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New Jack City (Widescreen/Full Screen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Wesley Snipes
I love hood movies and as far as acting, writing, characters and sheer believeability go, this movie ranks way below films such as Boyz n the Hood, Juice, Clockers, ect.
Besides Ice T's (Scotty) and Snipes (Nino), all the other characters seemed so false. Even though those are the two main characters, if all your other characters arent believeable, the whole movie falls apart. The chief of police is like someone out of a cartoon. Chris Rock (Pookie) isnt funny and does his part no justice. Mario Van Peebles is a joke
Apparently a drug syndicate is able to take over and entire apartment building in NYC...for years!! Its amazing isnt it. They can ride up in a drop top jeep and shoot… Read more