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Movies (duh), ladies (double duh), drawing, reading novels, seeing my friends and let myself be inspired by them... and loads loads more.


Top Reviewer Ranking: 601 - Total Helpful Votes: 185 of 334
Teenage Exorcist <b>DVD</b> ~ Various
Teenage Exorcist DVD ~ Various
There's next to no plot, the situations make no sense, but Brinke Stevens help make the movie a bit better. As she progressively becomes possessed by the demon in her house, her behavior changes dramatically (think Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters). Still, there's not much to hope for in this production. It's bizarre at its best and makes for an okay "guilty pleasure" I guess.

There's a special trailer that shows what the original project was intended to be. Though it's completely different than the final flick, it would have been nice to see more.

The good moments are Brinke Stevens' performance once she falls under the demon's spell and acts all sexy. She… Read more
Footnote [Blu-ray] (Sous-titres français) <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Shlomo Bar-Aba
There's lots going on screen between father and son. In life too, but this film has it by the boatloads. So much so that it sometimes gives the feature an, at times, unnecessary weight. Its ending may also be a bit hard to digest for more mainstream audiences used to the formula of "let's wrap this movie all nice and pretty" because there really isn't an ending. Or at least it doesn't seem like it. It's left to the imagination of the viewer, and it can take MANY shapes depending on what mood you're in.

The rest of the picture is very well done with a superb score reminiscent of joyous yet calmer John Williams works, the acting is well crafted and the direction seems quite… Read more
DCU: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Deluxe Editi&hellip
This is where I think I got proven wrong... finally. And I'm happy it's one of my favorite animated Batman movies. Most of the narration inside Bruce Wayne's head was taken off, but luckily, the entire "Dark Knight Returns" storyline is quite intact, even though SOME shortcuts or weaker plot points were eliminated. It still runs a whopping 148 minutes, but all goes fast... Peter Weller gives a calm and weird interpretation of Batman (his voice still sounds weird to me), but still, it all serves the final product nicely.

Special features could HARDLY be better in this case. A Frank Miller feature-length documentary has been provided (new to this edition) and a new… Read more

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