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2.9 out of 5 stars
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on May 1, 2013
The device by itself is not bad. But there are big problems with Nettalk company.
1- They are not honest. They have Canadian web site (with prices that are already 50% more expensive than US website), but when you purchase any service on the Canadian website you will be billed in US$.
2- There is practically no customer service. The incoming calls in Canada has been down for over two weeks and there is no way to reach the Nettalk customer service. Two weeks is enough to build a whole new network and Nettalk fails or doesn't want to do anything. If you're lucky, you will receive an email after two days apologizing for inconvenience.

Before buying any equipment or services from Nettalk,try to talk to the customer service on the phone! Good Luck!

Forget Nettalk and try to negotiate with your existing phone service provider.
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on April 27, 2013
Had it for 18 months now. It was fine after I found a replacement power adapter cord - the one that came with the unit was faulty and causing intermittent false rings, which are supposed to occur only after it is powered-up to indicate it is working. Online support was absolutely no help - I had to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it.
As of April 20 2013 all incoming calls fail - many people are complaining online about it. Netalk( located in Florida US) has not fixed the problem. My advice is to fine another Canadian company/ provider that might be more responsive. I will NOT be renewing the annual subscription.
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on August 25, 2011
Easy as pie to set up on my home network. The better your upload/download speeds the better the sound. Occasionally disconnected or experienced extraneous noise on the line but switching my Internet connection from Bell DSL (4-5M) to Tecksavvy Cable (25M) cleared that problem up PDQ.

As my wife is fond of say, "it may not be perfect but for $40 a year versus $900+ we can live with the occasional hiccup". I LOVE getting voice-mail messages via email.

**UPDATE** NetTalk recently reduced the number of free minutes from 5,000 per month down to 3,000 minutes. If you have teenagers or a chatty wife be prepared for some substantial bills! Averaging 1.5 hours per day on the phone is easier than you might think!
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on June 11, 2012
It is difficult to understand why renewals of my service with this loose agglomeration of employees (as opposed to a fully-functional company) is so incredibly difficult. I suspect the CEO isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, like any bad commanding officer.

I'm still trying to renew as they put me on 67 minute holds (the absolute truth as I compose this on Monday morning, 11:00 AM) and provide a payment website which produces dire warnings of insecurity from my browser. And there is only ONE PHONE NUMBER into Nettalk. ONE.

The word is FUBAR as I recall from my military experience.

This would be an opportune time for Magicjack if they were up to it.
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on July 25, 2011
The good points

Use any standard phone and it works flawlesly, good QoS, called UK fine first time, and you have a limited choice of numbers first time out, excellent value for money and only $30 per year for service after purchase. I was with Shaw paying $660 per year for effectivly the same service, for $30 I get all of North America an pay perhapsanothr $30 per year for international calls, eg UK was 300+ minutes for $5 so Im expecting to save $600 per year moving forwards. I use a wireless phone set, and just plug in the base station and have 3 more phones around the house with no additional cableing.

Works like the MagicKey USB units but a better solution than the MagicKey USB phone that required the computer it plugs into be always on if used as a home / business phone. The DUO Plugs directly into the router enableing service availability when all PC's / laptops are off, small enough to take away on vacation with your laptop so you can have your land line number travelling with you

Also has incuded is call forwarding so you can have the calls sent to a cell if travelling at no additional cost

The Bad points

Ordered from, got a US version, told only fix was to send back and order another one, not happy with that as should not hace US version in stock in the first place and there was no guarentee another US one would not be shipped. NetTALK initially lousy at resolving this, said could not be fixed at thier end (assuming from conversatiosn the devices MAC address is used to define its "location" in a pre determined DB, to pick up either US otr Canadian number selection). In the End Amazon did a great job and arranged with NetTALK to do a soft fix, so I could pull a local Canadian number on this unit and save another 3 weeks sending one back and awaiting delivery of its replacement. 20 minus on the phone with NetTalk fixed it and allwas good afterwards

Bad point 2, can only top up credit via paypal. you then have to pay fees, a $5 top up for international calls cost $.50c, thats a 10% hit against the customer to buy service, NetTalk need to hide this (slightly higher per minute costs) and accept direct CC payments so buying $5 or $10 or $xxx gives that amount of credit. Also less anopting but given they charge more for a Canadian unit only US funds are accepted, not Canadian for account credit.

Bad point 3 the device is $79.99 in Canada, and $69.99 in the US, ??? why, its the same unit, either works in either location,looks like gouging to me and offering a lower level of service(see abouv comment on only taking US funds)


The savings and future cost reduction for home phone service significantly outweigh the initial pain and minor moans I have. In short the unit works, I can pick up my phone and make a call anywhere any time and not have to worry about the costs.
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on March 28, 2011
I originally bought MagicJack so that our small company could access Cisco's WebEx conferencing without long distance charges. I was disappointed when I found out that MagicJack blocks certain conferencing numbers - one of them being Cisco. They do this so that you are forced to use their conferencing number. They call it free but the catch is that any one not using MagicJack gets long distance charges. Not so free. MagicJack also requires your computer to be on and there is no live technical support. We decided to try netTALK Duo. It works great! Exactly as described, sound quality is better than my land line, it accesses Cisco WebEx (ie no blocking), live technical support, PLUS use can tie into the system with an Ethernet cable directly into the LAN/router/switch and bypass your computer. This means you have a true land line replacement.

I highly recommend this product.
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on April 6, 2011
Ordered this to compare against Magicjack .I prefer the call quality of netTalk DUO and the fact it can be connected to router directly not needing a computer on at all times .Setup was very simple .There's not alot of area codes available yet for Canada , Here's the list of Canadian area codes for nettalk duo as of March 2011 :

BC : 778 ( Vancouver)
AB : 587 - 403
ON : 647 - 289 - 613 - 705 ( Toronto,Mississauga,Ottawa,Sault Ste. Marie )
QC : 438 ( Montreal)

Only gave 4 stars simply because of the lack of canadian area codes or else would easily be 5 .
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on April 26, 2013
Product was easy to setup. Area codes are limited. I live in North Bay, Ontario but locals recognize my number as Sudbury, Ontario and question me about it all the time. They are correct from North Bay this is a long distance number. When I make long distance calls I can expect good quality maybe 60% of the time on the first try. It usually takes 2 or 3 tries to get a clear line. When I make long distance calls longer than 1/2 an hour they get cut off with no warning. Currently it has been one week since anyone has been able to call into this phone. NetTalk acknowledges there is a problem and engineers are working on it. Most of my family members have Rogers cellphones and they have never been able to call this phone and have it connect. 90% of the time I have issues calling them using this product. I just spent 38 minutes on the phone calling customer service, I was told by whoever picked up that he was located in Florida. They have no idea how much longer this is going to last. Best he could tell me was that all customers will receive an email once it is fixed. NOT IMPRESSED I never received an email to inform me in the first place that there was a problem.
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on April 22, 2013
Canadians ......Stay away from NetTalk which never worked in Canada.

If I was to rate their service in the last 16 months I would give them 0/5 with lack of communication and poor customer service ........STAY AWAY... there service has not been working in Canada for over a week with NO 911 service or NO incoming calls been received and outgoing calls rarely work. You have to log in on their Internet forums to discover why the service constantly doesn't work from other user complaining since they don't inform you.

However you will get constant junk emails requesting that you activate auto renewal payments .. I will be porting out..

Here is a example of forum post about their network issue.

"Canadian incoming issues as of 4/18/2013

We are currently experiencing an outage that is currently affecting some of our Canadian Customers. Our underlying carrier had a fiber cut which is affecting incoming calls. The technicians are currently in the field repairing the cut fiber connection. We apologize for the inconvenience."

"This notice is to inform you that currently you are still able to send and receive calls, but due to an error by our vendor that provides our 911 service, you will be required to use an alternative method to make 911 calls."

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on March 18, 2011
We've had VoIP for our second line for several years and only found out about Nettalk a few months ago. As soon as I saw it was available in Canada with a Canadian phone number I jumped at the chance. It was easy to install, works as well as our other VoIP, and is much cheaper. We've placed a number of calls locally and to the UK, with no call quality or reliability problems. It is not as good as a land line but is perfectly usable for all ordinary purposes.

The choice of numbers is limited so we had to go with one that is out of our area. As this is a second line that we want mainly for outgoing calls that doesn't matter much to us. If it is important to you then be sure to check into it thoroughly before you buy. If they get 226 or 519 available in the future then we'll move the number.

The fact that we can take it anywhere and use it either on a PC or a router is the real attraction. It is much more portable than our other VoIP which has to have its own router and won't work off a PC. We can use the Duo to replace the phone at the cottage and we can take it with us when traveling. We can use it with our pay as you go WiFi stick in the US and won't need to pay cell rates or roaming charges. Apart from saving a little money on the cost of calls, the Duo means we can get rid of our other VoIP and cut the cottage phone off as well. It should save us a bundle and pay back its cost its cost very quickly.
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