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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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I was on a budget and needed to replace a pair of headphones while I was overseas and after reading some positive reviews I decided to give the Sony MDR ZX100 a chance. Plus I liked the simple, stylish look they have and I find that headphones look very good in white and seem solid. So far I'm surprised, the sound is clear and good and they provide adequate sound isolation so that when I listen to music with those headphones on, I'm in my own little world. When I got outside or in the streets, surrounded by loud noises the isolation is not too fantastic. The cushions are comfortable and unless I leave them on for hours, they fit well, aren't heavy and don't hurt like some tend to. They're on the light side and in general they feel good and are adjustable to accommodate just about anyone. I like the red line that indicates the right ear it's a neat little way of knowing what side to put them on without having to look for the L or R letters. A little detail but a plus in my book. They store well, the ear parts are moveable and can be move to the side for easy storage. The bass sound is something many headphones struggle with, even some the high end ones. This model is no exception but it's not the worst I heard, I can distinguish bass unlike some of my other headphones where the bass is nonexistent.

Let's be realistic, those are cheap headphones and they aren't perfect and won't provide the best sound (for some reason most of the headphones I own have problem with the bass sound) but for this price you do however get a very good product. In fact, they're just as good and in some cases better than some of the more expensive headphones I have owned in the past. As a whole I like what I'm hearing from these and for the price I wasn't expecting much but they're surprisingly good. Unless you're an expert in headphones (if you are an expert or typically go for higher-end ones, you won't be impressed by these) I think you could do worse than give these a try, especially if money is tight. Otherwise, if you're not on budget then you should definitely go for a higher quality product. All in all, as far as cheap headphones go, these are very good for less than $20. 4/5 stars.
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le 17 septembre 2012
Seriously, for its price. You get much more out of these headphones. They are not noise canceling, but they sound good and has a good base for basic headphones. Those over-ear headphones feel a bit uncomfortable after 1 hour straight of use, but is easily fixed by just taking them out for 20 seconds. They are really good for someone who is looking for cheap, and affordable good sound quality. I recommend this product.
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le 25 juillet 2014
"Sony MDR-ZX100 Studio Monitor Stereo Headphones" sold by Sony

I own the "Sony MDR-ZX100 Studio Monitor Stereo Headphones" for about 2 weeks now, and as of now I really like the headphones, the headphones feels great on your ears; this is due to the premium feel of the cushions. These headphones got me 2-3 hours of listening hours, without having my ears feel sore, this is not so great if your looking to get more than 3 hours of listening time. The real fear I had when purchasing these headphones were the wires; the wires on most headphones are cheap, and thin causing it to pull apart easily, luckily the wires on these Sony headphones are not so cheap, they are more thicker than the average $20 headphones, in fact I believe that with great care this headphone can last you anywhere from a year or two... if used with care!. If your looking for a great headphone but low costing price, then this is the headphone for you, if your just looking for a great headphone and not too concern for the price then I say check something else out like "Beats by dr.dre".

- Feels great for it's price
- Thicker wire than most headphones for it's price
- Can be used for a long time if taken with care

- If your hoping your ears wont sore out for a few hours than you won't be too happy. Ears will sore out after the 2-3 hour time.
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le 16 avril 2013
For the price they are pretty good headphones.These are comparable to $40 or $50 ones you would get at walmart or Staples. They DO NOT cancel much noise at all. I thought that because they're big over the ears that it would muffle out some sound but if someone's in the room talking you can hear them clearly. The headphones have a nice sound to them, no static, the wire is good and thick so there's no breakage there. It's a nice quality overall you can tell that they're sturdy. These will last a long time if you don't abuse them. I also love the bright white!
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le 20 novembre 2013
I was very pleased to find these headphones here and at the price I paid for them. I looked all over the place and this is a great deal.

The price here is less than the refurbished ones and they were delivered to my door.

These are for a friend who has 2 hearing aids and needed a good quality over the ear headphone but because he's in the hospital price was a major concern because if they were stolen it wouldn't be a great loss.

I looked at several places and Amazon had the best price and I bought a Sony AM / FM radio from the same seller because the price was also the lowest of anyplace I checked.

I like Sony products and the price was right so if you don't want to spend a lot of money but want better than average headphones for a low price these are a great buy.

I'm a satisfied customer and would buy here again.
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le 7 juillet 2014
I chose the rating of "I love it," because of the superb features of this stereo headphone set. It is light-weight, but sturdy, and is easily adjusted to fit the size and shape of your head, without being too tight. Also, the sound quality is excellent. I would recommend this product to anybody who values economical, attractive, smart-design headphones.
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le 15 septembre 2011
I tried to purchase these headphones from BestBuy for $35 but they couldn't deliver to where I live, so when I found them on amazon for only $25 I was thrilled. I bought a pair for myself and one for my roommate. They fit well, sit comfortably and sound awesome. The seller, HI-FI electronics, contacted me to confirm my strange address and although I had to pay extra shipping do to my remote locale, they were able to get them to me none the less. The first day my roommate used them she said "I have never heard my music like this. I am never going back to earbuds again"
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le 25 août 2015
Throw away those annoying, cheap earbuds and just get this. It'll be the greatest purchase you've ever made for less than thirty bucks. The audio quality is amazing (get out of here, beats). The build quality is fantastic. I put it in my backpack sometimes, scrambled with all my other rigid belongings. Sometimes I fear that I'll take it out and the plastic will be chipped somewhere, but after all this time, IT JUST NEVER HAPPENED. It's just too well-built. Also, the cord is very thick and durable (not some skimpy earbud cord that easily gets worn out at the ends). I have a bad habit of chewing on cables when I'm looking at the computer (weird, I know), however this cord has easily withstood the test of my gnawing after all these months. You can't even find a mark. There's a little raised dot right above one of the earpods so you know which side is left and which is right, so that's a bonus. It fits snugly on my head. The only possible complaint you could have is if you think it is a bit too tight on your head after wearing for several hours. It's the most minor of annoyances really, and might just be my imagination. Nevermind being so cheap. If you sold this to me for $100, I wouldn't even feel robbed.
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le 28 octobre 2012
Overall I have put in about 20 hours with these headphones and they have been quite impressive (so far) for the price. Good quality, sturdy build, and quite comfortable.

Some people mentioned about the hard plastic putting pressure on the top of your head, but for me after a few minutes I don't even notice they are there. The ear pads are quite comfortable. My only worry is that they are white and over time will discolor, but it won't affect the functionality of them so its not a big deal. I probably wouldn't go jogging with them, but lounging around the house and for travelling they work perfectly.

They provide clear music that seems quite responsive throughout the entire frequency range. I typically use them to listen to music and movies on my laptop or my iPhone. They get pretty loud when connected to sources like my stereo receiver and computer. Connected to my iPhone they can be driven to almost full volume with little to no distortion, but they are definitely not as loud compared to when they are connected to other sources/amps.

I will be building a cMoy headphone amplifier to be used in conjunction with my iPhone that should improve volume and sound quality.

In stores these were priced at $35-40 dollars and I picked them up for $20 with shipping. So excellent value here!

Overall I think they are a great buy for the money. I will be investing in a higher quality set of headphones in the future, but I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to a friend.
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RÉVISEUR DU TOP 500le 4 octobre 2013
I wanted a cheap pair of headphones that would sound good and feel comfortable to wear. These fit the bill perfectly. The sound quality is great and they sit nicely either covering the entire ear or half on

When I have them on I cant hear a thing other than the music
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