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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 6 mars 2015
If you have been curious regarding Gentle Giant but scared to spend the money because they are predominantly a JAZZ ( oh how that word does scare some people ) BAND. This is the CD to dip your ears into the sounds of GG as it can be a little more Rocky than some of the others. For me in the beginning I considered Jazz to be Rock with a lot of weird solo's in it. Free Hand is a very ear friendly CD that will not bog you down with a lot of the rules that some other Jazz discs can be troubled with. Gentle Giant have a couple discs like this Free Hand being the most accessible and Power and Glory being the second. They are both lets say "EASY TO UNDERSTAND". by that I mean that a person new to Jazz can understand where the song has come from and where the notes are going to ...IT MAKES SENSE to their ears and thus their mind. Where Jazz can get into trouble with new listeners is that it over complicates itself and leaves the new listener totally lost and unable to follow where the song has gone. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH FREE HAND...So if you feel that you have had enough of Rock ( for a while ) and you are looking for a new direction to travel musically try this...You wont like everything in Jazz that is impossible but there is a huge amount of great music here GENTLE GIANT, SPIRO GYRO, try THE OTHER SIDE OF ABBEY ROAD by George Benson YOU WILL LOVE IT. There are hundreds of great artists in Jazz but do NOT go mad, try the easy ones first like Gentle Giant...Spigomars...
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I only checked Gentle Giant out for the first time a couple of years ago. I have to be honest at first I wasn't too impressed. Mostly due to the vocals. Well I gave the albums more time and really started to enjoy them. Then this and in' terveiw came out in 4.1 so I wanted to check them out. First off once again I have turned .UK for my product .ca not getting stock once again. I received mine in about six working days. The DVD's are NTSC and region free.
Back to the music. Complicated music like this really benefits from surround sound. It gives you a much better separation (think mono to stereo) between instruments. So it has given me a fresh look at this album. Much like when I heard King Crimson's Lizards for the first time in 5.1. When you can hear everything going on I feel I get a better understanding of the music. the music here is great! If you like Progressive Rock (who cares if critics don't like it) this is a great record. A little short but really interesting. The sound quality on the DVD is flawless. Nice warm bass sound. Great use of all the speakers (well except for the center channel remember this 4.1). 10 out of 10 on sound quality. If you don't have surround you Stll might want this. It also has a 96/24 transfer of the original stereo mix. Which at such a higher sampling rate gives you a much better sounding version of the record.
This package is a great addition to anyone's surround sound collection. Hopefully there will be more but I doubt it. These were released because a four channel mix was made for Quad Stereo back in the '70 hence cheaper to put out now. Too bad Octopus would sound amazing!
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le 11 février 2010
The way Gentle Giant should be heard! - I too agree with the 1st reviewer, that this should have been a 24 bit SACD, or even Blu ray audio release (But that costs money in today's frugal economy!) But what we have here is the next best thing - The sound is amazing on this release! Just some info to clarify things - the catalogue for these 7 EMI/Chrysalis titles has now been transferred back to the Band, so they found/obtained the true 1/4 inch master tapes for these reissues. Comparing these to the DRT 35th anniversary editions. In 2005 the DRT reissues, used the best tapes available at the time, unfortunately not the true master tapes. But in hindsight, people were mostly happy with those reissues, they all had nice slipcovers, bonus tracks, and supposedly the best sound available, i know i was. Now in 2010, we have the 1st installment of 3 titles Free Hand, In A Glass House, The Power & The Glory, released in Canada on Feb 9 - these cd's come in jewel cases, not digi packs. There are no bonus tracks on these 2010 remasters. So what we have here is the best sound available on these 3 titles directly from the Band, you will not be disappointed buying these again, i know i wasn't!!
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le 6 avril 2004
This is the "gateway" album that has drawn most GG fans into the fold. It doesn't take alot of mental gymnastics to follow what they're doing, and some of the melodies are absolutely gorgeous!
The penultimate GG album, this is GG's FRAGILE, GG's RUNES (Zeppelin's 4th), GG's COURT AND SPARK (Joni Mitchell). You getting the drift?
So, if you've NEVER heard the band, then THIS IS THE FIRST ALBUM YOU SHOULD BUY!
You need to know that some of the master tapes they used to make this CD are different mixes than the master tapes they used for the Vinyl LP! It's particularly noticable on the second song, "On Reflection".
For instance, the first melodic phrase is repeated twice. On the album the drum accompaniment only occurs on the SECOND melodic line, but on the CD is occurs on both the first AND second melodic line! (It's actually the same percussion lick cut and pasted.)
This distracted me when I first got the CD. But, it's a small complaint.
If you're a first-time GG listener, you'll be asking yourself, "WoW!... who ARE these guys!"
And you'll be hooked!
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le 24 juillet 2010
A great album, representing the best works of one of the most complex groups in the progressive rock genre. Of the three vinyls recently released from Alucard records, Free Hand is easily the most accesible to those unfamiliar with GG. It is also a sure fire hit among fans of the band.

Mastered straight from the original tapes, the sound quality is the best this album has to offer. Ranging from baroque instrumentals to heavy rock blowouts, it is one of the most diverse albums ever produced. Serious music listeners will be well rewarded, while casual listeners might just learn something new.
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le 9 février 2010
The re-mastered sound is just fantastic,great job of remasterring ,as if you were in the studio,just dissapointed that it is not a hybrid sacd.if the transfer is 24bit 96k,why loose quality by making a 16bit 44k disc if the technology is there for making a sacd with full quality sound,this is why I give it only 4 stars.
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le 17 mars 2013
Ce DVD-A est à la hauteur de la musique qu'il contient: génial!
Je connais cet album depuis toujours mais je ne l'ai jamais entendu avec cette qualité sonore là.
On se croirais au studio, devant les consoles, avec du matériel professionnel.
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