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on April 21, 2003
This is probably the best book I've ever read. It's not as much about dieting as it is about changing your eating style. I already had a decent understanding of the importance of omega-3 fatty acids/unsaturated (poly and mono) fats in our diet, but this book really broke it down well. I was so amazed to learn how beneficial it is for us to eat omega-3 based foods like fish oils or fatty fishes (e.g., salmon) flax, canola oil, and olive oil, and how fat is good, except saturated fat and trans fatty acids. Also, good carbs like veggies and fruit are a must, but bad carbs like white rice, white bread, and pasta should be avoid if possible. I have lost 15 pounds already and I feel healthy, energized, my blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect. What's really wonderful about this book is it cites all of the scientific studies to support the theory that the American diet is totally wrong and a diet higher in fat intake and lower in starches is the way to go. I looked up many of these studies on the PubMed database... These studies are on point.
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on July 29, 2003
I lowered my cholesterol by almost 30 points in just one month by following the dietary guidelines set forth in this informative book! This book is well-written, using scientific data to back up its claims. Plus the recipes are easy to make, using easy-to-find ingredients, and are delicious as well! This book has completely transformed my eating habits for the better - I feel better, am healthier, and even enjoy cooking (something that has always been such a chore in the past). Thank you, Ms. Simopoulos!!!
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on June 10, 2002
I bought this book 9 months ago because it was recomended by my naturopathic doctor. I am not obese but have alot of digestive problems and high cholesterol for being a 28 year old female. Even though I have food allergies I can easily follow this plan. I tried Atkins but come on, Who can eat that much meat. And since I only buy organic free range stuff I can't afford to eat it all of the time. I also tried the 40/30/30 stuff but that is too complicated and they reccomend using alot of milk whey powder to make smoothies, well I'm allergic to dairy. I also tried food combining where you start the day with fruit and eat nothing before noon, but alas my hypoglycemia would not allow that and dizziness an hour after eating all that fruit would turn me into a cranky monster. So what I am trying to say is this is the most practical way of eating you can do. Whether you are Asian, Hispanic or any other race, you can adjust this type of eating to your food tastes. And if you have wheat, dairy or any other allergies like me you can simply eliminate those foods because you are not limited in what you can eat. There are so many grains, fruits, veggis, and protiens to choose from that the world is your oyster. And cooking with olive and canola oil is simple, delicious and inexpensive. I buy canned genoa tuna that is packed in olive oil and high in omege 3's and only 2.50 a can. Very good tuna. Sometimes I eat sardines packed in mustard and I take flax oil everyday. These are good options if you cant afford 10.00 a pound fish all of the time. I also give my 2 year old omega eggs and flax waffles, he loves them. Take it from someone who has tried it all, This is the best!!!!
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on June 7, 2002
My husband went to his doctor and found out that he was very high risk cholesterol range and had low good cholesterol. The doctor recommended this book as well as the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook and when my husband went in for a followup appointment, his cholesterol had dropped by 100 points! And raised his good cholesterol. This is everything you want to know about Omega fatty acids that's easy to understand and followed-up with graphs and other visuals and a small summary at the end of the chapter highlighting all the important points you've just read. A very good format for learning and retaining the information. I had tried to learn as much as I could from the internet about Omega fatty acids, but this book was by far the most informative and was all in one place. I still didn't learn half as much from the web as I did from this book. I have also noticed dramatic improvements in my daughter who has severe adhd. I feel empowered now that I am armed with knowledge about what really is acceptable to eat...which also happens to be flavorful. My only one criticism is that the recipes in the back of the book are in a terrible format for the clueless in the kitchen (like me). Each recipe gives you the list of ingredients...and that's it. No instructions! I am an instructions person and not a talented cook so I found that very disappointing. Why would you list vanilla, flour,nutmeg, etc and that's it? Not even an amount? Despite expecting the reader to be an intuitive chef with the recipes (a whole lot of guessing how much to throw into the bowl), the book's real value lies in it's complete source of information.
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on March 18, 2001
As a registered nurse, I see daily the disease and obesity caused by the standard American diet. This book is the best nutrition book that I have read (and I've read them all!). I even recommend it above Dr. Andrew Weil's "Eating Well for Optimal Health." The point the author tries to make is that one does not need to deprive themselves in order to eat well and be healthy. In fact, the opposite is true; one can feast on meat, fish, and olive oil while losing weight and improving one's health. I have been incorporating many of the author's recommendations into my own lifestyle and have found that I am eating, feeling, and looking better because of it. The recipes in the book are great (especially the Walnut Pesto), and include many savory desserts, meat dishes, fish, vegetable dishes, etc. I would have paid for the recipes alone. My husband has loved the food I've made from this book. Think of this as a "way to live," not as a diet. I have given copies of this book to everyone I love. I wish that this book received more "press" in the media because I really think the information in it could have a huge impact on the health of Americans. HIGHLY recommended--I've read it about 10 times already.
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on February 3, 2001
Dr. Artemis Simopoulos and Jo Robinson have written a straightfoward and inspiring book about simple guidelines that produce wonderful health benefits. I have been able to stick happily to their dietary recommendations, because the diet is not only satisfying but has improved my energy and moood. The recipes are simple to prepare and always good, and the shopping advice is helpful and practical. I have been able to lose unwanted weight and mimimize some of my chronic problems, such as chronic fatigue and PMS. Although I've read about the importance of food diaries before, I could never quite bring myself to keep one. But, the way it was presented in this book, with the sample page, led me to give it a try and that has been unexpectedly helpful in determining the best foods for me. The greatest benefit of using the book's ideas on a daily basis, however, is that I feel happier to feel healthier and experience an even mood. I am very grateful to the authors and recommend this book to anyone seeking balanced health painlessly and naturally.
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on September 27, 2000
Dr. Artemis Simopoulos is uniquely qualified to write on this subject. She has spent her professional life researching the issue of fatty acid effects on metabolism and health. Most of her previous books are weighty scientific tomes written for the medical expert. Nonetheless, this book is logical, clear, and easy to understand. Yet every contention is backed up by solid scientific research, and, in the areas where some uncertainty exists, Dr. Simopoulos is completely up-front with the reader in stating that further research is needed before definitive statements can be made. This is a refreshing contrast to the unsubstantiated claims in the mish-mash of diet books promoted to the public over the last 20 years. Although I am myself an experienced biomedical researcher, I wish that, 20 years ago, I had known the facts presented by Dr. Simopoulos in this book. My own diet and that of my family would have been a lot healthier. If you never read another thing about nutrition, read The Omega Diet. It could save your life.
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on August 10, 2000
I have to add to my previous review because there are so many things in this book that are helpful. It is not just that the author documents so well the value, necessity and benfits of consuming enough Omega6/Omega3 fatty acids--and in the right proportions, and tells the reader how to do it, --that would be enough. but there is more! She even includes a list of cancer fighting fruits and vegetables--and other substances--such as green tea ( and if you have read Weil's recent book and he is right about it- you learn that you need to drink four cups of green tea a day to obtain the nutitional beneit-- I now do this daily)--so that you can load up on these things just to be on the safe side (especially if you are at least at some risk for cancer, whether from having smoked cigarrettes, or whatever). And as I said, the benefit to be derived from getting enough Omega 3s, and getting Omega6/Omega3 in the right balance is worth the price of the book alone--and it is all very doable.
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on August 6, 2000
This is a very solidly researched, well documented book and while I do not follow all of the recipes daily (or even all of anyone's advice, including the author's), I do follow considerable of the princples. The recipes I have tried, such as black bean quesadillas, which I had not only never had but never heard of before, are truly delicious as well as healthful. I eat more fish weekly and less meat weekly than she provides for in her sample menus for 3 weeks--especially since I have a soyburger for lunch every day--and fish for dinner every evening except one evening a week when I usually have meat or poultry. I also appreciate that for those of us who do not have bread machines yet, she has provided in the back of the book the name of a wonderful place from which breads, etc. made with Omega 3 fortified flaxmeal are shipped--I have ordered these and they are good. I do take a lot of the advice: eating at least a few servings a week of fish high in Omega 3s, using olive oil and flaxseed oil, using flaxseed, eating plenty of fruits and vegatables. However, I do us fat free margarine with no trans-fatty acids( I include in this both hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated oil) as well as a mayonnaise that is similar. However, I am going to make my own mayonnaise soom--having grown up, in part, on my mother's--and plan to use Omaga 3 fortified eggs which are available to me. What I am saying is that when I got this book, nutritionally speaking, I was at sea, and now I'm not--so I highly recommend it to everyone.
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on June 22, 2000
As I was preparing to begin chemotherapy, being a strategic planner I had to have 'strategies,' to keep myself 1/2 sane. I decided on Dental, Nutritional, Spiritual, Fitness, Recreation & Writing. Having had 4 years of nutrition & diet therapy in college, too long ago, I contacted 3 academic nutrition chairs at universities including one I knew who's wife was a breast survivor. Everyone told me to get this book. I did. Then I gave one to my Oncologist and the audiocassettes to my son who kept insisting I only needed "juicing!"
This book tells you what to add to your diet to be healthy! It isn't a don't book. I would give a don't however: do not by anything containing "partially-hydrogenated oils."
Now, if anyone has been able to find purslane please let me know. I've tried the 'best' natural food stores to no avail (its a green).
Hats off to this incredibly observant scientist especially because of her gift in deducing the 'secret' of her home land, and heads OFF to the medical progessionals who are not using this book!
Do eat whole fruit, not juice. Eat the white skin lining of grapefruits! use your olive and canola oils, and enjoy a long life - even fatty, scrumptous fish!
P.S. In chemo, I could not finish any module I set out to but its all on [...]
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