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I'm a bit of a Barbara Strisand fan, and I like even younger artists liek the gorgeosu Britney Spears. I love all movies that star Eddie Murphy, and Andrew Lyyod Webebr si my favorite compser.


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In The Zone ~ Britney Spears
In The Zone ~ Britney Spears
Brittney is liek the barbara streisand of today, minus the big nose (...). This cd is actually pretty artistic if you can get past her barbie doll image, and look at the music, without prejudice to BUEATY! This is in fact a work of art, nto unlike Streisands Guilty cd, from 20 some years earlier. Brittney si sexy and gorgeous but if we can look past our own jelousy and insecurities we can realize that she is a musical geniosu, hey And I'm over 45 years old, so this ian't no little teeny bopper, writing this review. I like to lsiten to Barbabra Streisnad, and lsiten to realxing piano music, but even I know genious when I hear it, and thsi music is beyond category or age limits.