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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 28 juillet 2009
For those of you who don't want to read this lengthy review: the game is terrific, the minigames are outstanding, but if you want to play this with two or more people, you'll need to shell out quite a bit of money for additional MotionPlus addons.

Wii Sports Resort (hereafter WSR) takes the Wii Sports (WS) franchise to the next logical level. Whereas WS has five games, WSR has 12. Moreover, there are different modes in each of these twelve games. For example, the first game on the menu, Sword Play, there are three modes: a one-on-one spar against an opponent; a competition to slice various objects quicker than your opponent; and an all-out rampage against twenty or so opponents across ten different levels. So while Sword Play is ostensibly only one game, in reality there are three different things you can do with this single game.

Now, take that and extend it to the other games in the package. The Frisbee game has both Frisbee catch with a dog and Frisbee Golf. WSR Golf has eighteen holes, as opposed to WS's version with only nine holes. Include with these archery, kayaking, a new version of bowling, and a half-dozen more, and you've got a lot of games for the whole family.

One of the neat additions to the WSR version of Bowling is that it no longer requires holding down the B button in order to throw the ball. My three-year-old daughter struggles a lot with this in the original version, and this tiny little addition has really opened up the entire game for her. She'll be able to handle the coordination of swinging the Wii Remote and releasing the B button at the right time, but for now she's having *fun* -- and isn't that what the Wii is all about?

The game is completely appropriate for all ages. Sword Play, the most "violent" game of the bunch, has absolutely no blood and features players decked out in protective gear. Think competitive kendo instead of Kill Bill. Not only is there no violence, but these games are approachable for players of all ages, from preschool up.

With all of this fun, however, comes a cost -- literally. The Wii system comes with one remote and one nunchuk. Wii Sports Resort comes with one MotionPlus accessory, required for the game. If that's all you have, you'll have a great time by yourself. For each additional player that wants to play the game, you'll need an additional Wii Remote and MotionPlus accessory, plus a Nunchuk for some of the games. The cost per player is fairly high, unless you already have a set of Wii Remotes and Nunchuks.

Is it worth it? For me and my family, it was worth buying an additional MotionPlus addon so that two of us could play at the same time. Honestly, two players at the same time is more than enough; you can share remotes in some games (bowling, golf, archery), and some of the better games only support two simultaneous players (table tennis and sword play come to mind).

In short: Wii Sports Resort is a fun game for the whole family and well worth your time. However, watch out for those extra costs.
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le 30 juillet 2009
They call the resort island "Wuhu." Say it out loud. Woo Hoo!! That's what this game is. Woo Hoo fun! The water sports make you feel like you're actually out in the drink. Water droplets even splash back against the "camera" during the events. The characters feel weighted and true when bobbing over the waves. The flyover makes your stomach drop, as if you're truly performing stunts in a plane. Love the 100 pin bowling. I was not expecting to get into Frisbee Golf, but it's very addictive! Go down the list of games. Everything about it is absolutely enjoyable, and there's something for everyone, every skill level.

Only a couple of gripes. One - some events are not available unless you have two players, and two controllers (each with a Motion Plus dongle), and Two - that Motion Plus dongle is not compatible with wireless nunchuks. There are little plastic foot-nodes on the bottom of the device that will not allow for the clipping on of a wireless nunchuk dongle. I suppose one could file the nodes down flat to make space for it, but then you're damaging the thing. If it stopped working, they'd surely say it was because you filed off the plastic nodes. The only saving grace is that the sports that use the nunchuk do not require such elaborate hand motions as to suffer with the old fashioned wired nunchuk.

I give this one a 9.5. An outstanding entry in the Wii catalogue library.
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le 11 août 2009
This is one of those games that the kids (ages 5 and 6) love and can play at a level that is challenging for them without getting too frustrated and that the parents actually want to play with them. My 5 year old was thrilled when he shot all of my balloons in the dog fight game! I've even pulled out Wii Sports Resort after the kids go to bed and played without them a few nights.
My only complaint is that some of the games require you to buy an additional motion plus add on. I do actually notice that the remotes are a lot more accurate with them, but it is an added expense that I wasn't anticipating when I pre-ordered the game. Overall I'd say the whole family is definately getting enough play out of the game to justify the purchase though.
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Wii Sports as you probably know is the game that comes with the Nintendo Wii console when you buy it, seeing how much people enjoyed playing Wii sports Nintendo wanted to capitalize on its success by releasing another Wii Sports game. There`s certainly nothing wrong with that approach because this new Wii Sports Resort improves on the original game in more ways than one. In Resort you can select from 12 sports games to play, including 10 new games like Basketball and Frisbee or the improved Bowling and Golfing games. You also get a Wii-MotionPlus that goes on your Wiimote with the game, you will probably want to pick up another or a few more depending on how many Wiimotes you have but I`ll tell you right away you can`t play the game without it. If you think you`ve played this game before because you played Wii Sports think again, it`s not the same as you play different sports and each game has different controls and there are more games here than Wii Sports had.

The new games are Table Tennis, Cycling, Sky-Diving, Basketball, Canoeing, Frisbee, Swordplay, Archery, Wakeboard and power cruising. All make great use of the MotionPlus on the Wiimote which is a good thing, you don`t feel like you paid for something extra that won`t get used with this game. My favorites out of these mini-games as I call them are Basketball, Bowling, Swordplay and Cycling, there are so great games and some so-so games but everyone has their favorites out of the selection. I spent many hours playing Wii Sports Resort and it`s always a challenge to me! One thing I really liked is that in this Wii Sports once you`ve played each games you can unlock other categories for the same game ex; after playing bowling you unlock the 100 pins bowling and so on, there is a lot to unlock for these 12 game they will keep you busy for a while before you complete everything.

The MotionPlus was first introduced with Wii Sports Resort, I have to say it works very well and it does make the Wiimote a more precise controller and it`s very interesting. My only problem with it is that they get you to buy this great game with the MotionPlus, you are likely to get more of those for your controllers at around $20 each only to realize that you can only use MotionPlus for a few games including Wii Sports Resort. I wish that more Wii games could make use of it because unless I play Resort or one of the very few games (which are mostly sports) using the MotionPlus it`s practically collecting dust. MotionPlus is definitely fun so it`s unfortunate that there are not many games supporting it.

There are many great Wii games out there (even if there are many not so great games as well!) and I feel that this is one of those great games. Is it better than the original? Well I kinda miss boxing and tennis from Wii Sports to be honest (they will keep me playing this game) and wish that Nintendo would have come up with improved version like they did for bowling on Wii Sports Resort but overall I think it`s a better game than Wii Sports is. It`s another hit for Nintendo`s Wii, another great game that can be played by the whole family that is non-violent, entertaining an provides exercise (some game make you work more than others but it`s not as intense as one of the fitness game for the Wii but it still makes you move!) what more could you ask? I would say it`s an improvement on the original though there wasn`t much to improve in the first place, if you have a Wii strongly consider getting this for your game collection it will be worth it and hours will be spent playing it which is not a bad thing because of the exercise it gives you! 5 stars all the way!
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le 26 janvier 2010
Everyone in my family loves this game! It provided a lot of different choices that appealed to virtually anyone of any age.

There's sword fighting, basketball, bowling, archery, several water sports, ping pong, golf, sky diving, and frisbee. Sword fighting, Sky diving, and Frisbee are among my fave (I love the little doggie!). If you like golf, definitely try the Frisbee golf, it's a spectacular twist on an traditional sport.

My four year old nephew was amazing in Sword Fighting, he went further in the game than anyone else in the family! My brother enjoyed ping pong, and my father loved archery.

Stargate fans will get a kick out of the Power Cruising game (jet ski), the rings pop up from under water and they look very similar to the Stargate from the TV series. You can feel the impact of the waves in the Wii remote as you ride over them. The water scenes looked fantastic, the rippling motion looked real and you could literally feel the splashes.

The only disadvantage is that there were couple of games (ie: airplane duel) that required two Wii remotes outfitted with the MotionPlus. Since we only have one remote, several games were locked out which we thought was rather unfair.

We highly recommend this game, it's worth it. It's a great way to spend time with the family and have a lot of fun!
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le 12 décembre 2011
This game requires the Motion Plus controller add-on for older Wii's but will be okay in newer Wii's which have the Plus component built in the controller. The game normally ships with the Plus controller in the box, but is not required if the Wii is already fitted with Plus.

These are the games included with my 2 cents:

Swordplay - great fun, lots of bashing - fun stops when you challenge someone who has great wrist action and does not need to swing wildly like I do...

Wakeboarding - fun to rack up the points with air tricks, I got bored after a while...

Frisbee - this is a target practice type game...with a dog...

Archery - I like the higher skill levels - neat game.

Basketball - didn't play much.

Table Tennis - fun when playing with a good player.

Golf - basic but fun.

Bowling - This has been upgraded since the version I have, you can bowl way more than 10 pins...!

Power Cruising - similar to wake boarding but with Jet ski's, I think...can't remember now.

Canoeing - yeah... race around a course feverishly waving your arms left then right, then left, left, left, crap I'm going in circles...

Cycling - work those arms - can get boring, but is challenging with multiple players.

Air Sports - I like this one, I like flying around the island finding the markers or shooting balloons.

Overall a fun game that puts the focus on building different skills in each game rather than repeating the same skill, so it's fun for each person who may be good in one game but not so great in another.
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le 8 janvier 2010
It's amazing how often Nintendo can keep milking the "sports related" games for the Wii, but they seem to have pulled off another winner here. The clever tactic here is to bundle the games with the new Wii Motion Plus add-on. The disc comes with about a dozen different games, so you certainly get your money's worth on a $/game basis. I've tried only a few of the games and the new motion plus device is definitely an improvement--your movements are reflected much more realistically and consequently the games are more fun to play. They are addictive enough that I went out and bought a second motion plus device for my other controller so that two people can play at once. As with all Nintendo-created Wii games, they are suitable for all ages. Even the sword fighting game only has you knocking your opponent into the water at its most extreme. The graphics are as simplistic and cartoonish as the original sports games, but then I think that's part of the appeal of the Wii.

"Wii Sports Resort" is a virtual must have for everyone who enjoys their Wii. The price, which includes a Wii Motion Plus add-on, is reasonable (especially if you can catch it on sale for $49 at Amazon). The only drawback is that you'll soon find yourself shelling out another $20-$25 for a second Will Motion Plus for your other controller.
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le 14 mars 2010
I'm new to Wii. It never occurred to me that the discs could get scratched and become non playable. Luckily, I took this disc to my local Nintendo office...they examined it declared it unplayable and GAVE me a new copy. Buyers beware of buying games used. Nintendo customer service was excellent. The game itself is tons of fun for adults and children.
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le 17 février 2010
I had played Wii Sports Resort at my parent's house a few times before I actually bought it. I like it becasue you are getting off the couch and getting exercise without even noticing. The games are fun and very entertaining. There are a few games on it that I probably will never play, but for the most part I have tried all of them and like every combo pack game, I have favourites. I would tell others to buy this game, the only catch is that if you want more then one person to play you either have to keep passing the remote or go out and buy another motion plus. I found that the motion pluses are a little pricy considering what you already have to shell out for this game. I do plan to get another motion plus because like the wii balance board I'm sure it will be used in another Wii game in the future.
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le 1 septembre 2009
We love it. Whenever we are recieving people over or even just us the family, everybody is having a good time. It's a lot of laughs. Even alone It's great you get to improove coordination and your patience.
It's great.
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