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3,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 25 novembre 2009
I was thrilled when the Battlestar guys announced they were releasing another movie. You can never have too much BSG. But I wasn't expecting it to be too good. I was never a Cavil fan, and I doubted that the Cylons even had a plan for most of the show. But I found that I really, really enjoyed this movie. Cavil was at times hilarious, but always sinister. And "the plan" was surprisingly interesting. I really enjoyed the revelations about how they manipulated Boomer and that the story behind the Six that came and disproved the reliability of Baltar's Cylon detector.
I kinda missed Lucy Lawless, but they made up for it by giving Simon a real story.
All in all I was surprised at how much info we were given, and how much I didn't know. Dean Stockwell did an amazing job.
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There are aspects to the new Galactica movie, The Plan, that will blow your fanboy (and fangirl) minds.

Dean Stockwell, aka #1, aka John Cavil is the star here. The story follows two copies of #1 from just before the destruction of the colonies to the point where he's discovered aboard Galactica and spaced through an airlock. The journey that these two #1's take and the conclusions that they come to could not be more different. It is a credit to the enormous acting talents of Stockwell that the differences in the two Cavil's is so subtle, but yet miles apart. One shows surprising tenderness, the other cruelty -- but are the men all that different?

Rick Worthy as #4, aka Simon finally gets a detailed looksee as well, and the journey this character takes is also unexpected. Perhaps the Cylon plan was not as well thought out as they all believed. Worthy shows previously untapped (on this show, anyway) talents and it makes you wish the character was utilized better on the show.

Some fans complained, "Well, we knew all this stuff already." That's a drastic oversimplification. Of course not too many new wrinkles would be introduced (though there are some, and many questions answered), let's not forget this show has been over for months. The wrinkles here are mostly seen in a new light.

Other characters given a detailed investigation are Ellen Tigh, Galen Tyrol, and Samuel Anders. "This has happened before..."

Bottom line is, The Plan is an enjoyable 2 hours for Galactica fans, and will be completely incomprehensible to non-fans. Also, it's crucial that if you haven't seen the entire series, watch this last. You don't want to spoil any knowledge for yourself of the Final Five Cylons, who are all critical characters here. You'll enjoy seeing these situations from previously unknown vantage points. You'll also enjoy seeing character traits you didn't know existed, performed by some of the best actors in the business.

Enjoy. Five stars.
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le 28 octobre 2009
Again, reflecting many people's posts here, I am a big BSG fan too.

Was I dying to see The Plan? You betcha.

Was I happy with the thing? Frak no.

The whole thing can be reduced to one single word really: useless. Utterly, completely, amazingly useless.

It is pretty much a collection of flashbacks tied together. Especially the first hour. And unlike everything else in the series, it actually is very, very boring. Not only because we know what happens, but simply because of the way it is edited. Its pace is horrible, and so unlike any other episode of the show. It really is very Un-BSG.

It does present more of the Cylon perspective about the whole deal, but that does not make it any just shows you that.

Sad. I'd say "stay away", but I know you won't, because if you are a BSG fan, you will make yourself watch this. And you will suffer.
But hey, I know, we're only human! ;)
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le 12 décembre 2009
A good story that tells us the point of view of the Cylons. It ties some loose end. Great realisation, i'm going to miss the cast and the series. The Best of the century so far in Sci-Fi.
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le 9 juin 2014
Only Flaw I see right off the bat is that this a spoiler for series. So buy series first then this one. Also recommend Blood and Chrome, Caprica, Caprica 1.0, Caprica 1.5, Battlestar
Gallactica Original Series, and Battllestar Gallactica 1980 Series. The Plan may seem to around allot but if you have seen 2003 Gallactica series you'll understand. I enjoyed this movie and all the other titles I mentioned so these are must buys every one of them.
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le 30 décembre 2011
This movie was a bit strange. It is more like an episode than a movie. It seems to provide us with more insight to fill in the gaps that the TV Series didn't cover. I thought it was nice to see the gaps filled in, but it's not much of a movie, thus giving it 4 stars. But it arrived quickly from Amazon which was great, even with all the Christmas holiday rush going on.
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le 20 avril 2013
Thanks again for the great price and service, guys. Everything was on time and in perfect order. Everything was first class!
It lacked the spirit and vision of the series, though. Didn't really bring nothing new to the tapestry, I'm sorry to report. But still, it's a must-have for all the fans of the series - which I am -.
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le 14 mai 2011
This made-for-tv movie would thrill any fan of the modern Battlestar Galactica series. It answers some questions introduced in the series, as well as provides a new perspective on the designation of Cylons as villains. I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars for the movie and as much as 5 stars for the bonus material! So say we all!
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le 25 décembre 2009
This looked like they gathered clips from the cutting room floor and pasted them together to make a "new" story. Nothing new here. It felt like a cash grab.If you hadn't seen Galactica before it made no sense and if you were a fan there was nothing new or exciting about it. Very disappointing.
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2 sur 3 personnes ont trouvé le commentaire suivant utile
For the most part, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan satisfies many expectations while simultaneously disappointing in other areas. Prior to its release, fans had been given some general idea as to what this two-hour special would be about: that it would somehow concern the five final cylons and the participation of the cylons designated as Number One -- or the "Brother Cavils" -- in the destruction of the twelve colonies of man as seen in the inaugural miniseries at the start of Battlestar Galactica: Season One.

The Final Five are, indeed, very much present and accounted for. As viewers, we are treated to a much more graphic nuclear apocalypse than we'd seen before, portrayed with greater scope as we witness glimpses of the destruction on each of the twelve colonies. We learn a great deal more about the "Brother Cavils" and their role in the attack and subsequent events. Most gratifyingly, we finally bond with a Number Four cylon -- a "Simon" model -- as it (or rather, he) struggles to reconcile his malevolent machine nature with his newfound love for his very human family. Likewise, Samuel Anders' backstory is fleshed out in greater detail. All to the good, as they say.

Not so good is the exclusion of a more in-depth portrayal of the Final Five's history and their role in cylon culture; a tantalizing plot point mentioned during the series that remains unexplored here. Likewise, the inclusion of generous quantities of stock footage from previous episodes mainly serves to make this film a rather tedious watch for those of us who've seen all this before, however well integrated it may be. Overall, it's as close to a "collection of clips" episode as this series has ever come; something that cannot be allowed to occur again if the series is ever to be revisited in future installments. Furthermore, the Region 1 disc release represents yet another missed opportunity to include the 10-part "The Face of the Enemy" Web shorts in either Blu-ray or DVD format.

As it stands, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is a fitfully satisfying and somewhat uneven addition to the reimagined show's cannon. Consider it as a coda to Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series and essential viewing for completists only.
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