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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 25 juin 2004
Does anyone else think that this film was excellently written and crafted -- and even acted by both stars, but that the chemistry was just off? Either lead could have made this work without the other -- but they would have been very different -- and better -- films. Together? Not the best. Enjoyable, but overall a letdown.
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le 18 août 2007
this is a hard movie to review.i mean,it has a unique premise which i
won't reveal here.aside from it's unique premise,however,i found the
movie hard to follow and much to slow and's also much too
methodical for my seems to dwell too long on certain scenes
or situations.the movie is also very bizarre at times.this is no summer
popcorn's definitely deep.too deep for me. i guess it's sort
of a lesson that there's just some things you shouldn't mess with as
there may be unexpected repercussions.i found the movie on the cusp of
being compelling,just enough to keep watching to the end.the acting in
the movie is good.Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet play the two lead
characters.the supporting cast is also strong.this movie won't make you
feel uplifted,so if you're feeling down,you might want to hold off on
this movie.all things considered,the most i can give Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind" is a 2.5/5.
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