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Top Reviewer Ranking: 494 - Total Helpful Votes: 203 of 362
Pulse 3
Pulse was a clichéd ride, but it had momentum...
Pulse 2 was a clichéd movie without momentum...
Pulse 3 was even worse than its predecessor...

It's funny how Dimension, at the time, was bent on making series à la Hammer films. They shot most movies without much great dialogs. The Romanian landscapes provided something to photograph, but it seems like cheap thrills for what few we actually got... but even cheesy, dated and clichéd rides can be fun at times.

This one isn't "so bad it's good", but I kinda liked it (in a weird type of way).
Hellraiser II: Hellbound (20th Anniversary Edition&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Clare Higgins
A sequel that doesn't surpass the original isn't something new. Although a sequel that proves a worthy competitor to the original is even rarer.

Hellbound is the latter as its story takes the characters further down the rabbit hole. Clive Barker's vision of Hell is very much intricate and holds our attention for its design, aesthetics and how the story is treated.

They don't make sequels like this anymore, let alone characters as twisted as these... Kirsty's story gets a deeper study, characters are taken quite seriously and even though some shortcuts were obviously used, a few supporting roles truly get to us instead of feeling like one-dimensional beings (a rare… Read more
Clive Barker's Hellraiser (20th Anniversary Editio&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Andrew Robinson
At first, I hated it...

But then, it kinda grew on me as Kirsty's story was told, as the characters developed beyond what you usually get in horror movies. Some get smarter, other get much more twisted and there is quite an array of imagination displayed.

This is Pinhead before he was called Pinhead, and before Dimension ruined the character with pointless DTV cheesy movies, but I digress. Look no further than this title for the best edition in terms of special features and DVD presentation. It's an overall very satisfying movie to watch and marvel. Horror beyond pleasure and pain.

Fans who have yet to be introduced to this series would do well to start with… Read more

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