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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 10 avril 2006
This film was shown three times at the Sarasota Film Festival although it was originally scheduled twice. It sold out so fast a special third screening was added due to popular demand. On Sunday April 9, 2006 I was fortunate enough to attend. Prior to the show, the Producer and Director were introduced who answered questions after the film. The most interesting questions and answers related to how the ideas and vision of this epic story were creatively conceived and made into reality within the setting of Iceland. It was a six year project from idea to finished product ... It was a huge hit at the Toronto Film Festival and was an equal smash at the Sarasota Film Festival. This film deserves wider distribution at theaters throughout the USA and internationally. It has all the qualities of a multimillion dollar multiple-award Oscar-winning film.

Gerard Butler is superbly cast as Beowulf, a hero and fighter from Greatland who comes to help the Danes fight a troll who has been wreaking havoc among them ... The King of the Danes provides a background of the troll's murderous activity but fails to tell the whole truth to Beowulf and his mighty warriors. The scenery in Iceland is breath-takingly beautiful - views of stark rocky mountains, steep icey cliffs, green hillsides and crashing waves against the shoreline. Although, the Danes were fierce fighters a certain fear had taken hold - they no longer trusted their own gods to support and protect them. They were fighting a troll who managed to elude their fiercest efforts ... The Danes succumbed to baptism and the beliefs of the after life as taught by wandering Christian monks. Amazingly, even the Danish King was baptized after falling deeply into depression and alcoholism while watching some of his best men die. Perhaps the soul of the King was tortured by some dark untold secret? Along with the obvious good versus evil aspects of the story, there are unexpected gems of hilarious moments with respect to the literary license used in the dialogue and deeper hidden meaning of the plot and story line.

After Beowulf met Selma the witch and had personally encountered the troll, he uncovered some bewildering aspects of the troll's character and behavior ... rather than seeing him as a wild animal, as described by the Danes, Beowulf noticed the troll carefully selected victims each of whom had harmed or threatened the troll. Beowulf and his warriors continue aiding the Danes but the battle lines are not drawn as straightly or clearly as before. The amazing curves and twists to the story line are very satisfying. The cinematography is outstanding. The battle and fight scenes are just as gruesome as required for the subject matter ... The most appealing aspect of this film is how the big bad monster is shown in a different light toward the end when the deeper hidden meaning of its behavior is better understood. While the film does deviate from the original adventurous epic poem, it has a universal appeal due to the engaging mannerisms of the characters and the gradual blossoming of the character of Grendel. The use of comedy helps balance the more gory gruesome scenes and their aftermath. Due to some adult content should not be viewed by anyone under age 18 without parental consent. Erika Borsos [pepper flower]
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le 20 novembre 2010
As most legends go, the story is quite intricate. I had never heard of it and found it quite interesting. The movie is somewhat gory, as a lot of other movies these days, but the acting takes you beyond this (mostly). I will definitely watch it again... and again!
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le 6 septembre 2006
If you are expecting a literal retelling of the epic, heroic poem, you won't get it from this movie. That's not a criticism on my part. I love the poem as it is, but Gunnarsson has consciously and cleverly stripped away the epic and the heroic from the film, and left us with the bare human elements. We can feel sympathy for Grendel in the film the way we cannot in the poem. Similarily, in the poem, Beowulf fights the good fight wihtout doubt about his rightness to do so. In the movie, Beowulf overtly denies his title "the hero". In a way, Gunnarsson mirrors the original author of the poem. He also took his material, a heroic epic of a pagan hero monster-killer, by then describing events already two centuries old, and converted it into an elegiaic epic acceptable to his now Christian audience. Gunnarsson has taken an 8th century dark ages tale and perhaps made it more accessible to a 21st century audience.
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le 1 novembre 2011
I thought this was an OK movie. It only deals with a portion of the Beowolf novel. It is certainly a good effort.
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le 15 novembre 2014
Gerard Butler was great as always. Very good story line.
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le 9 juillet 2015
5 étoile très satisfait
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le 2 juin 2006
This movie makes me embaressed to be both a Canadian and a fan of the fantasy genre. I can only assume that the author of the previous review was involved in the making of the film, due to the fact that I have never seen such over the top praise of such an amateurish, unfunny, boring, uninspired and ultimately uninteresting production. Yes the scenery is pretty, but believe me, that's all this movie has going for it. I'm done wasting any more effort on reviewing a movie which has already stolen 2 hours of my life. Take heed, you have been warned.
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