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Yes, I really am a TVrepairman. I love old movies, sci fi, horror, mystery, comedy, and so much more. My favs are old house Spooky Comedies.


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How to Frame a Figg <b>VHS</b> ~ Don Knotts
How to Frame a Figg VHS ~ Don Knotts
This a a great fun film for the family. I remember seeing it as a kid as well as The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Both are great films. Towards the end of this film it has shades of Ghost and Mr. Chicken. I am telling you, take notes and like Prentice in the film (Knotts sidekick who is dummer than Knots in this film) says "Message received and noted". See it and you will know. Knotts works for the City and gets framed for all the crooked doings which were really done by several town officials. He ends up going to the graveyard to dig up some help in proving he was not guilty. Thats all I will say so as not to spoil it for you.