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le 21 janvier 2011
First one received with broken handle either from manufacturer or during shipping. Amazon promptly sent replacement. Does well with what a kettle is supposed to do...boil water quickly and efficiently. For those of us concerned with BPA leaching from polycarbonate plastics there is only one piece of plastic (type unknown) that comes in contact with the boiled water...the attached scale filter frame inside the lid...but you can pour with the lid open to avoid any contact. There is a Max level line embossed inside the stainless steel housing...avoiding the use of a plastic water level indicator common on most other kettles but making it a bit more difficult to measure water volumes. The outside gets warm but not hot during use so the kettles' name is a bit misleading but otherwise it seems to be a solid product, especially when purchased on sale.
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le 30 juillet 2012
I wanted a kettle with minimum amount of plastic part and this is almost there. The lid was plastic and it's the only plastic part. Never bothered putting the lid on. I just put a saucer in place so that it will shut off when water boils. Another nice feature was that the double wall not only makes the body cool to touch, it also keep the water warm for a while. And it's fast.

On the other hand, double wall makes the body relatively huge compared with the maximum amount of water it can boil. It's a bid noisy when the water is about to boil.
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le 8 juillet 2011
Since it holds only 1.2 liters I expected it to be smaller and chose it for my extra-small counter top. However, it is a full-sized kettle that you are supposed to fill only about half way.Perhaps the larger overall size has to do with the "double wall. I also found the base has a smaller diameter than the kettle, giving a less than stable support and strange look. The kettle seems fine in other respects and certainly looks nice.The simple pouring spout and cover are well designed.
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le 19 mars 2013
1) no boiling water touches whatever small amount of plastic there is on this kettle. If you have reverse osmosis water filtering, you could remove the filter altogether. I assume the filter is useful if you allow the lime/calcium build up occur ( but I would rather clean the kettle regularly than leave the bits to build up anyway. Also no silicon in this kettle either.
2) looks nice

1) shortest electrical cord I have ever seen. If you worry about steam touching anything above this better have an extension cord...because this is really short.
2) maybe I have to get used to it, but I kinda miss the 1.7 Liter capacity of all the other kettles on the market

there are other plus and minuses but overall for me these are the main points.

There is a very very short list of pure stainless steel kettles out there...this one and the Precise Heat ( but you can't buy the PreciseHeatTM here in Canada and not feel robbed/shocked on how expensive it is compared to buying on Amazon USA.) so I opted for this one.

If you can live with boiling less can feel good about this purchase.
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le 22 mars 2012
I ordered this to replace my previous Hamilton Beach kettle, which lasted five years. I've had the new one for several months, and am very pleased with it. It looks great, boils quickly, and because it is insulated it stays hot longer. It isn't quite 'cool' to the touch - the outside does get warm - but isn't very hot and definitely wouldn't burn you. The kettle pours well, and I like the flip-up lid (though wish it had no plastic in contact with the steam...) and LOVE that the heating elements aren't exposed on the inside. Overall, a good buy.
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le 28 septembre 2012
I wanted to post a very preliminary observation since I just purchased this kettle and boiled the first couple of cups of water.

I agree with most other reviewers about the size being on the large side even though the volume is on the low side. However, I did not have any issues with the spout dripping as one reviewer mentioned. It looks like it is designed to prevent dripping so perhaps there has been an update in design? I also didn't find it a problem pouring as long as you keep the flow at a reasonable rate ie. keep the water in the little "grove" of the spout.

The removable flip lid is pretty cool and which gives easy access for cleaning. Time will tell if the hinge mechanism will last.

There was a comment about the plastic bar on the back of the kettle getting hot. I did not find this to be the case for me. It was warm but definitely not uncomfortably so.

One disappointment is that the "cool touch" exterior still gets quite warm. Definitely not painfully hot like my last steel kettle that was not double walled but still not "cool" by any stretch. Probably more due to my high expectation of the "cool touch" term than anything else.

I've had this kettle for about 3 years now and it's still going strong. Overfilled it a couple of times and water leaked through an opening inside and through the bottom of the kettle when it boiled. It didn't damage the kettle though.

The mesh filter on the lid ripped away within the first year but I don't think it was really doing much anyway.

Use vinegar to dissolve the mineral deposits once in a while at the bottom of the kettle is all the maintenance you need.

Highly recommended.
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le 2 février 2011
I have been looking for a kettle with a concealed heating element and no plastic in the body of the kettle. This is exactly what I wanted. Love its all stainless steel design. I even open the lid which has a mesh framed by plastic when I pour the hot water out to avoid the water touching any plastic material.
Even though it says it's a Double Walled Cool Touch Kettle, the wall is still hot, I am OK with it.
Overall it is a great design when you compare to the other kettles on the market.
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le 8 juillet 2012
I've had this kettle for about six months. Twice it was plugged in without water. Luckily for me, this abuse had no effect. Its performance remains outstanding. I particularly like one attribute. You do not have to boil more than a cupful at a time.
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le 31 mai 2011
My experience with Chinese-made appliances has been all negative. If they don't scale up, then the plug at the kettle burns out due to weak prongs and poor contact. So I was looking for something that would last. When I read the reviews before purchasing I thought this Hamilton Beach had the best ratings. I bought it from Amazon; it arrived quickly in the mail; and I'm pleased to say that it matches the reviews. No problems of any sort.
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le 2 septembre 2012
One of the few kettles available without plastic of any type touching the water being boiled. Which is potentially an advantage for those concerned about BPA leaching. Note that all-plastic kettles nearly always have a body made out of polypropylene (recycling symbol 5), which has no BPA concerns at all.

What's possibly concerning is the other plastics in various parts of a typical kettle such as in a water level window. Which may have no recycling symbols attached and be impossible to find out about from the manufacturers.

In addition to the interior, the (unknown plastic type) lid can easily swing out of the way when pouring. With these advantages, however, come some major disadvantages.

1) The biggest ongoing issue here is the cord. Like typical kettles, its a 3-prong (grounded) type. But...the cord with this model is far and away the shortest cord I have ever seen on any small appliance, ever. And I've bought (& looked into) many small appliances over the years.

Fully extended, the cord is only 61 cm (24 inches) long from the cordless kettle base to the end of the plug (excluding metal connectors). Certainly "short cords" are a safety feature of high wattage small appliances, but this is ridiculously short. Saves money for the manufacturer, but adds great inconvenience to the customer.

Plugged in to a typical kitchen wall outlet, the kettle base will not extend to the edge of a typical counter-top without the cord lifting off the counter. Making placement of the kettle potentially difficult and the cord interfering with anything else you may have sitting on the counter. As well as looking bad. Due to it being a grounded cord, gaining more length by using a short extension cord is not possible. Using a power bar to gain length adds yet more inconvenience.

2) The second disadvantage actually caused me to return the first kettle I received from Amazon for a replacement, which also had the same problem.

These kettles come with a paper sticker attached to the center-middle of the exterior (on one side). Its feature-advertising for when the kettle is sitting on the display shelf of a brick-and-mortar store. Once removed, this sticker leaves behind on the body a dark discoloration in the shape of it. A discoloration that's nearly impossible to remove.

This discoloration is not left-behind glue or anything similar. Its an actual stain. I tried removing the stain off the first kettle using (one after the other): lemon juice, dishwashing liquid, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, Fantastik and finally, full strength bleach. Nothing worked; the stain remained as-is. So I returned the kettle to Amazon for an exchange to see if a new one was similar or they had messed up the sticker application at the factory.

Unfortunately, the second kettle had the identical problem. But instead of removing the sticker before using the kettle, this time I let the exterior get hot first before removing (thinking it might mitigate the staining). Nope, a virtually identical stain once the sticker was removed.

So finally, not wanting to give up, I was able to completely remove the stain using "Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish" (aerosol can) that I bought. The only thing that worked.

Specialty stainless steel cleaner is an unnecessary expense if you don't have other such appliances to clean. But its apparently a necessity if you want to use this kettle without a big stain on the side of it.

3) Next is the plastic handle "body protection". For those people with more limited hand strength and/or mobility, their hands will typically rest against the plastic bar extending down the back of the kettle when picking it up by the handle. But doing so right after boiling is next to impossible.

Its very uncomfortable resting your hand against the plastic right after boiling; the bar is so thin that it provides little protection from the high heat transmitted through the "cool wall" metal. Which means those people noted above will need to use oven mitts.

4) Next is the limited capacity combined with the size. The typical electric kettle capacity is 1.7L. Less common is 1.5L. Then there is this one; like few others, its only 1.2L. Meaning you can't serve as much as you could with something larger. Its also a lot larger than you would expect for its size.

Certainly, like others have said, the "MAX" water line is far below the top of the kettle. But it warns in the owners manual that "if filled above the MAX fill line, water will be emitted through the steam vents at the base of the kettle during the boil cycle."

5) Next is the lid/spout design. Unlike most kettles, the lid doesn't provide a positive seal around its edges. As a result, when its boiling, steam not only comes out of the spout (as happens with most kettles) but also around the entire edges of the lid.

Which means you have to place the kettle fully away from underneath cupboards as well as away from paper you may have hanging on a fridge, etc. if you don't want steam damage/buildup. Combined with the incredibly short cord, its yet another inconvenience.

6) Finally is the spout itself, related to the above. The broad and shallow design is more for looks than functionality. It forces you to pour at particular angles to avoid drips or accidents. A different angle (usually more quickly) and/or do what you might do with a kettle with a better spout and you'll encounter boiling water going all over the place.

So many disadvantages in return for a kettle that has just stainless steel touching your boiled water. Up to you whether you can live with the tradeoffs or not.
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