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The reason the original "Basic Instinct" stands out in my mind is not because of Sharon Stone's infamous interrogation scene, or the bit with the ice pick under the bed. I remember it because the 1992 film represented to me the end of an era defined by the O.J. Simpson trial, and today epitomized by the myriad "C.S.I." television shows. "Basic Instinct" begins with the murder of Johnny Boz, a rock and roll star who is stabbed with an ice pick in bed after a night of torrid sex. His girlfriend, Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), is a prime suspect but the police are unable to connect her with the crime. Now, keep in mind that at the murder scene the bed is fairly soaked with at least three different types of bodily fluids, of which one is not going to be the victim's. A good crime lab and the case is solved, but this was not that type of movie and its sequel is required to be in a similar vein.

The problem with making a sequel to "Basic Instinct" is that faced by any effort to have lightning strike twice. You have to do it again but do it differently, a fine line to try and walk. Actually, the script by Leora Barish ("Desperately Seeking Susan) and Henry Bean ("Internal Affairs") come up with something that does the job, the only problem is you are not aware of this until the movie is over and you have to rethink everything you have just seen. This creates a new problem, in that you actually have to watch this movie twice to determine how good it is because nobody is going to be able to judge retroactively if they pulled it off the first time you watch the film. This is a significant problem because there are people who are not going to want to see "Basic Instinct 2" once, let alone twice.

You watch this 2006 film knowing that you have take everything Catherine says and does as being part of her plan. The question is what is the plan. We are in London and Catherine is out enjoying her only peculiar brand of auto-erotica, when the guy ends up dead. Inspector Roy Washburn (David Thewlis) does not buy the innocent act and wants her head. The court orders her to undergo a psychological evaluation by Michael Glass (David Morrissey), who tells the world Catherine is suffering, for lack of a better word, from risk addiction and that things will only get worse. He means that she will end up dead, but of course it is other people who start ending up corpses, but not until the film requires us to suspend our disbelief to make the plot work. This is when Catherine becomes Michael's patient.

Now, this is wrong on so many levels, but without it the story is not going to work so you have to just shake your head and go on. Even knowing what she is much better than most, Michael becomes obsessed with her, while she toys with him in just about every way possible. He is doomed and it is just a question of how Catherine wants to bring him down, although you are right to pay attention to the nagging voice that tells you there has to be more to it than that. It is just that this guy has no chance against Catherine, even if he has Washburn and super shrink Milena Gardosh (Charlotte Rampling) on his side. This is mostly because of the characters and certainly because of the writing, but also because where as Michael Douglas could sort of catch up with Sharon Stone, I never believe that David Morrissey has a chance.

Stone looks great, and not just when she is naked, because what stands out in this performance is her eyes (I keep thinking "shark" eyes, but that might be underestimating the situation) and the way that makes her dirty talk such an effective sexual come on (it is not easy, but do not try it at home because I do not want to be responsible for disasters of an intimate nature). I was almost going to round up on "Basic Instinct 2," because I did go back and watch it a second time to see how it reads once you know what is "really" going on (and they were right not to go with the alternate ending because the more subtle approach preserves the requisite sense of ambiguity). On balance, I think the alternative reading works more than it does not, but there are a couple of points where they play it too far the other way to make sure we buy into it the way they want to set up the final revelation. Given the circumstances of the sequel, the script is certainly ambitious, but without a co-star on the same level as Stone in the final analysis "Basic Instinct 2" just cannot carry it off.
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"Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction" is a perfect example of why sequels should be outlawed. And especially sequels with returning actors, because they keep you from blotting the whole thing out of your memory.

Though it took many years to formulate and approve the whole thing, "Basic Instinct 2" ends up being a messy, halfhearted effort that smacks of "direct to video." Except, sadly, it wasn't -- instead, it has been one of the most atrocious box office disasters of 2006 thus far. Both creatively and financially.

Novelist Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone, still trying to revive her career) is doing 110 mph while having sex. They splash off a bridge, and her soccer star lover dies. In the aftermath, a court shrink (David Morrisey) tries to determine if she is sane or not -- and ends up with the sultry killer salivating for him as her next victim/lover. Take this as a warning, guys: Practice safe sex. By that, I mean don't date a woman with risk addiction.

Then the dead bodies start piling up around London, and it seems likely that Catherine is the culprit. Fascinated by Catherine, Glass soon becomes enmeshed as a murder suspect, and it means trouble for his ex wife and her boyfriend. Like Catherine's prior victims, the unwitting shrink is lured into a game of seduction and death.

The plot is too similar to the original for there to be many surprises in "Basic Instinct 2," although it's rather interesting to relocate the action to London. And as this movie starts to wind up with a shrink and a car crash, it seems that it might actually be worth watching while sober.

Then it deteriorates into a meandering waffle. Director Michael Caton-Jones obviously doesn't have the slightest idea where he should take this, so the movie just sort of ambles around aimlessly, getting more boring with every new scene. It almost resembles an arty French film.... except those don't have dialogue like "Don't take it so hard. Even Oedipus didn't see his mother coming." Ew.

Don't expect sexpottiness from Stone in this movie: her performance here consists mainly of posing. Trammel is supposed to be smart, charming and witty -- and Stone shows none of this here. You'd think she'd at least TRY to act in her "comeback." Yes, she looks good for her age. But to justify a movie about a sultry killer, the sultry killer has to be more than a pretty picture.

And David Morrisey gives a decent but pallid performance. The poor man looks utterly stupefied throughout the movie, and I can only assume that he's wondering how he signed on for this. A few other good actors -- Charlotte Rampling and Indira Varma among them -- appear, but don't really register.

"Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction" should have been light years better than it is, after a decade and a half of work on it. It may be a risk, but it's far from addicting.
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People that want their crime thrillers to end with an unambiguous conclusion will find this one a disappointment. There are three characters where varying degrees of plausible evidence are put forward indicating that they are a brutal serial killer. Sharon Stone returns as the sensual crime novelist Catherine Tramell, an author that seems to be writing personal nonfiction. She is also a genius at manipulating people, nearly everyone seems to be in awe of her, including the psychology professionals.
David Morrissey is Dr. Michael Glass, a widely respected criminal psychologist that is brought in to consult on Tramell’s involvement in a death where her own life was at risk. Finally, there is a relentless homicide detective that is determined to convict Tramell, yet his hands are not clean, a respected journalist wrote an expose describing him as a ruthless, dirty cop.
The bodies start piling up, yet logical motives for all of their deaths are advanced for all three of the major players. There is one death where the killing is viewed, but that one is only within the context of the overall complexity of the plot and does not resolve any of the primary crimes.
Sharon Stone is once again smoking hot as the ultimate seductress, there are a few scenes where I am sure millions of men have hit rewind several times to view them again and again. The key to enjoying this thriller is in the pondering of the sudden and subtle plot twists, where you think you know the killer, yet enough ambiguity is suddenly introduced so that you are now faced with the viewer equivalent of reasonable doubt. It is a great movie, the facial expressions of Dr. Glass in the last scene are a great use of facial expressions to hint at the truth.
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le 6 août 2006
This movie was plagued with problems from the development of the story to the cast. Sharon Stone was doubtful. Michael Douglas decided that he didn't want to be part of this sequel. The story is basically the same as the first movie. Who can forget the ice pick in the movie and the famous interrogation scene?

Risk Addiction would have been better with a stronger cast.

This movie needed Michael Douglas and a better story.

Then again, there was no need to make a sequel.
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le 14 juillet 2006
I have finally sat through this movie! Is it really that bad? Well, I must say I like how the movie looks! I enjoy the story! I even like it better than the first one! Sharon Stone, still a stunning woman in every way, once again in the role of the seductive femme fatal Catherine Tramell, looks tired & worn out in this movie. Why? Unfortunately, this whole fantasy falls apart because of that & the magic is gone!
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le 5 juillet 2007
Basic Instinct 2 is directed by Michael Caton-Jones (This Boy's Life, Rob Roy). The original film was in my eyes a lot better than most even gave it credit for, but that movie was handled by hit or miss Director Paul Verhoeven. History suggests that Caton-Jones has consistently directed more quality films than Verhoeven. So the sequel, on the surface anyway, doesn't seem like such a bad idea despite it happening so many years later. There was something incredibly inviting about Sharon Stone's Catherine Trammel in the first movie. It was edgy and well done, which is a sum combination superior to the individual strengths. Many have suggested that this is the worst film of 2006 and I try hard to approach a viewing indifferent to such assertions. After all, people hailed Crash as the best film of 2005 and I didn't buy into that hype. I'm going with the sheep here though. Basic Instinct 2 is the worst film of 2006.

In a nutshell, we reconvene in London with Catherine Trammel as the film's protagonist. Catherine is suspected of playing some role in the death of her boyfriend who was apparently drugged before a fatal car crash into the ocean. After being released from the authorities she decides to hook up with a psychiatrist named Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey). The mind games, sexual tension and murder ensue.

The most important reason this film failed critically and only lasted about two weeks in American theaters is because of Sharon Stone's performance. It really pains me to say that. It is easy to target her age her but that is a slightly misguided criticism. Sharon looks great for her late 40s in my opinion but her performance suggests a lack of confidence in her own ability to be as sexual as Trammel was in 1992. First of all, it's not an easy task to duplicate that performance in the first place, but Stone's failure might expose her as a one-dimensional actress recycling a role she is no longer capable of delivering. It's not her looks that are not sexy; it's her attitude and her paper thin performance that lacks the confidence to be even remotely compelling. I would even propose that her performance affected the confidence of everyone working this film. It's entirely possible that the success of the movie depended on Sharon Stone almost exclusively. Being a huge fan of the first movie, I sincerely wanted her to pull it off. To Stone's credit, the task at hand was a difficult one.

Basic Instinct 2 also doesn't contain nearly the edge that the first film did. That isn't to say it was necessary to do so. In fact, some aspects of the first film could certainly be deemed gratuitous and this sequel is notably missing the copious amounts of nudity that the first film contained, for better or worse. Perhaps there was a conscious effort to be less gratuitous and there is of course some merit to that attempt. But they failed in not being gratuitous as well because the dialogue in this sequel is at times unnecessarily filthy. In fact, it seemed like someone intentional added sexual references to the end of some sentences just for the hell of it. The dialogue was also laughably bad at times and the actors of course struggled in delivering some lines convincingly.

The other big flaw is the story in general. It's not horrible, it's just too convoluted and the movie really dragged at times. To be blunt, it was really boring for the most part and just didn't hook me in. I love to recognize notoriously bad films that hook me in just for being so poor; like Mac and Me, Dungeons and Dragons, Plan 9 From Outer Space or Manos, but Basic Instinct 2 isn't even as memorable. It's bad like Gigli or Death to Smoochy was bad. It is forgetfully bad. I almost had to take notes just to recall some key points for this review.
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le 4 juillet 2014
Excellent product, delivered as promised
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le 25 novembre 2014
thank you fast shipping verry good item
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It opens with a car crash

A Spyker's in the drink

Though similar to B.I. One

It has that sequel stink

Now set instead in London

The storyline's the same

Corpses pop up everywhere

As Catherine plays her game

Sharon's perfect for this role

A cold and b!tchy blonde

I'd kill to have that body

When I'm 40 and beyond

Morrisey's no Michael D.

He just ain't got the chops

Rampling's great as always

David T. pulls all the stops

A puzzling whodunit

About messing with the mind

Obsession can be murder

when the truth is hard to find

The plotline isn't perfect

but the movie is no bore

if you like $ex and violence

you couldn't ask for more

Rated 3.5 stars

Amanda Richards
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le 15 septembre 2006
Never seen the movie, just wondering whats with the poetic reveiw? It's good, but I am not really getting the actual opinion from the writer. MORE FEELING, LESS RHYMING. ;D J/K Knock yourself out. As for the movie, rent first before buying. Never seen this movie like I said. But I hate Extreme Drama's anyway. Good Luck.
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