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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 18, 2004
I found this book to be different than most historical romances that I have read due to the fact that the main characters, Morgan and Serenity, never really disliked each other. In most stories...the couples are thrown together by some unforeseen circumstance and they usually hate each other and then eventually fall in love. In this story they were definitley thrown together but started out with a mutual admiration and friendship that turned into a great bond. The book is well written with a very humerous touch which I find in all of Kinley's books as well as the books she writes under the name Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love being able to laugh with a great story. This book is not for the people looking for an erotic romance. It has sparce 'adult', to be exact. Morgan is probably the nicest 'pirate' I have ever read about which is a bit unrealistic for that time but I found him devastatingly alluring and I absolutely loved the character of Serenty because of her outgoing, defiant nature. That in itself is also a refreshing change of pace from the typical women of this era. All in all, this is a delightfully humurous romance story.
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on January 7, 2003
All her life, Serenity James wanted to be something more than just what was expected of a woman in the late 1700's colonial America. She wanted adventure and so using her imagination she penned stories to run in her father's newspaper. Unfortunately, it came about that one of the stories she had written of the dreaded pirate - the Sea Wolf came too close to the truth.
Morgan Drake was the Sea Wolf - and a lot of other names fit as well - and he was going to find out from this S.S. James just where 'he' got his information from to have written this story. Of course, the only information he got was the truth that one, S.S. James was a woman, and two, she really didn't know who the Sea Wolf was. But of course, she being highly intelligent - she surmised from his anger over the story that he, Morgan Drake, was the pirate and she would get the story of her life if she could just get him to agree to an interview. Well, on her way to beard the lion in his den - so to speak - Serenity is abducted by a friend of Morgan's who determined that she knew too much. One thing led to another, and they set sail with Serenity as the hostage.
This was a cute story, with several amusing moments between two very stubborn people. Morgan and Serenity were both smitten with one another but too stubborn to admit to it so they fought instead with some hilarious dialogs. I consider this more of an amusing 'light' read to pass an afternoon, nothing that would keep me in suspense to stay up at night. What could have made this story more meaty would have been for the author to have delved more into the background of the main characters which would have given this book more of an emotional punch rather than the gloss over of some very turbulent childhoods that would have 'really' been interesting. All in all, it was a good story and well worth your time to read it.
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on September 10, 2002
Yet another fast, fun read from Kinley MacGregor. I've read and enjoyed Master of Desire and Claiming the Highlander and now this one. I still need to read Master of Seduction to complete all of her books to date (and I'm waiting impatiently for Born in Sin, the second in her Highlander series).
This is, I understand, the author's first book and I must say, it's not quite as good as some of her more recent efforts (LOVED Claiming the Highlander!), but it's still fun.
Morgan was such a nice guy that I had trouble buying that he had been the vicious, ruthless pirate known as the Marauder before changing his ways. He was funny, warm, sweet and often frustrated and infuriated by Serenity and her wild ideas. He is attracted to her but can't quite figure out why - she's not his type. She's not a beauty, nor voluptuous, but still he is fascinated by her. A dangerous proposition!
Serenity was really fun. Here's a woman considered by most of her friends, neighbors and family to be an on the shelf spinster who is "too old, too drab and far too opinionated" to ever find a husband. And Serenity, now in her mid-twenties, reluctantly accepts the reality and restrictions of the society she lives in. She longs for adventure as a writer, but her father keeps trying to hold her back and tied to an editing desk. But when Morgan seeks her out after one of her stories about the infamous Sea Wolf is actually published, she gets more adventure than she planned on!
This, along with most of the author's other books, has the main characters having to face consequences to their actions and the realization that romantic dreams rarely resemble reality. An enjoyable and recommended read!
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on March 21, 2002
I really enjoy this author's books. she also writes under the name Sherrilyn Kenyon and I have loved her books as well. The are always filled with humor and great passion. She makes the charactes really come to life and you feel like they've become friends of yours.
In this book its about a Pirate, good thing it was named what it was huh? Anyway, The Pirate is the dreaded Sea Wolf. A man who is terrorizing the British navy and helps to free the American sailors that have been impressed by the British. His realy name is Morgan Drake and even though he is legit now he has a sorrid past as a pirate who took any ship. He is suprised to find himself the topic of a newspaper article by S.S. James in Savannah. He decides to go ther and confront the man and to find out his sources. Only when he gets to the newspaper office his world is set upon its ear. the S.S. James is not a man but a woman. Serenity James has worked for her father's newspaper for years and longs to write articles herself. She longs for adventure and for her "Pirate" to come and make that dream a reality. She never realizes thst the rude man asking about her article on the Sea Wolf, one which her father was so upset about, was her "Pirate". Once she does realize it she decided to go find out more info and ends up being kidnapped and taken aboard Morgan's ship, without his knowledge.
The tale gets funnier by the page and the passions between the two get hotter and hotter. I loved the secondary characters in this book and I wonder if several of them might not have had thier own books and I may have missed them, I'll have to check.
The only part I didn't like about this book was the ending because it came to fast. I thought this book could have had a few more adventures in it and lasted a bit longer. It's a book I shall read and reread.
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on October 26, 2001
This is the first time I have had he pleasure of reading this relatively new author's work. I am a huge fan of Sandra Hill, Dara Joy and Julie Garwood, all humorous writers and I must say that Kinley MacGregor is on my list now! Her humor is just what I search endlessly for in a romance novel and have a hard time finding. Only a few authors measure up to par and she is not to be missed!!!
~The dreaded Sea Wolf, he stops English navy ships and frees impressed American sailors. He is a true patriot, revered by so many Americans when America is so new and full of fire. But few know Morgan Drake's name and identity and even fewer know of is dark past...until a determined and very nosy reporter named Serenity James writes an article that seems to have sealed his fate. So he set sail for Savannah, and to find the nosy reporter known as S.S. James. Morgan would set HIM straight...
Serenity has longed for adventure all her life, but as a woman, she is lucky enough to have been given the chance to try at her dream of becoming a writer when her father gives her a job at the newspaper. No women wrote, much less read in 1793, so why was she any different? She was an unmarried 24 year old spinster, but she didn't care. Her idol was none other than early feminist, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and her father is horrified! She should be inside sewing and giggling like an idiot! Not for Serenity James! She wanted independance and notariety and to be an equal! She also longed for a life packed with romance and adventure, but that would never happen...until the day she finds herself kidnapped by a sexy and bold pirate, the very pirate who she wrote about! Her hero! Who could ask for anything more?!
The Sea Wolf, a noble and brave patriot kidnaping HER, a 24 year old spinster who reads and writes like a man! This could not happen in her wildest dreams! Soon she begins to hound him for an interview and sparks fly when these two get together!
I loved this funny and romantic tale of mistaken Fate and a pirate whose dark past leaves him feeling hopeless until a brave and bold woman sweeps in and saves him. Some of the scenes in this book left me laughing into tears! I am an avid reader of pirate romance, but this has to be one the BEST I have come across! A pirate who is funny and sexy! What a breathtaking combo!
This book was written before MASTER OF SEDUCTION, but in all fairness, A PIRATE OF HER OWN is the sequel to MASTER OF SEDUCTION. Confusing, I know, but you can read them in any order and they won't leave you perplexed. Don't miss them!
Tracy Talley~@
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on June 1, 2001
With all of the excited, exclamation point reviews of this book, I was expecting a lot more from it. A Pirate of Her Own was cute, I giggled a bit, and there were some steamy scenes, but problems with the story started to irritate me. First, for a ship that is supposed to be full of men Captain Morgan Drake wants Serenity to be careful around, they are amazingly (and conveniently) absent for most of the book. Secondly, it was incredibly frustrating that Morgan or Serenity would make a decision (key was Morgan's decision to "one way or another claim her body") and then it was like the decision was never made. The characters went back to "Do I/No, I can't" in the very next chapter. I kept feeling for every step forward, the characters took two steps back. Third, the book was incredibly choppy. It did not flow in a manner that made me feel like I knew what was going on. The shock of the last two chapters was almost too much for me. I sat there reading and remember saying, "What?!" out loud. Finally, the author had an opportunity to really develop her secondary characters, but a few of them who really had promise got lost in the the story.
I really wanted to enjoy this book. Everyone else was so excited about it, I wanted to be too. It began with lots of promise to be something unique and exciting, but got lost toward the last 40% of the book. Unfortunately, it had flaws that I just could not get past. I have already purchased Master of Desire and Master of Seduction and truly hope they are better.
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on January 8, 2001
This is my first MacGregor book, but it won't be my last. This book was great from beginning to end. The heroine, Serenity, is no simpering beauty subject to the vapors. She's strong, strong-willed, and daring -- even though she's rather clueless about men. The hero, Morgan, is -- sigh, just the type of man I'd be happy with.
Any way, Serenity longs for adventure and gets more than she bargained for when she meets Morgan. From their first meeting, the sparks fly and from there you're taken along a for a nice, romantic adventure that's full of humor, wit, and just plain fun. Both characters fight a losing battle to hold down their growing attraction for one another. But of course, they fail miserably. Although the romance doesn't get hot and steamy until towards the end of the book, the story is so interesting, and funny that you don't really notice. Okay, ... you notice but it's no problem.
I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical (or any) romance novels. It's fun, fresh, and the ending rises to the occasion and gives you a few more laughs and smiles before it's all over.
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on April 8, 1999
I wanted to write to you personally and thank you for your wonderful story about Morgan and Serenity (as well as the other unforgettable characters). I can't tell you how long it has been since I've read a good, really good story about a pirate and your book was perfect! I have a very special place in my heart for pirates and your story about the Sea Wolf hit the spot. Stories about Pirates are few and far between and your book was exceptional! You weave your words with such passion and clarity that it left me feeling as if I was part of the story, too, for I sure felt a lot of emotion while reading your tale. I find that stories which transport the reader to the time and place in which the tale is taking place is a most rewarding reading experience. I have yet to find that special ingredient which beckons a reader into a story. You, most definitely, have found that ingredient and use it liberally. You write your tale with such clear and poignant details that one easily gets pulled into the fantasy. Your writing is a joy to read and your tale of the Sea Wolf is a very satisfying diversion for an afternoon of R&R.
You are truly a talented writer and I can't thank you enough for sharing that talent with me - and your marvelous sense of humor to boot! Your tale was truly a wonderful story.
You can be sure that as soon as your newest book hits the market I will be the first one in line to purchase it!
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on March 6, 1999
I don't normally recommend books, but I had to speak out on this one. It is incredible! Morgan and Serenity are wonderful. I love the scene where she's waiting for him in the cabin and the one where she's with Stanley and their baiting Morgan! What a hoot. I don't think I've ever laughed harder or enjoyed anything more.
I've always been partial to pirate books anyway and this one is more than exceptional in that area. The plotting is rich and seamless and like watching Raiders of the Lost Arc it leaves you breathless and on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what's on the next page. It was just so different and creative, just when I thought I knew what to expect, the author surprised me again and again. The characters are all so expertly drawn that you know each and every one of really get a feel for the time and setting. This book is destined to become a pirate classic!
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on June 10, 2000
I really enjoyed this book. Although, if you haven't read this or Master of Seduction, read 'Master..' first. 'A Pirate..' is the sequel to 'Master..' Jake's story is first then Morgans. Serenity wanted adventure and she got it. She is abducted and taken to Morgan's ship. The attraction is there but things go awry when Morgan semi-seduces her. I didn't think she had any right to hold herself completely blameless but she did. She was very unforgiving and at times ridiculous. Nevertheless, Morgan understood. This is a good story if at times frustrating. At first I didn't like Jake but I warmed up to him near the end. If you like pirate stories, don't miss this one. My favorite pirate story still remains 'Gentle Rogue' by Johanna Lindsey.
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