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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 8 février 2009
This is certainly not an easy workout. I strongly suggest you start at level 1 (I'm pretty fit, and started at level 2...sweated buckets, and gritted my teeth through the last 10 minutes). If you're short on workout time, but want a thorough, challenging workout, this is THE workout for you.
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le 20 février 2014
There are 3 levels to this. I got up to level 2 and injured myself, so haven't started level 3 yet. I think when I get back into it I will start at level 1 again and attempt a full 30 days in a row.
It is a very tough workout, but only 20 minutes so I can force myself to get through it. Had it been any longer I would not have stuck with it because it is not fun at all. She stresses that it is not fun, but works.
There are 2 women in the video, one doing the advanced and one doing a beginner level, but they are not much different. She says that we can look like them if we stick with it, I guess if we were all 6 feet tall and young that we maybe could : - )
She states that there are no substitute for jumping jacks, this is tough on the bladder for us that are a little older, I'm sure that some of you know what I am talking about.
It is also quite hard on the knees and shoulder joints.
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le 24 avril 2011
After reading many reviews I decided to make the purchase! My husband also decided to give this a try. We are both pretty out of shape. The first 2-3 days of each level are hard! But by the end of each level you get quite a bit better! The video says that if you do this every day for 30 days you can lose 20 pounds! I changed my eating and by the end of level 1 I had lost 6 pounds! So, the statement could be true! It's hard to do this every single day (depending on what your work schedule is like) and so we haven't been able to 'stick to it'. But we do it everyday that we can. And we do enjoy it! It's a great go to video if you want to work out in the house! Jillian knows how to work you out. The only thing is (for me) I have bad knees and she does a LOT of have to modify if you don't want to kill your knees! Anyhow...highly recommend the DVD! It was a good purchase!
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le 2 février 2012
I definitely like this DVD. A 30 minute work-out doesn't seem so bad and you don't even have to go to the gym! You're half way done before you know it and once your half way done you might as well finish! There are 3 levels of difficulty and within each level you can follow the beginner or advanced workout so no matter what level you are there is something for you.
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le 24 mai 2015
This DVD was a miracle for me when I stumbled across it 3 years ago. I was 197 pounds (on a 5'1 frame!!) and had finally decided I had to do something about it immediately. The motivation was not easy to come by... I had tried joining the gym only to be frustrated by rising numbers on the scale. I had tried different workout programs, but all of them required much more coordination and a higher level of fitness than I was at, which left me depressed and feeling pretty hopeless about my ability to ever lose weight. When I popped this DVD in I was excited to be trying something new, but already had visions of failure in my head based on my prior experiences.
With the fitness level I was at, I won't lie, the 1st video made me WORK. However knowing that it was only 20 minutes helped me to push through and I completed the 1st workout feeling so proud of myself, I finally felt confident that I might be able to lose the weight. I used this DVD everyday for 30 days straight. I tried to follow the recommendations for moving up the levels, however I spent half a week longer on level 1 than I wanted to, simply because I still wasn't quite fit enough for level 2 yet.
What really thrilled me was how quickly the results began to show. In a week I could see some great changes in my waist and some really nice toning (finally!!!) in my arms and legs. This was enough to push me through the full month. I lost 9 pounds in that month, and another 51 over the following year and a half.
I honestly don't know if I would have been able to increase my fitness level enough to lose some serious weight without this DVD. The market is flush with workout programs, but if you are seriously overweight and struggle to do basic exercises it can be a real problem finding a program you are fit enough to even make it through. I did not experience this problem at all with 30-day shred. The easy modifications that Jillian has made available helped a lot, and by the end I was starting to work toward a lot of the advanced modifications. I have recommended and given this DVD to so many of my friends. It may only have helped me kick 9 pounds, but I credit it with the bulk of my weight loss success, simply for being the first program to make me realize I really could do it!
I HIGHLY recommend!!!!
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le 1 juin 2011
Okay, here's a review from a busy young mom of 3 under 4 who isn't very good at keeping up with workouts. I purchased the 30 Day Shred on the advice of my mom, who was able two stick with it for half a year now and I can SEE the difference in her. She only does it 3 times a week. I thought, if my 50-year-old mom can do it, so can I. The price and the short workout time appealed to me. I tried it and after two weeks, I couldn't really see a change in my body (yet), but... I realized suddenly that my back pain was GONE. I've had lower back pain for a few years now and never found a solution to it. It had gotten so bad that I couldn't even lie on my stomach for 5 minutes, because it would leave my back painful and stiff for the rest of the day. Now I could SLEEP on my stomach for as long as I wanted, and feel fine.

Conclusion: Maybe you won't look like Jillian after 30 days, but you'll definitely notice a difference in your body's flexibility and endurance. It's worth it.
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le 17 avril 2014
Such a great, short workout! It sure does leaves me sweating. I cant say I've lost any pounds, simply because I am not regular at it. I just decide to squeeze it in when ever I can and fell good about burining those calories. I'm dure, if I strictly followed teh program, I would see a considerable difference in my body and weight
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4 sur 5 personnes ont trouvé le commentaire suivant utile
le 30 mars 2010
Wow. These workouts are intense! I'm in fairly decent shape, making Level 1 just challenging enough, but whew, Level 2 sure makes me sweat! I've been on Level 2 for about a week and a half - not yet strong enough to attempt Level 3. You don't need anything more than a set of dumbbells and a mat - and I love that!

I do find it annoying, however, that you can't fast forward over the intro. You're supposed to do the exercises daily, and I'm so sick of watching the intro! It's boring, and brings nothing to the workout.

That said, the workout is great. Jillian is tough, and surprisingly, a little funny. She's encouraging, and I think she's really getting me results. Love the circuit-style! I also like that one of her "students" modifies the moves to create a lower impact option. The music is nothing special - just your run of the mill dance beat - but that suits me just fine. I'm working and breathing so hard within the first 5 minutes that I'm not even listening to the music anymore!
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4 sur 5 personnes ont trouvé le commentaire suivant utile
le 1 mars 2010
This DVD is great and I definitely see results. I'm on my last couple days of Level 3 and my stomach is looking slim, my arms are a lot more toned and my legs are not only stronger but you can see huge definition in the quad muscle! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to shred some inches off their body. You won't see a huge difference on the scale as the whole point of this video is to turn that extra fat into muscle (which is heavier), but you will definitely notice the difference in the way you look at the end of the program. Don't bother doing this if you aren't going to give 100% dedication to it. It's hard and you have to push yourself the whole 30 days through. The point is to do this video every day, so make sure you are self disciplined otherwise you won't see the results. You also have to remember there is no "magic video" and you aren't going to see huge results the first couple of weeks. It's the second half of the program that I really noticed change. Jillian Michaels is amazing! Definitely going to continue using these workouts even after the 30 days, along with trying out some other Jillian videos. Try this one out for sure ladies!
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8 sur 10 personnes ont trouvé le commentaire suivant utile
le 9 janvier 2010
Jillian Michaels truly delivers with this DVD. No other workout DVD has made me work this hard. This DVD is perfect especially for those that are short on time. If you can't take 20-30 min in a day to work out or at least few times a week, you really are not motivated to work out. Other DVDs may offer short work outs as well, but they don't work you as hard as it is necessary to achieve good results. In addition, this work out can be used by virtually anyone since she gives you different options. I found Level 1 and 2 to not be too far apart in terms of difficulty but Level 3 one definitely notices the difference. Let's put it this way - you are doing the cardio portion with weights in your hands.

Having said that, this DVD is also not a miracle formula since you are not going to get her body from simply doing this DVD every day. You need to do more cardio at the gym to burn the fat and you have to follow a healthy diet. The message here is though is that you don't need to kill yourself and spend hours at the gym to achieve a nice physique. I think that is part of the reason that people give up altogether because they think they have to spend 1 -2 hours at the gym every day. This DVD is great for those days that you are running short on time and can't get to the gym. You can still get your work out in and not feel tempted to give up altogether. This DVD will be a very good supplementary tool for me.
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