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le 8 novembre 2011
I first watched Paprika several months ago and have been unable to shake this movie from my mind since. It really takes several viewings to fully appreciate and understand the language, complexity, and depth of this fantastic film. The story is about a group of psychiatrists who create a computer which can view, change and analyze dreams. One such machine gets stolen and eventually all of the dreams merge into one, as well as merging into reality. A Japanese soundtrack frames and complements the movie at perfect moments.

Although the story will be difficult to follow and understand and some scenes are visually intense, Paprika is an absolute jewel of a film in any language (French, Spanish, English or original Japanese). It is also relatively loyal to the original book, which is also worth reading.

I recommend watching this film in quiet environment with a large screen television to fully appreciate Paprika's splendour. I also recommend purchasing this movie in order to fully understand its feel and texture.
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le 15 septembre 2010
An absolutely wonderful experience, Paprika is intelligent, complicated, visually stunning and pleasing, and interesting.
The plot revolves around the theft of a device that allows people to enter people's dreams and help them make psychological breakthroughs. The thief begins using the device to plant dreams into people's minds, driving them into a suicidal frenzy. It's an interesting thiller/mystery.

The Blu-Ray looks fantastic, with a sharper picture(although I warn you its not immediately noticeable, cartoons aren't necessarily designed for Blu-Ray). The sound is fantastic, especially the haunting melody of "Parade". The menu is non-intrusive, allowing you to change languages/subtitles/scenes without needing to go back to the root menu. It really is a fantastically well programmed disc. The additional content is unimpressive, the usual docs and dvd commentaries, so if you're a stickler for extra content, you will be disappointed at the mostly empty blu-ray disc.
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Satoshi Kon is a director who never dealt with easy subjects. Paprika is another great example from the genius of this artist who was sadly gone waaaay too soon.

After Tokyo Godfathers, Millenium Actress and Perfect Blue, Paprika ends the otherwise promising career of a visionary director who had flair to execute the craziest ideas and make them "real" (at least in artwork form). His stories dealt with mature subjects, he had great dialogues, humor, characters, and more.

The man is, for my tastes, the Stanley Kubrick of anime. Not that their styles were similar (they are as far apart as they can be, in fact), but both men directed very few films in their careers (12-13 for Kubrick, 4 for Satoshi Kon). Yet both men marked their times with an imprint so incredible the effects will be felt in the many years to come.

Paprika is a great fast-paced, ingenious 90-minute long Inception (Inception was made in 2010, but Paprika was made in... 2006) with much much more imaginative and illogical dream sequences... which may loose the viewer at first, but a few viewings after, you can follow a bit easier and discover new things.

If you're an anime fan and have never heard about Satoshi Kon and his wonderful universe that defies imagination and conventions, please take a good look at this masterpiece and track down his other works... you might be surprised.
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le 9 octobre 2014
If you liked Inception, Chungking Express, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you must watch Paprika.
Based off an early 1990s manga, the story explores how we related to our memories, experiences and senses of selves.
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le 13 avril 2015
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