes a female detective seriously. So, she invents a fictional character for her agency--Remington Steele. Suddenly, she's getting more cases than she ever imagined. Then one day a mysterious stranger comes into her office looking for help on a case. Soon, he's introducing himself as Remington Steele to inquiring clients who come into the agency; and before long, he's taken the name as his own! So, throughout the first season, Remington and Laura along with her private investigator Murphy (James Read), take on cases of kidnappings, missing persons and murder. Janet DeMay plays the agency's secretary Bernice Foxe, who's always called "Wolf" by Remington.
After years of being on VHS, 20th Century Fox has finally released the entire first season of this show (22 episodes on 4 double-sided DVDs) and encased them in a boxed set of two very slim plastic cases. Well, it's about time! I loved this show when I saw it during it's original run and always through that Pierce Brosnan would make a great Bond (he would finally get the chance in 1995, in GoldenEye). The episodes in this set are extremely entertaining, full of humour, suspense and adventure! The picture and sound quality are excellent--no instances of grain are prevalent, the soundtrack is bold and vibrant and dialogue is easily heard. For the hearing impaired, it has subtitles in English and Spanish and is also closed captioned in English. While you're watching these episodes, look for appearances by some now well-known stars. People such as Paul Reiser, Sharon Stone, Keye Luke, Peter Scolari, B-movie actress Beverly Garland, Annie Potts, and Allyce Beasley. Cassandra Harris (Pierce's first wife) also makes an appearance in the first season.
It is interesting to note is that both Remington Steele(1982-1987) and The Saint (1962-1969) have something in common. What would that be, you ask? The answer is that both series had stars that were offered the role of James Bond during their series run. Roger Moore was offered it before Sean Connery, but couldn't accept as he was starring in The Saint. Pierce Brosnan lost the role to Timothy Dalton, when interest in Brosnan being Bond suddenly created interest in his cancelled series and it was unexpectedly renewed for 6 episodes in the form of two TV movies and a two-part episode, which aired in 1987.
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le 3 décembre 2005
I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Remington. The 2 DVDs are of stellar quality and the special features are both informative and interesting. (Now I understand why Murphy & Ms. Fox are not in the second season.) If you like Remington Steele, you will love this first season DVD!
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