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Down Periscope <b>DVD</b> ~ Kelsey Grammer
Down Periscope DVD ~ Kelsey Grammer
If you're reading this, you likely already know how much fun this movie is. One of the few I'll watch many times. But the DVD job here is mediocre at best. Like one other said, faked widescreen, ok audio, no specials. But if you don't mind having a fullscreen (and good) copy on DVD with fair audio, that you won't wear out (easily), hear you go!
Shame on 20th Century Fox for such a shabby effort, knowing full well they'll use the funds from this to pay for the real enhanced release in a few months no doubt. They know we'll still buy it. But now we know to rent from them first, then wait for the enhanced editions. Me? Couldn't wait....this movies too good.