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Top Reviewer Ranking: 1,408 - Total Helpful Votes: 213 of 394
NEW Hannibal Rising (DVD)
After a nice enough Red Dragon, the latest (back then) Thomas Harris book took Hannibal Lecter and told his origins story.

Whenever a film tackles a character and explains just about everything to the point where all the dramatics and mysteries disappear, it renders the character dull.

The novel itself was a bit too 'mainstream' yet nicely written, but this film feels like a hack and slash with a young Lecter.

This time, don't look for a cameo from Hopkins, which would have probably helped a bit. We're left with a tasteless movie with a few great moments (think water tank), and actors, a welcome ingredient.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Coll&hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Patrick Stewart
The "Next Generation" films were a series of hits and misses:

"Generations" felt clunky and seemed to have been re-written several times to simplify the plot.
"First Contact" was the one I truly enjoyed the most as it dealt with my all-time favorite: the Borg.
"Insurrection" has to be the most lighthearted entry in the entire franchise. It wasn't bad, it was just too light for me.
"Nemesis" Ah, this is where the mess truly became whole for me... it was time to end the journey there.

But one thing that remains impressive starting with "First Contact" is the late great Jerry Goldsmith's scoring for the… Read more
Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection &hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ William Shatner
I've been living with Star Trek all my life. My father had been a fan of the original series and would have me watch the reruns (waaay back in the 80s).

The films were a no-brainer for me, this goes without saying.

The 5 star goes to the great job of porting over all the special features of the two-disc DVDs while adding some more (except the first one, there's next to nothing while its extended DVD has loads to offer).

Picture-wise, these films could use a new transfer for their age shows. It's quite enjoyable as it is, but there are problems here and there on just about each film. If you try and let go of that relatively medium negative setback, the price… Read more

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