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I am a former public school teacher in VA. I became mercury poisoned in 2001 when my dentist exposed me to mercury vapor while drilling into a 'silver filling.' I am actively involved in educating people about the dangers of mercury fillings with an organization called DAMS. People can contact me for more information at have been reading a lot of books on how to recover from me… Read more


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What You Don't Know May by Donald Colbert
What You Don't Know May by Donald Colbert
The first chapter "The Menace of Mercury" really grabbed my attention because Dr. Colbert was mercury poisoned from leaking mercury dental fillings. He tells about developing chronic fatigue and becoming jaundiced from the poisoning. He tells how to detox with natural supplements, and how to find a safe biological dentist to safely remove the filling. (But his telephone number for a dentist referral didn't work. Call 1-800-311-6265 for a number that will refer you to a dentist.) He gave a number for finding a MD who knows how to treat mercury toxicity (1-800-LEADOUT). He also told the symptoms of mercury poisoning and how mercury would mess up different systems in your body because "mercury… Read more
Beating Alzheimer's: A Step Towards Unlocking the &hellip by Tom Warren
I first read Tom Warren's book BEATING ALZHEIMER'S in my bioloical dentist's office where I went to have mercury safely removed from my teeth. My regular dentist had poisoned me after drilling into a "silver" mercury filling and allowing me to breathe the mercury vapor. The thing that caught my attention with this book was Tom Warren said his brain burned. My brain also burned after being exposed to the mercury vapor. When I did a heavy metals test with an ACAM doctor, high levels of aluminum also showed up. So I think there is a connection between high levels of mercury and aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. I also initially lost my memory after exposure to mercury… Read more