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Location: Ilford, Essex United Kingdom
In My Own Words:
I'm a mid-twenties, married, ex-film student, eclectically cinema mad, melancholy type of person.
I work for The Guardian Newspaper as a Classified Copy Executive (glorified administrator really).
I go horse riding once a week, am exercise mad and am struggling to write a novel.
I love writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Colin Bateman and Chuck Palahnuik and Harold and Maude is my film du jour.
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Chaos [Import] <b>VHS</b> ~ Jun Kunimura
Chaos [Import] VHS ~ Jun Kunimura
There are many sly tricks played on the viewer during the unfolding of the plot in Chaos. Like The Usual Suspects, Best Laid Plans, Memento, Identity and even Wild Things, there's a such a sheer delight in unravelling the tangled web of narrative twists and turns that you never (quite) feel cheated.
Nakata's better known for his horror genre entries (the first two Ring films and Dark Water), yet genre definitions hardly seem important, as he brings to bear the same technique to imbue this neo-noirish film with tension and intrigue. There are scenes which pull the rug from beneath your feet and slap you for feeling smug for trying to second guess what's going on. Not to say that some of… Read more