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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on March 30, 1997
I'm a student from South America....who received the book
as a gift and inspiration for the better understanding of the
purpose of real love and sharing through life. I even discovered during a radio station interview ,through which
I had the oportunity to transmit some of my experiences;
that many people like the brief,didactic, concise and magnific idea Mr. Silverstein wanted to share.The world
needs it.The whole world should have the oportunity to
read it. Thanks for the spirit of transformation and beauty
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on April 11, 1998
Shel's this story about in-search-of-relationship is entertaining and enlightening.
For a while, I had tried hard to be a Big O. It is an appealing notion, isn't it? When you are complete by your own and don't look for suppliment from your relationship, you are contented - by definition true of being completeness - and will not be disappointed by the unfulfilled expectation on the better half.
If you can get the moral of the story, you can even get rid of the cruse of the myth of romantic love - there is an designated person in the world who perfectly tailored (by God?) for you. Thus, you can escape from all those illusion of falling IN love and suffering of falling OUT of love.
I had had peace of mind for quite a while. But then, I felt stunted, not only because it was difficult to find another Big O (we all are missing pieces in nature, let's confess it), but also because I could no longer benefit from the relationship.
Then, one day, I get another insight (owing to Grace?): the fact that 2 missing pieces will not perfectly match with each other is a given issue for all of us; it is through our efforts to work on it and through the process that we can make ourselves bigger and more complete.
Given saying all these, I still appreciate very much for Shel's inspiration and highly recommend you to read the story.
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on October 24, 2001
I bought this book along with "The Missing Piece" almost 10 years ago, when I was in college. My friend introduced me to those books, and I had to get my own copies. In fact, a good number of people among my circle of friends got their own copies as well.
I think those two books are the only "children's books" I have in my possession, but they are among the most touching and most memorable of all the books I own and read. And even though they're labeled as children's books (and they sure look that way too), I feel they're a better fit (haha, no pun intended) for grown-ups.
If you plan on getting this book (as you well should), then definitely get "The Missing Piece" as well. I don't think the story and the message of The Missing Piece fable is complete with just one book. You gotta get both books to fully appreciate it.
Highest utmost recommendations. God, I love this book.
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on June 19, 2003
Whether simply a children's book or an adult self-help book, this one is a gem! Adorable simplistic line drawings that make you wonder how an artist is able to create such an expressive characters out of basic circle shapes. Matched with a story that can be taken lightly or taken to heart.
Really, this is the journey of a character becoming a "whole" person...independantly being able to "roll" by itself. It also hints that to be happy in a relationship you must be your own independantly happy can't rely on others to complete your deficiencies.
Anyone who is a "relationship leapfrog" needs to read this book. It may even make you cry-and probably will make you laugh-at the similarities with your own experiences. It is also appropriate for is never to early to introduce someone to lifelong happiness, independance, and stability.
Rolling along...
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on November 24, 1999
This book is a great book for kids from one to ninety-two! I read this book with my friend's children in mind and I found that this book has an important message about recognizing who your true friends are and finding that one true best friend who "fits" your personality and lifestyle. I recommend children of all ages and children at heart to check this book out. As always, Shel Silverstein has a very innocent, colorful and fun way of looking at life and this book reflects it. It's a breath of fresh air. For a better understanding of this book however, I would check out Shel Silversein's "The Missing Piece" before reading this one -it's also a very cute book.
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on May 5, 1998
Three days after ending a relationship where I was constantly trying to be someone or something else in order to please my partner, I took a vacation that changed my life. On the first night of that vacation, while I was out with friends and family and the last thing I was looking for was another boyfriend, I met the most amazing person to enter my life so far. The next day, I found this book and decided to live my life like the big O. The man and I keep the book on our coffee table, and when we aren't rolling through the streets of the city, side by side, we go home to that wonderful story. Shel Silverstein has amazing insight. Every human should read this book.
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on February 14, 2001
this book really says nothing new (for how can the key to happiness ever be "new"?) but it expresses its truth in such a lovely and simple way that its brilliance just might leave you feeling blinded for a moment & never let you go back to seeing things the same way as before.
this is by far one of my favorite gifts to give ~ i consider it a must have for everyone: child, child at heart, or childless. and the sooner one begins to absorb such stories of strength the more likely they are to let their own little light shine!
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on March 26, 2001
This is one of those great "meaning of life" books that simply shows how relationships we have with any other human beings can be good only after we first accept ourselves. Coming from an abusive childhood I found it a wonderful book to help show me why I needed to learn to rely on myself FIRST and only then could I have deeper friendships and relationships. It is one of those books I will keep forever on my bookshelves as the concept is so critical yet it's done so simply that even children could understand the message.
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on November 18, 1999
I was given this book as a 23th Birthday present by a man who is more than just a friend. He is the most gentle,kind and loving person I have ever met.We were having a great time together. Even though it was too short , it was so sweet. I like this book not only does it entertain but it educate us too to see how things are.This book means a lot to me as a reminder of the time we had. I am sure that I will never forget the meaning of the book as well as the person who gave me this book.
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on May 25, 1999
This book shows us the problem with so many relationships in the most simple and obvious terms. It leaves the reader thinking, "Of Course! A simple answer was there all along!" It explains that one should seek someone or something they simply enjoy rather than someone or something they feel they NEED. You can roll on your own and find completeness in yourself. Once you are rolling on your own, finding a companion to roll along side will be easier.
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