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I am an independent conservative-liberal universalistic general semanticist. There...I have bared my soul! One of General Semantics' propositions is that our beliefs and opinions only hold true for the exact instant in which they are being expressed.

The natural and the supernatural. Religions, literature, music, art, history, politics, sociology, psychology. Friendship, family, pets and brother/sisterhood.

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 155 - Total Helpful Votes: 168 of 219
The Green Child (Capuchin Classics) by Herbert Rea&hellip by Graham Greene Herbert Read
The Englishman Herbert Read (1893-1968) was an eminent intellectual, world traveller and critic of the arts. He was well known for his written reviews and commentaries on many subjects. `The Green Child was his only novel, published in 1935. Being a mixture of fantasy and reality it is an odd duck of a book, especially in how it is structured. It is told in the third person. In the first section (there are three), the hero, Olivero, returns to England in 1861 after a thirty year absence, that time having been spent mainly in the fictional country of Roncador, South America. He returns to his home village by a river, the Druid, and a nearby flower mill. As he wanders along he discovers that… Read more
The Lone Ranger Volume 6: Native Ground TP by Ande Parks
Like Vol 5 before it, this Vol 6 continues the superb work of writer Ande Parks and artists Esteve Polls and Marcel Pinto. This book is titled Native Ground and the main plot deals with the brutal confrontations between the Natives protecting their ancestral lands on one hand and the U.S. Cavalry and Mormon settlers on the other. The time is 1870 and the place Colorado Territory. The portrayal is surprisingly frank, gritty, brutal and bloody, presenting with stark honesty the positions in which everyone finds themselves and how they react in order to survive. Conflicts within each group are manifold. The six chapters are connected by the story of Tonto, the Lone Rangers loyal companion,… Read more
These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf
These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf
Having read The Weight of Silence and giving it a passing grade I thought I would pick up These Hidden Things. Dramatic fiction requires credibility. Gudenkauf stretches it too thin in this novel. There were too many gaps in credibility. Among them that a young slim teenager could be pregnant to term with twins without her sister, parents and schoolmates having the slightest suspicion. Second that she seems oblivious herself that she is pregnant (she still had her periods?)! The other gaps have to do with the legal and justice systemslipshod doesn't even come close. Other gaps have to do with the unlikelihood of the four main characters completing the puzzle so neatly, and all living… Read more