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Engineering Mechanics - Combined by Russell C. Hibbeler
Engineering Mechanics - Combined by Russell C. Hibbeler
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Lets begin with the Pro's:
+ it *really* tells you *how* to tackle (and solve) a problem incl *all* details (appropriate coordinate system, sign conventions with choice of vector calculus or scalar vector components, magic with all different kind of unit vectors, free-body-diagrams) in the fantastic 'Procedures for Analysis'. it tells you why which choice is favourable in a straight-forward direct manner, didactically perfect.
+ only one to deserve the title 'Eng Mech for Dummies', best intro book among all competitors. It *is* a book for dummies! :-)
+ 10/E no more errors in problem solutions/answers: "two other professionals have checked all the problems for clarity… Read more
Engineering Mechanics  , Dynamics by J. L. Meriam
(refers to Dynamics, 5th Edition. but is meant for both volumes):
Lets begin with Meriam5 Pro's:
+ generously big-sized format. what a wonderful look when you open. really inviting, attractive. and enjoyable reading!
+ nicest written text passages: clear, in full, rigorous, easy-to-follow theory, explained with many words and extra-words. reading for interesting and lovely background information.
+ excellent general, comprehensive treatment of particle systems incl rigorous maths (Read this chapter and learn from it!!)derivations. results in many useful key equations. good overview.
+ rigid bodies treated as special case of particle systems (cool!). again, read the… Read more
Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics and Dynami&hellip by Ferdinand P. Beer
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Lets begin with the Pro's:
+ generously big-sized format
+ high quality paper. heavy, dense quality.
+ fine math manipulation of mech formulas: more or less detailed, rigorous, in depth, and comprehensive. the accompanying passages get irrelevant and boring though.
+ slightly more advanced maths. no big deal though.
+ book with numerous and somewhat challenging problems
+ book with the best chapter review&summary (incl all formulas etc.)
+ attractive, but somewhat useless support by top-modern companion website
The list of Con's is a bit longer:
- 7/E is virtually the same as 6/E: no noticeable changes!
- still the same ugly, antiquated… Read more