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le 22 novembre 2011
My first theatre experience was "The Phantom of the Opera" when it premiered in Toronto back in 1989 with Colm Wilkinson and Rebecca Caine. My father took me when I was only 5 years old and it definitely made an impression on me for life. Upon leaving the show that night my father bought me the CD and the hard cover book entitled, "The Complete Phantom of the Opera" from the gift shop. When I heard of this 25th Anniversary set, I needed to have it!

The set is quite impressive:
-the blue box with the 25th Anniversary mask emblem
-the original program from the London premiere
-Remastered Original London Cast Recording (certainly beats the original 1 track discs of the entire 1st and 2nd acts)
-"Love Never Dies" Cast Recording this was a pleasant surprise as we here in Toronto have not been given the pleasure of seeing the sequel to the Phantom. After hearing the entire score I have a new love for this story and I hope ALW will eventually bring this show here.
-25th Anniversary book which is a fabulous companion to my original "The Complete Phantom of the Opera" including a libretto in the back as well as updated pictures from both stage, the film and "Love Never Dies"
-Souvenir medallion
-The Phantom Phenomenon DVD with music videos, interviews and selections from ALW's 50th birthday

As much as this set is impressive it does have a few draw backs:
- the DVD could have had more content, it definitely doesn't seem like an hour's worth of Phantom features. It could have had more "Behind the Mask" if you will.
-A libretto for "Love Never Dies" would have been great considering most of the world has not seen this musical and could follow what is going on more clearly and also get to know the lyrics quicker for those singers out there. I know I love reading what I'm hearing!!
-The 25th Anniversary concert and recording would have made this set even better and more complete.

I think $140 is quite a bit for a 4 CD's that most of us already have 2 of and a DVD of snippets that most of us have seen on I do realize this is a limited edition but outside of the book and the "Love Never Dies" cast recording, this 25th Anniversary Edition is very LIMITED!!!! If you are a true blue Phantom fan this is definitely for you just be prepared you are paying more for the presentation of the set than content in the set.
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le 2 janvier 2012
As a big Phantom fan I had to add this to my collection but was extremely disappointed with the contents. The Cd's don't have lyrics and are in paper sleeves and the discs fall out easily. Most of the content on the DVD can be seen on youtube and when I think of all the amazing stuff they could have put on it, I'm very disappointed. I will never understand why on earth they didn't include the 25th anniversary concert in this box set - unbelievable! We assumed it would be in there and were floored when it wasn't.

The book is awesome though - talks about the novel, musicals around the world, on film and love never dies. But not worth the money you pay for the whole set unless you're a die-hard fan. Great idea but poorly put together - whoever chose the contents should be ashamed :(
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