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Tombstone (Bilingual) <b>DVD</b> ~ Kurt Russell
Tombstone (Bilingual) DVD ~ Kurt Russell
Ok, I'm aware this movie isn't historically accurate. If you're that hung up on fact, you won't get into this movie. But for sheer entertainment, you won't find a more engaging, clever film. The two major highlights: Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday- he looked every bit the consumed, wry, witty and intelligent extremely proficient gunslinger. And second: the best ever quotable lines since "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"! Check out Curly Bill emerging from the opium den, waving his arms as if at a Grateful Dead concert, declaring "I feel...CAPITAL". Try this out on your friends at the end of of a night on the town. Or better, Doc Holiday's cynical " I have not yet BEGUN to defile myself" -the… Read more