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Alright...i dont reveal my real age cause people dont like that they are reading reviews from someone still in school. But look such a loser that you cant help but trust what i say. I am a very harsh critique.(especially in Phillip Pullman who is so dull but has a great imagination) And i think that A Beautiful Mind was a cheesy movie!!(come on...roni howard directed it)

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Pumpkin (Widescreen/Full Screen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Christina Ricci
Pumpkin (Widescreen/Full Screen) DVD ~ Christina Ricci
I just simply will not sit and let people bash this movie. It is the best story, best casting, best everything that i have taken in for a while.
The movie i think, although, is wrongfully categorized. It is not a conventional comedy genre...i feel that it is more drama. This film so just reminded me of Catcher in The Rye; the way that the character, at all!, could not be given pity. She got herself into the mess...yet you understand that she meant well.
This is the best story that i will ever know! Not one of the best, but THE best. Yes, i am proud to say that.
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