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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 28 juin 2009
This is a great bluray movie.Clarity is there and the sound is amazing. the aspect ratio listed on this website is incorrect, it is 1.78.1
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le 4 juin 2004
Blade is cool. Ok...the movie is about Blade (Wesley Snipes) who is a part-human part vampire who has all of the vampire strengts and none of their weaknesses; he can walk into sunlight, but he's got their thirst. He is helped by Whisler (Kris something, sorry the last name is just too hard to spell) who hunt vampires. Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire when she was in labor with Blade. So now, Blade hunts down vampires and is looking for the man who made him.
Then he meet's Karen, a doctor who is bitten by one of the vampires who he sets on fire Quinn (Donald Lowe). So now as he hunt's vampires, Karen tries to find a cure for herself since she is slowing becoming a vampire herself. Blade's mission is to kill Decon Frost (Stephen Dorf) who is slowly rising in the vampire ranks and is on the hunt for La Migra (blood God). Karen is then put as bait to hunt down's Frost's follwers who is a NYPD cop who is dropping off blood to Frost. Blade then gets into some trouble, but he makes it out thanks to Whisler.
Then Karen and Whisler are found by Frost which Whisler is killed and Karen is taken by Frost. So now Frost then breaks the code for La Mirga and he get's the high members of the vampire ranks. Blade is then caught and he reunited with his mother; but she is not his mother because she is now a vampire. It is then he finds out that Frost bit his mother and Frost is the man who created Blade. Blade has to be used for La Migra because he is the 'day walker' and for La Migra to happen, Blade is used. Eventually Karen escapes from a pit where her ex-boyfriend turn into a zombie instead of a vampire. As she escapes, she rescue's Blade and now the fight is on. Blade and Frost get into a fight but now Frost is now the blood God.
He is then killed and now Blade heads to Russia where he hunts down more vampires. Except this time he is looking for Whisler which happens in Blade 2.
The movie kicks ass because the story is fresh, and the acting is great. Blade 2 had better fight scenes, but still Blade still rules!
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le 13 février 2004
OK, so maybe I am a sucker for dark, comic book heroes, but Blade definitely works in the context of a popcorn movie. Sure, it's somewhat predictable and definitely relies on style more than substance, but when Blade decides he's going to kill some vampires, it's just plain fun to watch. We're not talking about high art here, just a good, American action movie. The action sequences are brilliantly choreographed and really showcase Wesley Snipes' talents in the martial arts. When Blade wields his samurai-style sword, silver stakes, and monster handgun, you can bet that a bunch of vampires will be reduced to CG dust in a hurry.
The area in which the otherwise good film is weakest is its casting. Apart from Snipes as Blade and Kris Kristofferson as a suitably crusty Whistler with a profane remark for every occasion, the rest of the casting is somewhat uninspired.
N'Bushe Wright just doesn't seem to fit the largely underdeveloped lead female role, and Stephen Dorff is unintentionally comedic as a scrawny vampire with aspirations of becoming a god. In listening to the commentary track, one gets the sense that Dorff also did not get along well with Snipes, and that could be the reason that their on-screen chemistry doesn't always work. Donal Logue adds some intentional comic relief, however, and Traci Lords makes a brief appearance in the introductory sequence before being reduced to dust by Blade.
The special effects are above average except for a few poorly done green screen composites, and the disc contains some interesting special features, including a partially completed alternate ending.
Sadly, New Line released the film and features on disc in one of those god-awful cases that are out of proportion with the keep cases that the rest of the civilized world uses.
Again, though, this viewer is willing to overlook many of these shortcomings because of the way the movie so seamlessly meshes a believable vampire subculture with the origin story of a heroic yet flawed protagonist with ample action to satisfy most any horror/action guilty pleasure seekers. Definitely a bit of dark fun for those who can stand the profuse blood.
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le 22 novembre 2003
I still love this movie. I remember renting the DVD and asking myself why I didn't see this movie in theatres.
Basically Blade rules. He fights Vampires with more new-age weapons. He has an awesome sword, and some high-tech weaponry(kinda like Batman). Anyways, Blade has to fight these vampires. He is a vampire himself and is basically better than every vampire out there. Its cool now though because the hero is the stongest, and not the villian.
The movie is great. I can't really describe how awesome Blade makes the vampire genre. I mean cmon, who here can honestly say that they watched Dracula 2000 happily? I stopped watching it because it was stupid. In this movie, Blade has to fight this one dude called Frost. The names are cool, and im not being sarcastic. Anyways, Frost wants to unlock the powers of these mysterious scriptures. Blade kinda meets Frost and you know it's going to be awesome. Theres no wooden stake crap in this one...
Blade keeps you going. Hes got alot of action, and when a vampire dies they basically dissinegrate in the coolest way possible. I would buy the movie, and see Wesley Snipes cut guys up with swords, boomerangs, explosives, and guns.
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le 6 novembre 2003
Vampirism, since the time Bram Stoker penned his classic, has gone through innumerable incarnations. Whether it be in the form of teenage angst in the mid 80s flick "The Lost Boys" or in more reflective works such as Anne Rice's "Interview With A Vampire", the bloodsucker genre is as varied and as colorful as American culture.
However, the success of one movie caricature of the undead over another, is its ability to do more than revel in vile mayhem and brutal gore. What makes a successful vampire movie, like all other myths, is the degree to which it speaks to the inner workings of contemporary culture and the emotional disposition of the audience. What made "Interview With A Vampire" a piece that will forever be etched in to cinematic history was its ability to elucidate some aspect of the human condition, and what caused the "The Lost Boys" to be perceived as a B rated horror film was its reluctance to dig into such issues and instead descend into vacuous bloodletting.
"Blade", fortunately, stands as a film that, much like "Interview With A Vampire", seeks to use vampirism to articulate more than "let me suck your blood". Granted, it has enough of violence and bloodshed to satisfy even the most masochistic of us. It is a visually stunning film, and much ink could be spilled on its deft use of martial arts, amazing visual effects (the precursor to the now famous Matrix bullet time effects), and mood establishing set design. But, far from being just eye candy and a belligerent cathartic release, "Blade" will reach at least cult iconic status for having endearing characters and an intricate story - one so rich with themes that it would take an entire series of sequels to explore them.
"Blade", being an adaptation from the comic book character of the same name, starts where any good comic book story would start, with a tragedy. Blade's mother is shown in the opening sequence bleeding to death from a bite wound. She was pregnant at the time, and the byproduct of her contact with a vampire and pregnancy was Blade, or as his enemies euphemistically refer to him as, "the daywalker". He shares the best of both worlds. He has the superhuman strength, speed, and agility of a vampire, and yet does not share their weakness of bursting into flames if he comes into contact with daylight. One drawback though: he shares their insatiable appetite for blood, and must periodically be drugged in order to keep from having to resort to consuming human blood himself. Because of what happened to his mother, Blade with the help of his human sidekick Whistler, spends his life in the relentless pursuit of vampires, and his ultimate goal is to eradicate them from the face of the earth.
The vampire world, just like our own, is a diverse one. On one side you have the established elite, the pure bloods, a race of vampires who are who they are by right of birth and can therefore trace their lineage back for centuries. They, over time, have forged an underground alliance with humans that have made them quite prosperous, while also allowing them to live in anonymity, thus shielding them from those who seek to destroy them. On the other side there are those who were not pure blood, those for one reason or another started off human and were turned into vampires by other vampires. They, for the most part, are comprised of the young and destitute. Being the downtrodden they naturally would seek any means necessary to better their station in life, but they need an aggressive leader to usurp the affluent vampire establishment. Thus enters Deacon Frost, a ruthless no holds barred vampire who is disgruntled with the pure bloods, and seeks to galvanize his ilk in a plan to overthrow the elitists. He quickly takes the helm of the vampire community and coerces the elitists into a plan that would unleash a demon spirit that would allow his kind the ability to walk in the daylight without becoming combustible. Hence, they would become a formidable threat to the human race, not to mention to Blade himself. Frost however, needs the blood of a daywalker, and the only one known to exist is Blade. This sets up a crash course between Frost and Blade.
The plot and characters are interesting in that they seem to embody a virtual cornucopia of societal ills. Many things are addressed from addiction, class struggle, racial based hegemony, and generational strife - things that are very much a part of our existence today. Given that it is done through the garb of a vampirism, one doesn't readily notice these themes, until one reflects upon the film and its deeper implications.
This is not to say that "Blade" is a serious endeavor at social commentary. Hardly. It is first and foremost an action film with an interesting plot, one that near its conclusion, throws in a twist that you will never see coming. The issues raised are mere points that help enrich the narrative, they in no way shape or form make "Blade" into some sort of preachy film.
The martial arts choreography is some of the best I have seen from a film that was not produced in Asia. Since "Blade" was shot before "The Matrix", the ubiquitous use of wire tricks to embellish the martial arts action in most films, is not employed here. Hence, what you have is something that looks far more realistic, and attests to the adroitness of actors like Wesley Snipes. The martial arts style used is a cross between the gracefulness and fluidity of Bruce Lee to the rough street fighting style of Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts style).
"Blade", having such as a good story, well-developed characters, and breathtaking martial arts is definitely a must have for vampire or just plain action film enthusiasts.
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le 31 octobre 2003
Blade with W.Snipes the original with Stephen Dorff had something of the Blade Runner aura about it . In fact I nearly rate Blade the original up there with "Blade Runner" (with Harrison Ford) which is my favorite Sci -Fi movie of all time . Blade has a dark , cyberpunk European strip (for US readers "Comic book") feel to it that Blade II just does not come even close to (even though it's set in Europe !).Blade had distinctive original coolness that was amazing . Several scenes come to mind but I will not get into them . Sadly I think that the terrible Blade II has pretty much locked up the franchise and destroyed the mystery about it just like what the Matrix Reloaded did to the original Matrix(well at least for me) After having high expectations and getting all exited about getting to see a follow up of the original Blade I LITERALLY fell asleep at Blade II . I think that it's the change of directors that did it and the Mexican director of the sequel is most probably the one to be saddled with the blame for killing off of the series.
One thing I cannot understand is why Snipes would agree to so drasticly change the feel of the Blade character which so WORKED in the original Blade .Just to please the warped demands of the makers of Blade II ? Gone is the cool cold calculating angry and quiet Blade from the original , we now have a touchy-feely politically correct blabbermouth Blade in the sequel. Sheesh !Snipes must have KNOWN that it was a wrong move .I would have thought that a mega-star such as Snipes who had some authority to put a stamp on a character that HE created and he alone can play would have rebelled . I hope I am wrong , I hope they go out of their way to make Blade III , I would just LOVE to see a WORTHY followup to the dismal travesty of Blade II but I figure that they would have to go begging on their knees to the crew that made Blade the original .
It could work out like the Exorsist series. The original Exorsist was a Classic and ... well you know what I mean .Exorcist II - The Heretic was a disaster of epic proportions and everybody forgot about the series . Then Exorsist III came along with George C. Scott and Brad Dourif (what a performance!!!)For me Ex.III was even better then the original and the probably best horror movie ever made . I hope I get to see a turnaround like this in the Blade series . I really do
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le 21 mai 2003
This movie kicks butt! Aside from the fantastic special effects with the vampires, it also has some of the best fight choreography of any martial arts movie out there.
Wesley Snipes plays Blade, a half human, half vampire who hunts and destroys vampires for creating him in the first place. His mother, pregnant with him when she was bitten, gives birth to him before the transformation is complete. Thus, he has their powers, and none of their weaknesses. The perfect vampire...hunter.
Snipes uses similar fighting styles as those he used in Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone. A combination of Karate, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do, it's awesome to watch. Vampires are dropping like flies.
The movie follows Deacon Frost, a vampire on a mission. He is hell-bent on resurrecting the Blood God, La Magra, and becoming the vessel for the Blood God to use. Blade must stop him at all costs.
The soundtrack to this film also rocks. If you have a home theatre, by all means...CRANK IT UP! It will blow you away. Buy this one today.
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le 1 mars 2003
What do you do to bring to life one of the more sinister comic book heroes ever? First, find the brooding, muscle-clad Wesley Snipes to portray the remorseless character, Stephen Dorrif as the ambitious, power hungry antagonist , the crusty Kris Kristofferson as the heroes supporter, and throw in the able directing of Stephen Norrington. You get "Blade," a fine action film which some fantastic action sequences (despite the spotty special effects) and a storyline that keeps you interested.
The film follows Blade. A powerful, cold Vampire Slayer, played impeccably by the imposing Wesley Snipes, who does make all other ficticious Vampire Slayers (Buffy ect.) look timid by comparison. Blade himself is half vampire, who has all of their strengths (except slower aging) and none of their weaknesses (except their thirst for human blood). Blade is assited by his longtime friend, Whistler (Kristofferson) in his quest to rid the world of Vampires, humans who have certain genetic differences that makes them sensitive to sunlight, garlic and silver and an all powerful thirst for the blood of humans, the one weakness that tortures Blade, since he too has it. Blade slowly finds that a power hungry Vampire named Frost (the ruthless Stephen Dorrif) is forcing his way through the vampire ranks to become all powerful, i.e. more like Blade. None of the Vampire weaknesses will apply, and Frost will lead an army of willing vampires to dominate the human race.
The kinetic style of Stephen Norrington is everywhere, as the film moves at a steady pace, smartly slowing down, and speeding up only when it needs to. And when it does speed up, look out. Snipes is given ample room to show off his martial arts skills against hordes of Vampires, and Norrington quick camera moves captures them in spectacular fashion. The headspinning climax of Blade battling Frost is a throat-grabbing tour de force, as can probably be said about the rest of the film.
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le 25 février 2003
"Blade" is one of those movies that you would never think it was a superhero story. Well think again. Mots people don't know it, but Blade was a Marvel Comics superhero created by the same people who made Spider-Man, X-Men, The Hulk, etc. But there are reasons that people do not notice Blade as a superhero, it is because he isn't anything like the others. At all...
"Blade" revolves around a world where vampires do not just exist, but have their own world. Once the sun goes down, their world comes out to hunt. But the entire vampire nation has a fear of one man.
Blade is a man whose mother was bitten by a vampire while giving birth to him. He then becomes half human, half vampire. He has all of a vampire's strengths (Agility, the ability to heal himself) and none of their weaknesses (He can withstand sunlight, silver, garlic). He is the most feared man of the vampire nation. They call him "The Day Walker" due to the fact that he has no weakness to sunlight.
Blade's goal is to rid the world of as many vampires as possible, and in the process, find the one who killed his mother and turned him into what he is. He does this with the help of his mentor, Whistler.
The plot of the movie revolves around a vampire, Deacon Frost, who wants to prove that the vampire nation should be ruling the world and have complete control over humans. He then devises a plan to summon La Magra, the blood god. Anything caught in it's path will instantly be turned into a vampire. And Blade's blood is the key to making this happen.
Filled with action, suspense, and drama, Blade is one of the greatest superhero movies around. Even if you don't think of Blade as a true superhero, you will enjoy this movie.
"Blade" runs for about 2 hours. It is rated R for extreme violence, extreme blood and gore, strong language, mild drug content, and brief sexuality.
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le 21 janvier 2003
I love this movie. It is about a vampire named Blade. He is half human and half vampire. He has all of the vampires' strengths and none of their weaknesses, except the thirst. He hunts vampires, because he hates them and you will find out why in the movie. There is lots and lots of action with a great plot. At first, I didn't know that this was based on a comic, and I was surprised that it was based on a comic, because of how well it was compared to many movies based on comics. The movie doesn't seem corny or nothing stupid. The movie is very believable and often thoughtful. I personally liked the movie the second time around more, because I could grip the plot and characters better. I have seen the movie probably around 10 times and the DVD has a good amount of features. It has commentary, alternate endings, deleted scenes, I think there about 4 featurettes, trailers, and a few more things I think. If you don't like it the first time, I strongly recommend that you come back and watch it again later, so you can get the story better.
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