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Jacob <b>DVD</b> ~ Michael Biehn
Jacob DVD ~ Michael Biehn
Jacob may be small on budget but it is large on ambition. It may overreach at times, not always attaining its lofty goals, but while countless independent filmmakers aim only to create yet another "'80s-style" Slasher movie or riff on the well-trodden Texas Chainsaw Massacre motif, Jacob tries for something else, something that goes beyond the sadly low expectations we viewers have afforded independent Slasher films. In this, Jacob succeeds, proving that Slashers need not be all about and only about the kills.

Jacob has been compared to DePalma's Carrie, to Frankenstein, and to Of Mice and Men. These comparisons are all apt. The film revolves around the Kell family, Jacob, Missy… Read more
Reeker [Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Devon Gummersall
Reeker [Import] DVD ~ Devon Gummersall
4.0 out of 5 stars Undeniably original, Oct. 25 2012
In the documentary Going to Pieces, Amy Holden Jones, director of The Slumber Party Massacre, offers her definition of a good Slasher film. She says, "The key factor for a good Slasher movie is that it fulfill the requirements of the genre but surprise you in a way that a previous one has not done." By that definition, Reeker is not only a good Slasher film, it's a great one.

In fact, Reeker is so original, so surprising that, for the first hour or so, you'll actually be confused as hell. But be patient; stick with it. The weirdness begins when a shudder runs through the travellers' car and, I'll admit, when half a trucker gets pulled out of--well, I won't give it away, but… Read more
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (Bilingual)
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1.0 out of 5 stars Freddy Jumps the Shark, Oct. 25 2012
With Freddy's Dead, Freddy completes his transformation from horror icon to cartoon character. Even Robert Englund, in his autobiography, Hollywood Monster, describes the sixth Nightmare as akin to a "Bugs Bunny" cartoon and admits that the filmmakers "jumped the shark on this one."

But this isn't just jumping the shark. This is the Fonz finding out that the shark was responsible for the death of his long lost twin brother, and that by jumping over the shark, Fonzie can bring his brother back as a ghost who will inhabit his beloved motorcycle, after which Fonz would travel America, solving crimes with his talking haunted motorcycle. That's how over-the-top crappy this movie… Read more