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3,9 sur 5 étoiles
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le 13 avril 2002
The Pogues are still one of the only bands I've formes a personal relationship with (the kind whose songs pop into your head during important time sin your life) and this album is the third reason why, ranking just after "Rum..." and "...Grace with God" (both five star classics).
Here, a few bona-fide classics (USA, Down All the Days, Night Train to Lorca) are surrounded by some well-played but uninspired tracks that occasionally veer toward the insipid (My Blue Heaven, Cotton Fields).
Face it, The Pogues aren't exciting without Shane Mcgowan at the helm. Here, while they sound awful nice, the others that step to the mic seem to adopt a sort of pompous tone. I'll take drunken slobberiness before pomposity any day.
Whne McGowan uses his by now-deepening gurgle to good effect, in slow cadence, or in tandem with someone else, the band smokes. When he relinquishes it and passes out on the couch, the album loses steam (notable exception: Lorelei).
Still, certain powerful emotions (sadness, anger, fear, longing) are the themes that still drive what these guys were doing. When they pull it off, they created the best Irish-inflected-rock I've ever heard.
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le 23 février 2000
I never heard of this band until a friend recorded his CD of "Peace and Love" on tape and gave it to me. Being of Irish descent I fell in love with "Young Ned of the Hill," and then with the rest of the album. (It took me sometime to really appreciate MacGowan.) That was nearly ten years ago. I have since purchased virtually everyone of their albums, and I have seen The Pogues and Shane MacGowan perform live.
I have a fondness for "Peace and Love" because it was the first album of The Pogues that I heard, and reminds me of my days at my Bronx, NY university. But I do not believe it is one of their better efforts: MacGowan's voice was really going downhill and a large part of the album was written by other members of the band with mixed results. "White City" and "Misty Morning Albert Bridge" are classics, "Lorlelei" is sublime, and "Young Ned of the Hill" still remains one of my personal favorites; but the rest is just ok.
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le 3 mai 2001
The best Pogues LP is the classic IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE WITH GOD.
PEACE & LOVE is a strong second place.
I suppose the reason the Pogues never hit in the USA is that they are "too irish," just as the Kinks, the Jam, XTC and the Clash were "too English." Personally, I think it's because American radio programmers remain "too stupid" to recognize good music unless it's packaged and promoted to death.
I can listen to this CD all day long--I often do--with the exception of "Gridlock," a misplaced cop-show theme song, and "Blue Heaven," a piece of fluff that must have been slipped onto the master tape by mistake.
"Night Train To Lorca," "Misty Morning Albert Bridge" and the masterful "London You're A Lady" are among the best things the Pogues ever recorded.
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le 7 juillet 2003
Strangely enough, the mix of world music stew you find on this album works rather well, and at a time when they might have been stumped for new material, this is a better album than most critics will admit.
For one thing, Jem Finer and Andrew Rankin step up on the songwriting duties; "Misty Morning, Albert Bridge" is a classic Pogues tune that even Shane with his worsening voice could not ruin. Kirsty MacColl is back on board with the beautifully soaring "Lorelei". McGowan himself isn't up to par, but still shows some flashes of classic brilliance--"London, You're A Lady" being one of the best.
The Jazz, fusion, and samba beats might jar a few listeners, but it's a pretty cohesive album that slips under your skin in no time at all. Well worth owning, and far better than the follow-up "Hell's Ditch".
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le 28 avril 2002
I never saw "My Left Foot" but know all the words to "Down All the Days." "Peace and Love" is the perfect mix of fun (Boat Train), anger (Young Ned of the Hill), and droll humor (Down All the Days). If I were a drinker, I'd drink to this. "Misty Morning, Albert Bridge" is a classic, and along with "Lorelai" really tempers the record, making it digestible even for someone who may be listening to the Pogues for the first time and thinks Irish rock is limited to the Cranberries (are they rock?).
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le 20 janvier 2000
While this cd probably isn't their best one, Peace and Love has some unforgettable songs on it. My favorites: "Young Ned of the Hill", which truly does make me want to blow up Parliament, and two amazing ballads, "Misty Morning Albert Bridge" and "Lorelei." "Lorelei" will be played at my wedding. Pogue Mahone!
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le 1 décembre 1998
A great effort by the Pogues. A pretty good follow up to if i should fal from grace with god, the pogues begin to stray from the more traditional irish tunes and expand. a great disc.
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