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We're proud to offer you and other publishers or authors the opportunity to add and correct information to your titles with Amazon.ca! We encourage you to supply as much information as possible by using the guidelines that follow. In our experience, informative listings help customers make better buying decisions--and help us increase your sales.

Every day, thousands of book buyers come to Amazon.ca looking for their next book. From all over the world, these customers visit our store for the wide selection of titles, reviews, customer recommendations, author interviews, excerpts, and more. Finding the right customer for your book can be a challenge. In most bookshops, shelf space is limited, with a focus only on the bestsellers. Not so at Amazon.ca--with extensive subject browsing, features, and recommendations, your book has a better chance of finding an audience. By allowing customers to search by category, Amazon.ca makes it easier to find your book. All you have to do is provide the content for your book's product information page.

Hand-selling your books is easy on Amazon.ca. Just follow the Catalogue Guide on the left to create rich, informative product information pages for them.

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