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Prix:429,36 $ - 447,15 $
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The ELDER SCROLLS series has given us a number of masterpieces over the years. Morrowind will always remain etched on my brain whereas Oblivion has offered a vast world I found myself immersed into for hours at no end. Following up on footsteps of such giants is never easy. And yet the 5th installment of the series, SKYRIM, still managed to impress and ensnare me.

For SKYRIM, Bethesda will only take up 6GB on your HDD and with that the game designers created a literally endless world, with extremely long drawing distances, high mountains, passing clouds, dark forests, foliage moving to the wind and water trickling in streams. Everything you see in the horizon is actually accessible. Now, compare that to the ...21GB Rage takes up for a much, much more small and visually limited world to realize what was accomplished with SKYRIM. The world is absolutely huge - and it feels real.
The graphics are gorgeous, almost realistic. Sure, I could do with somewhat more detailed textures when it comes to clothing (they look much better in the inventory than when worn) as well as a more bold color palette (besides grasses, there are also colorful wildflowers, Bethesda); however, the imaginative design of the items and equipment, the natural movements of the characters and the way light and shadows play with each other all the time more than make up for these shortcomings. The game is as beautiful as it is deep and endless.

Each hand has its own menu. You can go with sword and shield or spell and weapon, dual weapons or dual spells (yes, spells can be combined - and the spell effects are very impressive, especially the frost and thermal ones!). Ana always keep in mind: some Words have power beyond any comprehension.
The camera is very accommodating and both First-Person and Third-Person views are available. It will take some time before you settle into your own fighting style but once that is done the game mechanics will feel like second nature to you. Yes, the finishing moves reminded me of Fallout 3 however, it would not be fair to claim that SKYRIM is the mere cross between FALLOUT 3 and OBLIVION.
SKYRIM was much anticipated and its gameplay does not disappoint in any way.

This is true to all living things and it also true in SKYRIM. In the beginning of the game you only get to choose what your hero looks like. How you then play the game will determine what class and what abilities your hero will acquire.
The skills you use the most are the ones you are actually getting better at. You can also increase your skills by skill training and reading a skill book. Leveling up heals your hero (health and magicka) and you can unlock a skill perk and increase one attribute reserve (health, stamina or magicka) by 10 points. Both the enemies you encounter and the loot you find level up with you, however there are areas designed to be almost impossible to lower level heroes. A word of advice: until you are powerful enough, avoid going up into the mountains. I had to learn this the hard way!
There are Achievement you earn but this is what I found beautiful: as you progress the game creates constellations corresponding to your skills and perks and, so, you can see your character make its mark, well, in the sky of SKYRIM.

I usually do not pay attention to the sounds of a game. The less I notice them, the more natural they usually are. In SKYRIM both the ambient and action sounds are so well made that they stand out at first. After a while you take them form granted and blend into the background - yet they keep adding greatly to the total immersion. Draw a sword, deflect an arrow with your shield or walk in a narrow corridor and you will see what I mean.
Moreover, the background music, whenever cued, is also epic and majestic, like a medieval liturgy choir chanting about your deeds. One name should describe its impact: Jeremy Soule.
The towns are alive with people going about their daily chores; however, I have to admit that I found The Witcher II to be much better in this aspect. Nevertheless, paying attention to what NPCs have to say has its own rewards. Not only can you get lore and valuable information and even quests but you can even gain skill improvements out of this. Care has been taken to create a great number of NPC phrases in order to avoid having to endure the same phrase repeated over and over. Well, although not very pronounced, after some hours of gameplay this has not been avoided entirely. A minor annoyance. I can understand how town talk is much harder to run through the Creation Engine than items and quests.

What do you get for almost three times the price of the game? Well, you get a beautiful tin box containing a PVC 12" statue of Alduin, a 200-pages (9 3/8" x 12 1/8") Art book and a Making-of/Behind-the-scenes DVD. There are no in-game bonuses. I guess it is up to each one of us to decide if the price is right.

Recently we have all seen how bad a Digital Distribution system can be ([coughs!] ORIGIN!) so STEAM may seem pretty benign to some by now. Nevertheless, let's not loose perspective. This is still an OnLine DRM scheme. I usually deduct a full star from any game that withholds ownership of our games by tying it to a unique online account. So far I had made a single exception, with Shogun II. I decided SKYRIM to be the second.
I still have to warn the gamers who are careful what DRM schemes they will allow to their computers since the game does require STEAM to run (yes, even the retail version). An informed decision can now be made. However, I could not bring myself to give this masterpiece anything less than a perfect score.

SKYRIM is a game that will draw you in its world, enchant you with its beauty, mesmerize you with its endless horizons, offer you a huge number of ever branching quests and, yet, leave you wanting for more. Each time you play it is unique and the paths not taken will keep bringing you back again and again. Even if they are uphill and narrow.


(*) Ended relationships not included. May induce expulsion to couch for an indefinite period of time. Real gamers do not use skooma.
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le 14 novembre 2011
Game gets 5 stars, I'm enjoying it very much.

I was so happy to finally, finally! Get the game. I preordered a collectors edition. It arrived and I was all like omg! Look at the statue, look at the art book! Must download NOW! Opened the case... Ps3 version of the game! I ordered the window 7 for PC. I doubled checked and triple checked, I ordered the PC version and they sent the wrong one. Oh the grief... So cruel Amazon!

However, someone I know bought the game off of me, not the dragon model and art book, map bling, just the disc and bonus disk and I used the cash to buy a direct download copy of Skyrim. So it's all good, it's cool.

Just, so mean... Naughty Amazon! You should be spanked with a paddle. :p
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le 6 décembre 2011
This is, hands down, the bast game of the year.

The collector's edition is amazing. I normally do not get collector editions but when I heard they were including a dragon statue, my mouse couldn't click fast enough to pre-order this. The dragon is a large model mounted on a base that looks like the ones in the game (where you learn your dragon words).

It also includes one of the best art books ever. It is a true coffee table book, covering all the graphic details of the game. From Wildhelm to Solitude, it shows the concept art that went into creating these places. The pictures are beautiful, full colour and capture the epic quality of the game. It also details the monsters and main characters you run into the game and gives an explanation on their thought processes when they were creating these models ingame.

The game itself is simple wonderful. Forget everything you know about open world gaming. Skyrim nails it, and nails it hard. There is simply too much to say about it. You will never lack for something to do. I have yet to go into a random dungeon twice. They all feel different and new. The sense of exploration is just awesome in this game. Like previous Elder Scroll games, the main quest is optional. Its more like a main side quest that you can do (like you do for the different factions in the game).

The combat is good too. The spell system is quick and simple as well as the melee. The fact that you can combine two of the same spell for double power is great. Melee is good too. They didn't change too much from the previous iteration which I find is a good thing.

If there is one thing that does bother me (and not that much to be honest) is the interface. It is plain to see that it was designed for a console. I would reccomend that if you can, play with an xbox controller. There is a bit too much mouse clicking in the interface for my liking. Good thing that the game auto-pauses when you do go into your inventory or spell selection.

And yes there are bugs. I have crashed to desktop a couple of times. And seen a dragon flying backwards. But that's it. No broken quests yet (which is amazing considering the number of quests you get). And I found a fix for the crash to desktop. There is a mod that allows Skyrim to access 4 GB ram. I haven't crashed since I applied that mod.

Overall, it is an amazing product. Currently at 77 hrs in and it still feels fresh to me. New quests are constantly popping up. I could see myself playing this game forever. Well done.
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le 7 octobre 2015
Great game!!
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le 27 novembre 2013
I ordered the PC version of the game.
But once the game was released, Amazon sent the PS3 version.
Upon returning, I was told they had no more PC version.
Very bad service.
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le 18 novembre 2011
WELL I have to say I liked the idea of paying a LITTLE bit extra (usually $20.00) for a collectors edition and getting things like a steelbook collectors case, DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT, such as armor, weapons, a side kick, or a MYRIAD of items they could have thrown in for prosperity and to make the fans a little more happy about getting the "better version"\


They give you a statue, a book and the MAKING of dvd......THATS IT??

For an EXTRA $90.00 ABOVE the price they are listing for the GAME ITSELF!!!

You have to be out of your MIND to pay that price if the only things they throw in are worthless relics!!

THIS is the way games are going now, they list a game for an set price, give you a "collectors edition" for an OUTRAGEOUS PRICE with GARBAGE that I would never need nor use, then a few months down the road they add the tune of $20.00 for EACH! (look at Dragon Age Origins I AND II, Oblivion specifically for this exact synopsis, meaning they did the same for ALL of these games!) but a game like Mass Effect I, II AND III HAVE said bonus content that I have come to LOVE about a collectors edition!!

In closing, the game manufacturers are losing a lot of customers such as myself and I am not waiting for the day a game comes out....when 6 months down the road I can get the SAME game with ALL of the expansions all nicely packed into a STEELBOOK (LIKE Oblivion btw with their GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION!!)for $10.00 LESS than the opening listed price.

Pathetic they are getting and MORE AND MORE greedy!
And THAT, my friends makes EVERYTHING less interesting!
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