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Formula 51 (Widescreen) [Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Samuel L. Jackson
Formula 51 (Widescreen) [Import] DVD ~ Samuel L. Jackson
I took a chance with this film; I dont remember seeing many, if any at all, promotions for Formula 51 (though that of course means zilch) and I was surprised to see it at my favored theater at the time (which plays zero foreign films and this one, in my mind, should be under that category due to the strong British accents and slang, which are harder to discern than Japanese to me). Boy did it pay off. My mother and I (dont ask how I dragged her along) laughed from head-to-toe the entire film. And not those chuckles, grunts, and half-hearted laughs that are associated with cliched teen comedies (where you only half laugh because everyone else is and you dont want to seem as if you didnt get… Read more