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le 4 mai 2004
Errol Flynn is largely forgotten today by the average movie goer which is a shame since he was a genuine superstar of his time. His dazzling good looks and charm combined with a rakish off screen behavior catipulted him to quick success and gave fuel to detractors who claimed there was little talent behind the perfectly chisled facade.
In reality Flynn was a largely underrated actor shackled to many less than stellar productions by the studio's type casting. His talent for light comedy shows through brilliantly in Gentleman Jim this early forties biopic of Heavyweight Champion James J. Corbett. The movie is factual fluff when it comes to Corbett's personal life, but largely true to history concering his pugilistic efforts. Corbett did fight on barges and in rich sporting clubs to circumvent the public ban on the sport at the end of the nineteenth century.
Flynn's considerable atheticism adds further creedence to his excellent portrayl of the turn of the century fighter. An accomplished amateur boxer in his youth, Fylnn was widely regarded as the best tennis player in Hollywood and his fluid ring movmenents are a welcome relief to the bumbling screen fight efforts of Gable, Tracy and Cagney. The reserved post fight meeting of the defeated Sullivan, well
played by Ward Bond, and a restrained Flynn as his conquerer is quite touching and serves a further evidence of Flynn's acting skills.
Watching Gentleman Jim is great and entertaining fun and can only make one wish Flynn was given more oppurtunities to display a largely untapped talent.
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le 7 mai 2014
This is a Great Classic Movie that I only had seen twice over the many years and I have been looking for it for along time; A movie with the legendary Errol Flynn and a great cast; Alexis Smith, Ward Bond (Wagon Train) and Alan Hale (Father of the Skipper on Gilligan's Island), just to name a few. Great Boxing Movie based on the life of a Great Boxer.....

* I wasn't sure of how the quality would be seeing that it is a "used movie" but after watching the movie, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised as the quality of the movie is "Top Rated" and as for the Seller; (Thrift Books), "I would Highly Recommend Them", I received the movie on the day as promised and the quality excellent!
Many Thanks; Ron Miller
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le 8 décembre 2009
For old movie fans this is a great story.
A little Hollywood over the top but fast paced and interesting.
Old movie story lines seem to move along quicker and the dialog is faster than todays. It doesn't drag that's for sure.
Flynn is a charming actor and is very entertaining as Jim Corbet. The boxing scenes are well done and seem realistic.
The movie is a period piece so it doesn't seem dated.
A great old movie
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le 21 juin 2004
This is one Errol Flynns best movies and probably his most overlooked. He gives one of his best preformances in this film and never looked better. He played Jim Corbett with a wink and a smile and seemed to really be enjoying himself in this role.
Truly one of his best!
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le 26 février 2012
Thank you very much! Love this old film what a classic! Everything is in great condition. Not a big fan of the slim case, but other then that very happy!
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