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X-Men 1.5 <b>DVD</b> ~ Patrick Stewart
X-Men 1.5 DVD ~ Patrick Stewart
I gotta tell you I read Marvel Comics all thru the 60s-70s-80s and I always thought X-Men was the worst. So it stands to reason that they would make the best Marvel movie ( ..and that includes "Spider-Man")The opening origin of Magento in Nazi Germany is heart-breaking and the movie hooks you right there and never lets go. And while the whole cast is fine,Hugh Jackman was the find of the year...He is Wolverine! Tough,sad,self-involved yet willing to sacrifice himself for others ,he rises above the already good script to create a movie hero that ranks with Tyrone Powers's Zorro,Erroll Flynn's Robin Hood & Michael Keaton's Batman. He is dead on ( actully,Wolverine isn't this interesting in… Read more