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I am an independent conservative-liberal universalistic general semanticist. There...I have bared my soul! One of General Semantics' propositions is that our beliefs and opinions only hold true for the exact instant in which they are being expressed.

The natural and the supernatural. Religions, literature, music, art, history, politics, sociology, psychology. Friendship, family, pets and brother/sisterhood.

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 152 - Total Helpful Votes: 167 of 218
Bastard Prince: Volume III of The Heirs of Saint C&hellip by Katherine Kurtz
This is the third novel of The Heirs of Saint Camber trilogy, the twelfth of the fifteen Deryni novels to be published but, confusingly, the sixth if read in chronological order (which is recommended). In the first novel of this trilogy, The Harrowing of Gwynedd, the oldest of the late King Cinhils young sons, Alroy, had been drugged and manipulated by his self-serving power hungry Regents to do their bidding. He died, mostly from natural causes. In the second novel, Prince Javans Year, the second son in line, his twin Javan, sympathetic to the Deryni, had temporarily sequestered himself for three years in a monastery, preparing to emerge to become king at the passing of Alroy… Read more
Lucie by Amalie Skram
Lucie by Amalie Skram
Most of the novels of Norwegian authoress Amalie Skram served to expose the plight of women caught in the web of male dominance in the Victorian Age, the latter half of the nineteenth century. She was a contemporary of the dramatist Ibsen, author Bjørnson and painter and author Krogh who all strove to champion womens rights. Krogh wrote a novel Albertine in 1986 about a poor young seamstress who was driven to prostitution in order to survive. The book was confiscated, he was put to trial and had to pay a fine. Those were times of nascent social, political and religious nonconformity. Skram wrote Lucie in 1988, having been inspired by Kroghs Albertine. Although Skram was not a social… Read more
Christianity Without Insanity: For Optimal Mental/&hellip by Boyd C. Purcell
This book is great resource for Christians who mentally and emotionally feel torn to believe in a vindictive and unjust God or One that is loving and just. Or, how can the seeming conflict between the stern autocratic God of the Old Testament and the compassionate and forgiving JesusGod in the fleshof the New Testament be reconciled? Is there a way? This book could create some turmoil for those who are happy to believe that they are among the elect, saved by the grace of Christ but sadly that the many who do not know Jesus will be condemned to suffer in an everlasting torturous hell. The question which may confront them might be: should the doors and windows be opened to let in the Light… Read more